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Welcome to the Harem walkthrough. In this game you are a noble young man named Ralph, a man born and raised for greatness, growing to be a force second only to the King. This, of course, worried the King, so he manuevered your army into a trap, a battle with no hope of being won, against a weaker nation. You barely escape with your life, a situation worsened by the fact that you are welcomed home as a traitor. Hated by the people and feared by the King, your land was taken, your reputation and title as destroyed as your army, forced onto the streets as a hermit. A few months later, the war came to a close, but not before the enemy nation launched one last trick. The archmages gave their lives to put a curse on your kingdom, making all the women barren and dooming all noble bloodlines to end. When this was discovered, society collapsed, unable to look to an enemy to hate for the act, weakened to the point of being unable to invade a nearby country to take their women.

In a desperate move in a collapsing kingdom, your King ordered the men to roam to distant lands, find all fertile woman possible and bring them back to your kingdom. As a reward for those women who got sold in auctions, slave traders would receive money beyond imagination and land, much of which were taken from you. To regain those lands, you gathered a few men that were loyal to you and roamed to far off lands so you could go back to nobility and have your revenge on the King himself one day.

Unfortunately the ship in which you were roaming got destroyed due to a furious storm, leaving you drifting for days until you washed ashore in a desert island. You saw an abandoned base in which you took shelter and, while walking in said base, you stumbled upon a skeleton who had a ring in his hand. After finding a bed on which you could get some sleep, your dreams become odd and you find yourself putting the skeleton's ring on your finger while asleep. Shortly after, an Angel came to you explaining that the ring is the ID Ring, a ring which is as old as time itself, and that the ring gave you the power of everlasting sexual stamina and your seed, instead of impregnating women, would allow you to control their minds. You are told to use it in order to enslave as many women as you can to save your kingdom in its last days but you are warned: If you follow the Light path you will save your kingdom, but if you have no respect for the women you save, you will never see your homeland ever again. When you wake up, the ring is still on your finger...

The BeginningEdit

You wake up in the above mentioned base, ending the preface and beginning actual gameplay. To the right is the armory, where you can pick up a club, a leather breastplate, 5 potions, 5 antidotes, and 2 stimulants. I'd suggest you equip the club and leather breastplate before you forget about them (I know I did...) Above that is a dungeon, which doesn't have much use at the moment. Below the armory is the kitchen. You make yourself a meal in there, but otherwise it doesn't have a use yet. To the left of that is a blank yellow square, again useless right now. Above that is your bed and library. Use the bed to recover HP/MP for free and the library to learn a bit of the lore of the world. The first time you interact with the library, you can only read the last ring bearer's journal. After that, you can read "Creating the Ratan Empire" and "A Treatise on Magic". Not useful, but makes for good reading.

Before we venture off in the wilds let's get acquainted with your main character. You are Ralph, throughout the game in your quest you will probably be the strongest character. While you don't bring a lot of utility to a team you are a hard hitter and have great defense. To use most of your skills you need to be attacked by the enemy (hence protecting your allies is most of the times a good thing). Think of it as a Final Fantasy limit break. It goes back to zero after every battle, however, so don't think twice about using your most devastating moves every battle as soon as you have a chance. Now equip the items you just collected and go out of the dungeon through the stairs at the western side of the dungeon.

Catches of the Fishing VillageEdit

You are now in the world map (so to speak) on a desert island. Proceed to the boat south of you to find new lands to explore. When you get to the new island, talk to the lady to your left named Donna. After a short conversation you are given the option to seduce her or rape her which is a good time to explain something:

Options you see on red text are the Dark Path options, the options on blue text are the Light Path options and options on white text are neutral and do not affect your path points. By walking the Light Path, your slaves will love you, even worship and respect you and you will respect them back. You will become a "good" man and most of your options will be on the good side. By walking the Dark Path, your slaves will become evil and so will you; they will become hateful people and the only thing binding them to you is the ring's mind control. Your actions will be on the twisted, sadistic and evil side, becoming a cruel, ruthless lord whose actions will be condemned by any normal human's standards (this is also a good time to remind you to keep in mind that this is a game and one must have the discernment of separating fiction from reality). This game requires at least two playthroughs so now it's up to you to decide whether you want to follow the Light or Dark path, choose wisely!

If you chose the Light path you unlock "002 - A new path". If you chose the Dark path, you will unlock "001 - On the beach, no one can hear you scream". After this Donna joins you, a healer using mana to recover HP lost during battle and comes equipped with a club, a feather hat, and a robe. You can take the feather hat from her and equip it on Ralph if you wish, as he has a few solo battles coming up. Also you and any girls you have enslaved thus far, including the one you just enslaved, level up whenever you add to your harem. Your basic stats increase, but at level 3, you don't learn any new skills/spells yet. That will change throughout the course of the game though, so don't get bummed out just yet!

Proceed south until you bump into a girl. After the short scene go to the inn and talk to the bartender. The goal here is to make the girl who you bumped into, Samantha, your next slave. Now there's a easy way and a hard way to do this even, though they don't have (blatant) alignment implications. In the easy way you offer to work, serving all the three customers drinks then going to the bathroom and ejaculating into a mug of beer to serve to [Characters#Samantha Samantha]]. In the "hard" way, you sit down and have a drink and follow her out after her performance is done, resulting in a fairly easy battle before you drag her back to base to break her in. If you chose the easy way you will unlock "041 - Rufies are for the weak". If you chose the "hard" way you will unlock "042 - The afterparty". Samantha joins your party either way and is a singer who has AoE buffs and debuffs (you can see her as a support type of character). Her skills use Energy, something that recovers a bit every turn, so don't be afraid of using her skills whenever you can. She comes equipped only with a leather breastplate, so her attacks might be a little wimpy until you fix that. You and your harem level up again, Donna learning Cure.

After you're done and back at your hideout (if you chose the easy way you will have to walk all the way back there yourself), talk to Samantha and then Donna. Donna will ask if you can both go and look for her husband in the island since the boat you arrived in happened to be his. If you choose the Light path (yes), you'll find his corpse in the upper right corner of the map (kinda hard to miss). Activate it and talk to her again you unlock "003 - Food can wait". However if you chose the Dark path (no), then the body never shows up and you can talk to her again immediately to see the H-Scene "004 - Burning breakfast". As of version 0.5.1 this scene is glitched in the gallery and you can't unlock it, but in the future you will know what to do to unlock it. After this scene talk to Samantha to see a new H-Scene. This time you won't be prompted to choose an option, but if you've been following the Light path you will see "047 - Sexual healing". If you've been following the Dark path you will see "048 - Queen of the roost". As of version 0.5.1 both of these scenes are glitched in the gallery and you can't unlock them, but in the future you will know what to do to unlock them. (Do not feel discouraged by the current amount of glitched scenes that you can not unlock, there's like 7 H-Scenes glitched for about 150 working ones, so keep in mind the game is NOT at a finished state, and this sort of glitches happen a LOT, trust my word on this as I've been doing this for a LOT of RPG Maker games for quite some time).

Adventures in West ElibaEdit


When you leave the hideout you see a small scene. After it, proceed to the boat and you will realize you can now control it. The only new direction to travel in is East to the continent of Eliba, so just go there for now.

At this point, you can begin engaging in random encounters with enemies. Combat plays like a traditional turn-based RPG, but due to the game's unique leveling system, you will not gain EXP after winning a fight. Money can still be earned from encounters, so you may want to spend some time gathering money to purchase better equipment and items.

When you arrive in this new continent you will see a small yellow tent, so walk to it. There you meet Jorg and Cindy. Jorg's more than a little obsessed with Donna and will offer you Cindy for a night if you'll let him use Donna. If you're going down the Light Path, choose to decline his offer and you'll move on to the next city. If you chose the Dark path you will accept his trade and you will have your way with Cindy and Samantha while the stranger will has his way with Donna. (This scene is not registered in the CG Gallery). Either way, Samantha will get a message from Cindy during the night telling her that Cindy is bound to Jorg by her collar, attached while she slept on her way to the Capital. She asks for your help to regain her freedom, something Samantha says the alchemist in the next town over, named Eleen, will be able to help with. Proceed to the town to the east of the tent and enter.

In order to free Cindy, proceed to the armor/item shop on the right side of the town and talk to the woman on the left side of the shop. She will either give you a pick for the lock for free, realizing you genuinely want to help Cindy if you follow the Light path, or charge you 100g for it, skeptical of your true motivations if you follow the Dark path. Either way, you will get the magical key to the necklace since there's a glitch at the moment where, even if you have 10g, she'll give you the necklace, granting you a cool 90% discount. Exit the town and go back to the yellow tent.

Once at the tent, you agree to lend Jorg Donna (again) in exchange for a(nother) night with Cindy. You will free Cindy and a new H-Scene will be unlocked "081 - Distractions" regardless of your alignment but at the end you will have to choose how she deals with her former master. Follow the Light Path and you'll stick the slave collar on Jorg, sentencing him to a rather harsh fate while if you follow the Dark Path, you'll merely kill him. Choosing the Dark Path will also net you Cindy's old Slave Collar, which seems to have nothing more than monetary value to it as of version 0.5.1. So sell or keep it in case it comes in handy in a later version! Your choice. Since Cindy doesn't have any combat value, you automatically send her back to base once everything is done with. Everyone levels up and Ralph learns Disarm (in my opinion, it's a fairly useless attack for the amount of Power you have to charge up to use it. I'd stick with Strong Attack).

Now, if you check skills, you'll see that Samantha and Donna now both have a skill they didn't have before, Motivational Chant or Distracting Tune and Recovery or Poison Breath respectively, based on your alignment. Most skills in the game will be like this, selective to one path or the other. Most Light Path skills will help out the party as a whole while Dark Path skills disable or debuff the enemy or even sacrifice party stats for the use of one member. Personally, I like the Light Path skills for the party buffs, but that's just my opinion. Play both sides and find your own!

The Warrior's PathEdit

(At this point, things aren't so terribly linear. Depending on your tastes, you can get the warrior, Sarah, first or the mage, introduced later, first. I'll advise you get Sarah first though as it makes getting the mage A LOT easier, but if you want the mage first, skip to Demons Within)

At this point, you can go back into town and go to the weapon shop to meet your next slave, Sarah. Talk to her and choose the Talk option, and she will challenge you to a fight with the promise that if you win, she will let you have your way with her. If you feel you have good enough equipment for it, cause this girl is NO pushover, accept the challenge. Now again, there is a Light way and a Dark way to this. First the Light way since it's shorter. Basically defeat her three times in a row to unlock three H-Scenes: "121 - To the winner", "122 - A win win" and "123 - All the chips are in". These battles, which ramp up in difficulty each time you win, can be especially hard if she lands some Painful Blows (critical hits) or she seemed to dance around your attacks a lot, so don't be afraid of using potions and skills when needed! She can also go into a frenzy, upping her attack, so REALLY watch out for that. Like I said before, good equipment would be nice because if you go in with the basics she'll actually hit harder than you until you start unleashing the Strong Attacks. Be aware that in between each battle you will have to re-select your party and manually heal.

The Dark path on the other hand is longer and you will unlock more H-Scenes, first of all lose to her during her first or second battles (not the third because that leads to a Game Over screen). Now Samantha will mention how Lex can give you a poison to place in her drink and make the battle easier, so go back to the fishing island (the town where you found Samantha). When you get there, talk to the guy in the hood to the right of the Inn/Pub. You can either buy the Slowing Potion for 500g or try to barter with him, either finding a rare compound in a cave for him or let him borrow Samantha for a few days. If you let him borrow Samantha, she'll be missing from your party after the deal goes down. That's no problem really since you couldn't use her in the fight anyway, though it will make random encounters harder so keep that in mind. If you choose to get him the compound, head to the door a little south of your landing point in Eliba. Personally, if you have to pick one of the two, I'd give away Samantha. There's a lot of random encounters in the Pirates Cove and it gets annoying when you're hunting for the compound, though there is a lotta money in it if you're more patient than I. A little heads up: If you MEANT to pick get the compound and accidentally give him Samantha instead, even if you talk to him again and pick get the compound, he'll keep Samantha, but you now HAVE to get the compound since, even if you do what you have to do with the Slowing Potion, it'll STILL say she's not poisoned, so you'll have to start over (from the beginning if you saved after talking to Lex). So don't screw this up.

Any way you go through it, once you've got the Slowing Compound, proceed back to the town where Sarah is (Eleen) and, when you are about to enter it, an option will appear to go in immediately or wait for nightfall. Pick the second one and proceed to the house in the upper left corner which one of Lex's thieves will open for you. Walk to the blue bottles and interact with them to drop the poison in them, then exit from the house. If you're feeling REAL assholish or are flat broke, go to the church in upper right corner of the town, steal 10g from the altar use that stay to at the inn. If you got the compound from the cave, you likely have more than enough dough to get pay for the inn, so stealing from the church is optional. In the morning go to Sarah's shop and defeat her in a much easier fight and you'll be taken to your hideout. Check your inventory too, since you'll have a long sword, a mace, a leather whip, and a longbow.

Just talk to Sarah three times to unlock H-Scenes "124 - Fighting is hard", "125 - Hard to breathe" and "126 - Attack the weak point". Now you will level up and receive Sarah as a fighter. She is similar to Ralph in how she plays, however she uses Rage as skill points, which means the stronger she hits, the faster it builds up. It also disappears after each battle so don't be afraid of unleashing all your high damaging moves every time it's full. Now go take Samantha back from Lex which will unlock "044 - Unhappy fan" and go back to your hideout. From here on, the paths are the same again; all that changes is the H-Scene. First of all, talk to Sarah to see the H-Scene for "128 - She wants more" for the Dark path which unfortunately is a glitched scene and doesn't unlock it in the CG gallery, or "129 - Maybe she liked it" for the Light path which is also glitched. After this she will mention something about a resort but more on that later.

Pirate Cove (Optional)Edit

Heal up by resting in your bed (you can be presented with a picture here), set up your party and exit your hideout, then go back to Eliba continent. Now, no matter your choices, you can enter the Pirate Cove. In the four chests scattered around the Cove are a broad sword (upper left corner), Long Bow (upper right corner), Ring Mail (left middle), and a Potion (lower left corner), so you might wanna get them, especially if you didn't go through the Sarah Dark Path and are SERIOUSLY short on cash and SERIOUSLY short on strong weapons/armor. Now that you're not hunting for anything (URGH!!), you can farm cash off the enemies (Ghosts and Skeletons) here since you can get anywhere from 180-225G off of each fight. On the subject, watch the ghosts. They may not do much damage usually, but they can cast fire, which can REALLY hurt one of your party members. At the top of the cove, you'll find a necklace, as shown in the picture:


After you find it, you are given the choice to either keep it to yourself (Dark path) or to give it to Donna (Light). Normally, I'd say handle this based on the path you want; however this is a special situation. I say always give it to Donna! On the Light path this will unlock "Bonus 1 - Thank you! (Light variant)" and on the Dark path this will unlock "Bonus 1 - Thank you! (Dark variant). One Light choice on the Dark path will not make any difference. In case you don't feel like unlocking a H-scene, the Pirates necklace sells for 250g, which is pretty much what you get for a fight in this area. Don't forget to equip everything you get in this dungeon to whatever characters you want them to go to and remember that enemies here (rarely) drop some gear and weapons. I'd also advise you not to leave the cave without at least 100g (Dark Path) or 200g (Light path). Now head back to base and talk to Sarah. She'll ask if you can take her to a resort in the Fishing Village.

Sarah/Samantha Side Quest (Optional)Edit

Leave your base and head to the Fishing Island, go to the red house at the bottom of the village, which is the resort. Talk to the owner, and he'll let you know that red swimsuits mean that the girl wearing it is beach property and will be fucked for cash. You can either have Sarah pick a blue swimsuit (Light Path) and just chill, showing you an H-scene, or have her pick a red swimsuit (Dark Path) and get a different H-scene and have her make you 100G. Without her knowledge, of course. Neither of these scenes are in the Gallery, so save beforehand if you think it was so hot you need to see it again at some point.

Now go back to your hideout and talk to Samantha. She's either intrigued after hearing about the fun time Sarah had (Light Path) or more than a little jealous that you and Sarah went to the resort (Dark Path) so she will want to go too. Take her to the resort and it will play out like the first time but with Samantha. Following the Light path will unlock "051 - A sandy thank you" while the Dark path will unlock "052 - Everyone has a part to play" and net you 900G (1000G minus the 100 needed to get into the resort).

Goblin/Orc Alliance, Acquisition (Optional)Edit

Now head back to Eleen and find a bald man roaming the town. He'll tell you about how one of his buddies saw smoke near a village a bit northwest of Eleen and wants you to check it out. You're free to do this anytime until the end of the game, so do it at your own pace. Before getting to that, you can go to the Inn for another scene, having Samantha earn a stay for putting on a show. Now things start to branch off: For Light Path points, have Samantha finish her song and dance as soon as one of the audience calls for her to strip. For 50G, have her take it off. For Dark Path Points and 100G, let the audience have her right then and there or just have her finish right there for the original 50G. Unless you wanna buy some gear, you're done here, so you can go back to the World Map. If you have Sarah, at this point in the guide, you can go further into this side quest. I personally recommend waiting until you have the mage as well, but if you really want to get this started, skip down to Goblin/Orc Side Quest, Part 1.

Demons WithinEdit

(It's entirely possible to acquire Terra before Sarah, if you so desire. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's possible and you'd have a higher level to fight Sarah from. The choice is yours.)

When you get to the World Map, go and talk to the guy to the northeast next to a sign and you will be introduced to the Circle guild consisting of Alexander, Donnie, Jessica, and Tomas. After the introductions, you have to pick a topic of conversation. Pick Orcs to talk about about how you were here to fight Orcs as well and gain some Light Path points, exploring for just plain old conversation, or Buy to attempt to buy Jessica and earn some Dark Path points. They'll respond appropriately and then disappear; don't worry though, you'll meet again soon. Proceed East towards the bridge where you find a mage accused of consorting with demons being dragged away by some priestesses in order to have a public burning. Knowing demons can be forced out by the host rejecting them, you decide to engage in a fight to save the mage. Note that you don't actually defeat the priestesses. After you lower one's health to a certain level, they'll run away, so when you notice the health stops dropping, stop attacking that priestess and switch to another one. After you win, the scene "161 - Savior?" will be unlocked regardless of the path you are on, driving out the demons that infest the mage, but unable to completely free her. After puzzling about it for a little bit, you get instantly teleported to your base with the girl. Talk to the girl on the bed and find out that the priestesses dragging her away are of the Church of Resolution, claiming to know the true path to holiness and are able to perform miracles without the aid of conventional magic to prove it. Figuring any new church tied to the Church of Resolution would just hurt Terra, Samantha tells you of an old church in Eleen that may be able to help.

So head on back to Eleen and talk to the old man priest in the church in the top right corner of the town (yes, the same one you stole from if you're going through the Dark Path). You'll recognize it by the Star of David on the sign. Due to the... well, illegal nature of the conversation, the priest asks you to come to the back room to talk in more detail. Interact with the red curtain to your right and talk to the priest again, who will agree that a demon being able to stick around despite the host rejecting should be impossible and will ask to see the girl to understand things better. You'll be taken back to your hideout again, so talk to the girl in the bed again and you'll be taken once again to the church. Head back through the curtain and go to the bottom of the screen to find the ladder to the basement. Once down there talk to the priest again, who introduce the girl as Terra, and propose an ancient ritual to travel into her mind and free her directly from the demon, a being so entrenched in her that the priest can barely feel its evil. (Quick trivia, 'Terra' means 'Earth' in latin and it's the name of the main character of Final Fantasy VI) After he asks you if you are ready, pick yes. You know, unless you're not. Then go bash some monster skulls in and buy equipment and all that good stuff and heal up until you feel you're ready to go. Seriously, heal up, because you won't be healed before you go forward.

Once you're ready you'll be taken inside Terra's mind. Your goal is to fight your way to the demon that's still possessing her and defeat it, freeing Terra from all demonic influences. You'll still run into random encounters here, and they're fairly tough if you decided to charge in gungho or, worse, didn't pick up Sarah like you were told and are doing this with only three party members and a lower level. The encounters (Demon remnants and Lesser Demons) can attack twice per turn whenever they want and won't drop gold, (you're in someone's mind after all) but they will drop Memory Fragments. Now, you can collect any number of these fragments you want/can handle, but if you want a bonus H-scene you'll want to collect all 5. You'll run into 3 memories of Terra along the way: one of her childhood, one of her teenage years, and one of her time captured by the Church of Resolution. Each memory will completely recover your HP and MP/SP, so feel free to go wild on those random encounters. Before you reach the demon possessing her, you'll be healed again, so if you haven't gotten that final Memory Fragment, go nuts for this home stretch. The battle against Terra's Demon is somewhat time based as Terra will reject the Terra's Demon more and more strongly as the fight goes on, weakening it further and further and making it easier to defeat. Once it is defeated, you have a choice, you can allow her to become your slave willing and leave (Light Path), unlocking the H-scene "What a free mind can do" or you can sit on the throne of her mind and completely dominate her spirit (Dark Path), unlocking "From one master to another", one of the most twisted and well written H-Scenes ever (by its story not graphical content per sé) and what I believe to be the last nail on the Light path's coffin. Seriously, after this, all sorts of humanity abandon you. As is common at this point, you and yours will all level up once again, making it easier to take down Sarah if you haven't already (and seriously, why haven't you!?).

Terra Side Quests (Optional)Edit

Despite your choices and path you now are in control of your new slave, Terra, a mage with single target nukes and AoE damage who uses mana to cast her spells. Go back to your hideout for now, speak to Terra twice to unlock two new H-Scenes and two new spells for her. If you choose to allow her her will, you'll unlock the H-scenes "Pain and pleasure" and "A second chance" along with the spells Barrier and Saint. If you choose to dominate her will, you'll get "Showing off" followed by "Isn't always a good thing" and the spells Flame and Crumble. Talk to her again, regardless of your decision, and she will tell you about a tower that she needs to go to find some closure. Go back to Eliba continent go south to the small tower to bring about this closure. You'll get different things depending on the amount of Memory Fragments you collected while in her mind. Grabbing only 1 Fragment bags you 100G. Having 2 gets you the Magic Staff, Terra's old staff and a fairly good staff for either Terra or Donna that'll hit the enemy with fire magic instead of brute force. Having 3 allows you to find another chest filled with an unspecified amount of gold and having 4 gets you the Wind Stave, a hellious staff made by Elmer and used by Terra or Donna that'll hit the enemy with Wind magic instead of brute force. Getting all 5 let's you know what that spell was and unlocks the Bonus H-scene "This is why you don't let people dig through your stuff". That about wraps up Terra's scenes for now.

Goblin/Orc Alliance, Part 1 (Optional)Edit

When you're done with this, proceed north past the oasis and into the woods where, if you pay attention, you'll see some smoke coming out of the trees. Investigate and you'll find that this village was attacked, but by what you don't know. If you don't have Sarah or Terra, you won't be able to progress any further as the methods of killing are too foreign to your, well, foreign mind. If you only have Sarah, go into the house in the lower right corner of the village and interact with the dead villager and she'll tell you that the villager was killed with a goblin dagger. If you only have Sarah at this point, exit now and she'll reiterate that goblins attacked this village. If you only have Terra at this point, go to the house on the upper left corner of the village and interact with the scroll and she'll tell you that Jungle Orc Shaman's use this type of spell. If you only have Terra, leave and she'll reiterate that Jungle Orcs attacked this village. If you have both, go to both houses and exit and you'll have the full picture: Jungle Orcs and Goblins worked together to attack this village. As soon as you leave the town walk to the area shown in the picture to discover the Goblin home cave:


Once inside head to your right and follow the straightforward path to the next area. Now, the random encounters in here aren't hard per se, as individually they're very weak and can't take much of a hit, but the monsters in each one are NUMEROUS. Even more annoying, the Bat swarm random encounter can blind your allies while the rat swarm can use body slam, stunning an ally for a turn, both making the fight last even longer! All while not giving up much gold for the headache they bring on! For once, Dark Path people have an advantage here as Samantha's Distracting Tune and Terra's Flame both target numerous enemies, making this a much easier fight. Light or Dark though, I recommend having Terra on the team as blindness doesn't affect her ability to kick ass with her magic! Once you get past the cave entrance, random encounters will stop and you will walk in on two goblins having an argument. You can either surprise attack them for the gold or listen to the argument play out, ending in one of the goblins murdering the other one and making your life a whole lot easier... in the short term. Keep going forward until three goblins jump you. Like I said before, Dark Path people have it easier since they have AoE debuffs and attacks early, but the fight isn't too difficult for Light Path people either, just watch the Leg Sweep move they do as it tends to stun your allies. From this point, you have a choice: Head north and go straight up to the left and get to the Goblin Chieftain to end this battle or go to the right, fight 5 more goblins, get into the kitchen and fight the chief (and the murderer goblin if you listened to the conversation). I'd recommend the second option because you get the Rolling Pin, a strong weapon with a chance to stun whoever you hit. This makes fights REAL easy if you're lucky. Either way, once you've reach the Chieftain, you'll learn that the Jungle Orcs betrayed the Goblins, taking all the villagers for themselves. Boo-hoo, kill the Chieftain and his two lackeys. Just be warned that the Chieftain often attacks twice in one turn. Once you've defeated the Chieftain, raid the room to the left, getting the Snake Chain from the armor stand and 2000G from the gold pile on the floor. Then head north of the Chieftain's room and interact with the boulder to the north. Turns out you're not going any further without some explosives, so your adventure here is over for now. Go ahead and return to town.

When you arrive, report in with the bald guy roaming around the Inn. After you explain what happened in the village he will reward you with either 1000g, a +3 attack stat boost or a +3 defensive stat boost. I honestly don't care about what you pick but for the love of god, do not take the gold. Seriously, you can make that in a few battles in the Pirate Cove. DON'T DO IT! Whatever you pick (hopefully NOT THE GOLD), do whatever last minute shopping that needs to be done and hop town.

Continuing in East ElibaEdit

The Village of EowenEdit

Walk east past the bridge and you'll set up camp and auto unlock "521 - You again?" with some major differences in dialogue based on your path and pick up a new ability, again based on your path. Light Path Ralphs gain "Defend", allowing you to randomly soak up damage for an ally, something really useful to gaining Power in the middle of a fight. I'd suggest using it at the beginning of the fight for maximum protection! Dark Path Ralphs gain Drain, which both locks your Power at a constant number and powers you up by draining strength from your slaves, allowing you to hit harder while your slaves are much weaker. If you use it, do so in the middle of combat when your Power is already fairly high so you can spam Strong Attacks and such. In addition to the new ability, you also receive a very useful item, the Hearthstone. This will allow you to teleport between any area that you have visited already so always use it unless stated otherwise! Now walk all the way to the east until you find a town called Eowen, there's a lot to do here. Just be careful. Even though you rested for the night, none of your HP or MP/SP recovered, so if you're low on health, stop back at your base using the Hearthstone for some sleep before continuing cause the random encounters can be a bit challenging. Or do a deadman's sprint into Eowen and warp back to base afterwards. Whichever you prefer.

Now, you might be thinking, "New land, new weapons" right? Wrong. The weapons and armor, the shop for both located on the left side of the map, are both exactly the same as in Eleen with the exception of the armor shop having the accessory Warrior's Bracelet and the weapon shop having the Claymore. I'd suggest saving up for at least a Warrior Bracelet for each your melee people to eliminate the blindness problem, but that's just me. The item shop, located near the top of the town, doesn't have anything new either, so unless you need to stock up on something, walk into the Pub a bit west of the item shop. At the top, you run into your old friends/nemesi, the Circle Guild. Turns out, the town has got an Orc problem plaguing it. The guards have been called away to Corsix to deal with the problems there, so the Circle Guild as been all that has been protecting the town, preventing them from attacking the Orcs. That's where you come in. For a price. A night with Jessica, to be exact. Alexander (rightly) takes it out of context, which you're quick to fix his understanding of (read: lie to his face about).

Creating a Brothel (Optional)Edit

With that out of the way, head on over to to the inn next door to find out business is kinda faltering thanks to all the shit going down between here and Corsix, so he's looking to sell the place for a cool 10,000G. Even if you somehow have that amount on you when you talk to him, you'll say you don't have the money. Exit and talk to the man in the purple hat in the middle of the fields. That's the inn keeper's brother, Alex, who's looking to turn the inn into a brothel. And he's willing to do anything short of killing Jon, the inn keeper, to get it at this point. So you have the choice of either reaching a compromise with Jon or get him exiled from the village. While on screen both options are neutral, it's fairly obvious that exiling someone for your own benefit is Dark Path material. So make your choice. Choosing to come to a compromise sends you back to the Inn to talk to Jon, who'll propose a three-way split in the business and a buy in of 2000G to repair damages to the Inn. Cindy, however, gets him to see things your way, unlocking "A different kind of Interview" and lowering the cost to 1000G. With that paid, you'll have to go talk to the mayor a few houses to the right. It has a coin on the sign. Before that though, you have to deal with Samantha. She refuses to work at the Brothel, believing it to be beneath her. You have a Light Path and Dark Path option once again, Light Path telling her you understand and won't make her work there while in the Dark, you punish her for her disobedience whenever you get back to base. Light Path makes Samantha happy, but Dark Path unlocks the scene "You have to be more than a singer" and allows Samantha to work in the Brothel. Your choice which path you walk down.

With that over with, go to the mayor's house and talk to both him and his maid. No particular reason for the maid, just do it. With the mayor, he'll demand a strong, servient warrior woman to sample before he allows you to open the Brothel, a role Sarah fills to a T, if you remembered to grab her. If not... what the hell are you doing!? Anyway, having Sarah around unlocks the scene "Show the goods" and gets you the mayor's approval for your Brothel. After all, you did just let him fuck his dream warrior woman. A little error here: If you poisoned Sarah to get her, did nothing but Light Path before then and after then, then she'll say you beat her in fair combat. Just a little heads up. You'll also level up here. If you've done everything in the guide thus far, you'll be level 8 and will learn Head Strike. On leveling up: From this point forward, if you level up while you have some ladies working the brothel, come back and you'll get both an H-scene labeled "Brothel 1" and a little gold(in release 0.6b final getting customers appears to be tied to either steps taken in the overworld or to random encounters). The more girls working when you level, the more money. They also say you'll earn more when the problem in Corsix is resolved, but that's for a later version. Just keep in mind that while they're working the Brothel, you can't use them in your party, so choose wisely who'll be in there at any given time. With this in mind, I don't recommend you send anyone to work in the Brothel just yet. You'll see why momentarily.

In the Dark Path, Jon's brother tells you that he has a weakness for booze and women, getting aggressive with women when he gets drunk. This weakness for women especially carries over to mages. Mages like your dear Terra. Jon asks that Terra accompany him during the night in exchange for a free night at the Inn, an offer you accept, setting your plans into motion. You take control of Terra for this part. Make your way to the Pub and things play out from there, Jon leading Terra upstairs (he'll be in the room furthest down and to the left) and "raping" her and bringing down Jon, all while unlocking the Scene "Was it really?". If you're committed to the Dark Path, you'll automatically get "Everyone wants some" shortly afterwards. If you're Light Path just taking the easy route, then nothing more will happen. The day after, Jon's (short) trial is held and he's exiled. Talk to Alex and you both will go to the mayor's office to get permission for the brothel. Again, Sarah will have sex with him to fulfill his fantasy and you'll have your Brothel. Like in the Compromise route, this scene assumed that you beat her in combat even when you didn't. And like the Compromise route, you now level up.

Before doing anything important, you might wanna visit the town church, just to see a cutscene of the beautiful girl they have cleaning the place. Nothing of real importance here, just something you might do on a whim. If you're feeling really whimsical and don't mind a bit of reading, talk to the man at the top of the church for a little information on the Namuhists and their beliefs, which are basically that mankind doesn't need any kind of spiritual assistance and will grow stronger without, so they reject any kind of spiritual contact. Brutally. To that end, they believe that all mages must be brought to their knees and made to give up all spiritual contact. When you point out that any mage who rejects this doctrine has the upperhand, he merely retorts that their priestesses' have a power above that of magic. Unfortunately none of them are around to show it to you. Makes their treatment of Terra make a little more sense, huh?

Orc VillageEdit

With that done, talk to the mayor again and you'll learn Corsix has been quarantined due to a monster breakout in its mines. Also, because the guards were sent to Corsix to deal with the problem, his daughter, Angelica, was kidnapped by Orcs. The mayor doesn't know if she's dead or alive because the two aides with her were found dead, so you make him a deal: You'll return his daughter to him and he'll give you the Fortress of Sands, allowing you to sneak past the Quarantine. You agree, now having two reasons to go Orc hunting. Exit town and walk up to the village northwest of you, the Orc Village. When you try to walk into it, Samantha will stop you, saying that going in blind is risky. Instead, you need to recruit another performer and sent them both into the village and they'll perform recon while performing a concert. Head back to Eoween, go to the Pub, and talk to the pink haired woman up on the stage. Turns out she's a big fan of Samantha and eagerly lets her jump on stage for a duet. This leads to the performer, Cecilia, getting hot and bothered and jumping Samantha after the performance, leading to the H-scene "Duet" and a new slave. Now you can go back to the Orc Village, sending Samantha and Cecilia in first to check things out. They play a concert so rockin', it causes most of the Orcs to get drunk and fall asleep before you even have to do anything! They then get invited to the Chief's hut, where they find Angelica has been broken into a willing slave. The scene that ensues isn't in the Gallery, so, again, if you feel this was too hot to lose, don't save your progress over the same file when you're done here.

Afterwards, your assualt on the Orc Village begins. You can handle this one of two ways: Go in, blades swinging, killing every Orc in your path until you reach the Chieftain's hut at the top of the map or sneak around the Orcs and make your way to the Chieftain's hut. I recommend the second option seeing as the Orcs respawn after you kill the Cheiftain. But if you find the gold worth, I'm not gonna stop ya from pursuing the first option. It does sound like the more fun option after all! If you kill them all, it nets you about 15000 gold, 600 gold for each orc fight. When you get to the Chieftain's hut, you threaten his life, after which Angelica tries to protect him. In order to keep her from interfering, Sarah restrains her, leaving you one party member short. Hope you followed my advice and didn't leave anyone at the Brothel! Otherwise, you're down to a 3-team vs the Orc Chieftain and an Orc Shaman. If you have Guard, I'd recommend you use it in this fight, because the Orc Chieftain's capable of taking Terra down in one blow if she's unlucky. I'd also recommend getting rid of the Shaman first as, HP wise, he's a pushover while being very damaging with his spells and he has a very good heal spell, allowing the Chieftain to come back for another licking if the Shaman's not dealt with. After the battle, Angelica flips her lid at the Chieftain's death. Sarah realizes that Angelica's under the effects of combination a Shaman's herbs to slow and confuse the mind and constant rape, molding her mind into a willing slut. Using your cock o'magic, you overwrite this molding, unlocking the H-scene "More than a beast" and freeing Angelica. Now you can add Sarah back into your party and kill every Orc and burn down every house in the village. Well, you don't have to kill every Orc, but the money's good, so I'd recommend it. It's 5 groups of 3 Orcs, so make sure you're prepared to take all them down or sneak around them before you commit to killing them all. Once every house is on fire, you'll get a cutscene and you'll be transported out of the Orc Village.

Before you talk to the mayor again, I recommend putting every girl you have in the Brothel. That way when you level up from gaining Angelica, you get gold and Brothel scenes for every one of them. Once you've done or not done that, go talk to the mayor. Angelica will convince him that her naivety in going herb hunting while she knew Orcs were on the attack got her aides killed and her captured and that she needs to travel with you in order to shake off that naivety. He's reluctant, but the mayor lets her go, allowing her to join your harem and leveling you up. If Terra hits level 8 here like she should , she'll gain Blizzard, the Light Path Terra's first AoE elemental attack, evening the playing field between the two paths a little. Angelica is a herbalist, taking plants from the World Map (shown in the picture below) and turning them into items such as potions, magic waters, and the like, making her a valuable member of the team even outside of combat. Within combat, she, much like Samantha, has a Focus meter as her SP bar, filling during combat, but filling slower or even dropping when she takes damage. She uses her Focus for healing for the most part. You can swap Donna out for her if you want, but the unreliability of the Focus vs being able to calculate the Mana bar's decrease made it unattractive to me. On the other hand, her attack and defense potential is much greater than Donna's so she's a lot more useful in combat when she's not healing your people. Your choice, but just keep in mind that while you're not using her, Angelica CAN'T be used in the Brothel, what with it being centered in her father's town and all.

A DateEdit

Now that you've saved the town, you can get your reward from the Circle Guild. Namely, a date from the beautiful Jessica. Talk to Alexander up top and Jessica will suddenly appear below in the Pub area. As the date proceeds, dialogue a little different between Light Ralph and Dark Ralph, you'll once again have to make a Light Path and Dark Path decision: Do you seduce the pants off her (Light) or get her hammered and take advantage (Dark). Your choice. Doesn't change the end result of her becoming enamoured with you though. Or the fact that you learn a little about the origins of the Circle Guild, her and Donnie being traveling companions in a sibling-like relationship for a while and meeting Alexander and Tomas in Eleen. They tried overthrowing the Ratan government in Eliba to help the people, but it ended mostly in harm for the people, so Jessica had them switch gears to adventuring. Still, enough with the small talk. If you seduced her, you'll unlock the scene "A good deed goes rewarded" after your pleasant dinner conversation. If you got her drunk, then not much conversation happened before you unlocked the scene "Taking the reward". Either way, the date has drawn to a close.

Your New Base, The Fortress of SandsEdit

Gather what supplies you need and take what girls you want out of the Brothel and then head east towards the square building Ralph's standing in front of in the picture below. This is your new base, the Fortress of Sands!

When you enter, you can interact with a lot of the girls to get new H-scenes. Find Samantha to the far left at the dungeon entrance and you'll unlock "You need to be more than a singer" if you decided to punish her for not being part of the Brothel. If you're not going to punish her or already have, talk to her (again) and she will tell you that something is wrong with Terra, either Terra's acting very nervous (Light) or she's being creepy and plotting something (Dark). If she's not in the Brothel, then talk to Cecilia right beside her and this will unlock the scenes "This feels awfully real" in the Light path or "More than just lip service" in the Dark path. If these scenes don't spark suspicion in you that something's up with Cecilia, then nothing will! Now go to the far right and talk to Angelica next to the fireplace to both get her to show you the trick of the secret passage and to unlock the scenes "Good bedside manner" for the Light path or "This feels familiar" for the Dark path. In Light Path, unlocking the scene will unlock the skill Herbal Stimulant, which revives an ally from KO. In Dark Path, she'll learn Clouded Mixture instead, a skill with a chance to confuse all enemies. Talk to her again and you'll unlock the herb trick I was talking about earlier. Collecting white flower herbs will net you 2 antidotes, yellow flowers getting at least 2 magic waters, and red berries earning you at least 2 potions. It's highly recommendated you at least find the yellow flowers since that allows your mages to battle for much longer.


(there's an error in the image, the rightmost herbs with a red circle marking them are not collectable)

Back in the base, move further to the right into the the slave quarters (The room with lots of beds) and you'll find Cindy, ready to give you the scene "How do you train for this?" Further to the right and up the stairs, you'll find the new armory and Sarah, if she's not in the Brothel anyway. Talk to her here to get the scene "Ya she definitely likes it" if you're going Light or "To the winner redux" if you're Dark. Note that there will be some slight differences in dialogue based on how you acquired her. Gallery mode will assume you acquired her based on the path you're on, so a Light Path person will have beat her fair and square while a Dark Path person would've cheated in Gallery mode even if that wasn't the case in gameplay. After this scene, Sarah will learn a new move: Light Path Sarah learns Self Recovery, which, well, is what the tin says while Dark Path Sarah will learn Eye Gouge, adding a chance to blind your enemies to your attack.

Head downstairs and up the first flight of stairs you see and you'll be in the bedroom chamber and plainly see Terra waiting within it. She'll have to wait though, because as soon as you enter, you go to sleep. Only to wake up to someone attempting to rob you. You remember the maid I advised you to talk to in the Mayor's House? Yeah, turns out that WASN'T just based on a whim. It allowed you to know where your thief, the Red Hawk, came from. And since you catch her trying to steal from you, she's gonna try to kill you. Red Hawk is faster than you, but that's cool. Doesn't matter HOW you get Power, just that you do. A few Strong Attacks oughtta do the job, though, if your luck's really bad (you keep missing, she keeps critically you, that thing), you might have to use a potion or two. For defeating her, you earn 1300G and the H-scene, "Tables have turned" in which she reveals that, despite the accent that several characters have commented on thus far, she thinks you're a native Ratan. As Cindy explained during "How do you train for this?", Cheli hold a HUGE grudge against Ratans for stealing their land and making their people subservant. So she didn't have any qualms about stealing from you. Until you raped her ass anyway. But alas, she escapes before you break her in. Not before you get a name out of her: Noemi Winters. You don't heal after the battle, so I suggest resting up before doing anything else.

Then, since you're in the same room as her, might as well talk to Terra. The dialogue itself will change heavily based on the route you're talking. If you're going through the Light Path, Terra's jittery and frightened, jumping at you clearing your throat to announce your presence. Still shaky, she tells you about visions of the future she's seen, a dark future that frightens her to no end. A dark being is going to capture her, no matter what you or she does. Insisting that you'll protect her, you tell her you're taking her to the resort you took Sarah and Samantha to to help her calm down. Taking her there reveals that she knows the significance of the color of her swimsuit and she'll wear whatever you tell her to. You automatically pick blue though, saying you're here to relax, not make cash off her. You get the H-scene "All of her" afterwards. Hey, she's a swimmer! Who knew. If you're Dark, she'll be a lot more stoic, sensing you coming through the mental link you forced upon her. She won't say anything about why she's acting strangely, just that she'll be freed, even if you try to force it out through your mental dominance. Switching tact, you announce you're taking her to the resort in Fishing Village, which she agrees to despite her suspicions on your motives. When you arrive, you play it cool. You dress her in blue so that you can talk privately and let her enjoy herself. The instant her guard slips though, you slip into her mind and disable her link to elementals, allowing you to claim the truth from her, a new ally of the angels to coming to set her free, and the H-scene "We have ways of making you talk". Now reassured/freshly dominated, Terra's done for now, meaning the girls at the base are done for now.

Chasing the Red Hawk, Part 1Edit

Go ahead and use the Heartstone to get to Eowen and go talk to the Mayor about how your thief seemed familiar. First thing you notice is that the maid is no longer here, something the Mayor tells you has gone on for the past few days. While you're talking about that, one of the Mayor's servants notice that his pendant has been stolen and he immediately blamed Noemi for it. He points you toward her house in the lower right corner of the town and promises to reward you for the safe return of his family pendant. Go find her house (it's the poorest looking one there, so not exactly hard) and investigate for clues. Clues in the shape of large, obvious squares leading to trap doors below. Like in the picture below:


Head on down and you'll immediately spot Noemi, who was apparently cocky enough to stay at home when she knew she was being hunted. You ALMOST get the drop on her, but by the time she does notice you, you and your harem have her surrounded anyway. While you're telling her to surrender, she's preparing to blow you all to kingdom come with a chain reaction based off the flash grenade she used to escape you like time. Since you both like not being little pieces, you strike a deal: She gives back the pendant and sucks your cock and you left her go, leading to the scene "The price of freedom" as she accepts. Dumbstruck and calling you "Quentlol" for some reason, she once again resists the power of your cum. Afterwards, you have a Light/Dark choice again: You can either honor your word and let her go (Light) or capture her anyway (Dark). Choosing the Dark path causes her to detonate the chain reaction to escape, you and your harem just barely making it out of the blast unscathed. Light Path allows her to escape with the promise that you'll make her your slave next you met. Since the basement isn't on fire in the Light Path, you're free to loot her treasure chest, holding only 50G. Wow she's a broke thief! Anyway, head back to the Mayor and tell him that Noemi escaped, but you managed to get his pendant back from her before she did. He gets pissed that his maid was the infamous Red Hawk and threatens to burn her village to the ground to smoke her out. Realizing that a dead Cheli doesn't make for a good slave, you offer to track her down yourself, an offer the Mayor accepts, giving you 1000G for recovering the pendant.

Unless you have some equipment and such to buy, exit town and head to the Fortress of Sand. Before going in, however, go south to a small village. This is Noemi's village and you'll find her sister, Phoebe, reading a book. At first she's not really paying attention, but a little yelling fixes that. She initially refuses to sell her sister out, but then you tell her the Mayor's considering burning the village down. Knowing he probably would do it if pissed off enough, but unable to give up either her village or her sister, she's confused before you suggest taking Noemi in to shield both her and the village. It sounds like it'd work, but Phoebe knows her sister won't go for it unless your plans hurt Ratans. Kidnapping the Ratan princess is in your plans, so Phoebe agrees to work for you to bring in Noemi. She points you towards Corsix in your hunt for Noemi. Before you leave, you get a clue as to what "Quentlol" is: The Chelian god of male fertility an power, said to lead the Chelians from great evil sometime in the future. And they think he's you. Marvelous.

Back in your base, Phoebe will be in the bedroom chambers next to the (what else?) bookcase, so go talk to her, this will unlock "481 - Breaking the girl" or "482 - Taking the girl" on the Light and Dark sides respectively and convince her that you really are Quentlol. That about does it for this side of things. Gather what supplies you need, though I suggest equipping Sarah well if you haven't already. No particular reason, just a suggestion. I'd also suggest dropping Phoebe off at the Brothel since she has TWO Brothel scenes. Once you're done with your preparations, or lack thereof, then head back to the downstairs area of your base.

West CorsixEdit

Next to Angelica, there's a fireplace you can interact with. Do so and the fire will go out and you can use it to travel down the secret passage. The path is pretty straightforward, though the gate to the north doesn't do anything so don't waste your time with it, and right before you get to the end, you'll run into a Tentacle Beast. If Terra has Saint, I'd suggest spamming that since it does 250-320 damage to the thing. Once you beat it, you learn it's very much your stereotypical Tentacle Monster and you figure these are what are attacking Corsix. Moving on, you emerge on the other side of the Quarantine and, as soon as you head into the cave to the north of you, will make camp. In the middle of the night and find that a devil woman has frozen you in place, wanting to get a feel for how corrupt you are. This'll auto unlock "Yin to the Yang", the dialogue changing based on your Path. She'll be disappointed in Light Path people and tries to convince them to switch Paths (though you're pretty much locked in at this point) while being ecstatic with Dark Path people and congratulating them on living freely. Either way, you'll learn Revive and level up from the encounter and she'll leave you with a promise to meet again in Rata. If you have Phoebe at the Brothel, go into the cave, which turns out to be the entrance to West Corsix, and warp back to Eowen to get her first Brothel scene, then warp back.

Talk to the guard up front and he'll give you the lowdown on what's going on: Miners broke through into an older part of the mines 2 weeks ago and were rushed by Tentacle Beasts before they knew what happened. They killed whatever men they found and, well, acted like Tentacle Beasts to the women, taking them in every hole at once, then dragged a lot of women down into the mines. The Beasts seem to have a weakness for sunlight, giving the town a long time to shore up it's defenses and keep the Tentacle Beasts from coming up top again easily, making the only problem the question of "How to stop the assualts from happening at all". The Ratans have done nothing to help, Quarantining West Corsix and collapsing their side of the mines in order to keep the Beasts from attacking them, something West Corsix hasn't done as well because they didn't have explosives. So it looks like everything's up to you.

The Enslaved Warrior (Optional)Edit

Talk to the white haired man directly to your left and you'll get your first glimpse of Rhea, fighting in a slave pit against Diana, someone completely below her league. After Rhea one shots Diana, Rhea complains that she talents would be better put to use defending the tunnel entrance instead of playing these silly games, a comment her master, Erdin, doesn't take lightly. After threatening her with punishment, Rhea leaves and you can now talk to the man. Turns out he's holding a tournament for slaves and asks you if you're buying a ticket while bad mouthing Diana. Your response lets Erdin know you own slaves as well and he offers to let you in on his tournament, his offer holding a bit of cattiness if you're Light Ralph. Sarah immediately volunteers to enter, leading to her first SOLO fight, this being why I suggested you have Sarah properly equipped before you got here.

The fight if VERY easy, so just go ahead and kick some ass. Afterwards, she'll retire to the locker room and run into Rhea, who she'll congratulate on her easy win the previous fight. Rhea will blow the compliment off, saying Diana isn't a fighter and she'd rather be fighting in the caves. If you're on the Light Path, Sarah will take an interest in Rhea and ask where she learned her skills, reveal Rhea's one of the warriors of the Tenta caste. She'll also reveal that she was tricked into slavery by Edrin, who paid some Orcs to hold kids hostage and wouldn't release them until after she'd pledged loyalty to him. She worded her pledge badly, so now she's stuck with him. Sarah will offer to help get Rhea away from Edrin. On the Dark Path, however, Sarah couldn't care less about Rhea and will tell her to quit her bitching.

Sarah will come back to you either way fully healed, so go ahead and proceed to the next round of the tournament. It's another easy fight, so clean house! When Sarah goes back to the locker room, she'll find Rhea on the floor, crying. Dark Path Sarah will ignore her and move on while Light Path Sarah will ask what's up. Turns out Edrin had Rhea chain Diana up after that last match they had and forced her to punish Diana with a whip. Until she died. This leaves Rhea with a very bad taste in her mouth as she's supposed to be protecting the weak, not doing something as vile as Edrin would come up with. Sarah will conform her and tell her you'll figure out a way to get her free from Edrin before she falls any further. Once again, Sarah comes back to you fully healed and you can start the next fight.

This time, Edrin tries to pull a fast one since it's come down to just Sarah and Rhea. He's captured a pair of Orcs and are having Rhea and Sarah do battle against them, something you'll cry foul over to the point that Edrin has a pair of his guards shut you up (Light Ralph) or be indifferent to (Dark Ralph). If you lose this fight, you'll get the scene "Just can't win an unfair fight" regardless of path. If you lose, you can try again, so it's not too bad. Orcs aren't a tough fight for Sarah to begin with, so you pretty much had to throw the first one if you lost to it. Once you've won, you'll get a cutscene between Sarah and Rhea if you're on the Light Path where Sarah'll detail a plan you've come up with: Sarah will throw the fight against Rhea and you'll challenge Edrin to a winner takes all, the loser giving up their slave, a challenge you bet Edrin will be happy to accept after Sarah spat at his feet last round. When he accepts, Rhea will throw the match and Edrin will be out of a slave. Dark Path Sarah will get nothing, instead just returning to your side. Once Sarah's back, go into the final round, which will be different based on your Path. Dark Sarah will be in for a tough fight as Rhea is no pushover. Light Sarah, however, will be weakened since she's throwing the match, so don't use any skills or anything. Even though you're weakened, you might still be accidentally kicking Rhea's ass. If that's the case, then start doing nothing but guarding until she either has a good life lead or you're defeated. Once Rhea wins, you'll put the plan into the next phase and offer and all-or-nothing round that Edrin will, predictably, accept. This time, Rhea's weakened since she's throwing the match, making this a fairly easy fight, especially if you were having trouble throwing the fight the first time around. After you win, Light or Dark, you get the prize money of 2000G (after threatening Edrin's dick though and Rhea will head off to your base if you're on the Light Path).

Angelica will want to rub your victory in Edrin's face afterwards, so go into the Inn and go upstairs. You'll find Edrin in the upper leftmost room. Talk to him and you'll either get the scene "Showing off" (Light Path) or "Put her in her place" (Dark Path), the former pissing Edrin off even further while the latter scene really doesn't end well for Angelica. Either way, Angelica learns a new skill, Poison Breath for the Light Path, which has a chance of poisoning all enemies, or Weapon Bless for the Dark Path, strengthening an ally's attack. Personally, I think they got the skills swapped as Light Path usually gets buffs while Dark Path usually gets debuffs, but hey, C'est la vie. While you're in the hotel, go ahead and talk to the red headed woman downstairs. She immediately grabs you and demands to know how you got to Corsix. You introduce yourself and ask for some manners before explaining how you got here. She introduces herself as Alena, a bounty hunter tracking a man who managed to slip through the Quarantine. The man in question killed a woman's entire family in front of her after she rejected him. After hearing her story, you offer her the use of the secret passage in the Fortress of Sands to get to the man. After a warning from Angelica that the woman is a very formidable opponent, you must go back to the Fortress of Sands to follow up on it, which is fine for Light Path people since they still have Rhea waiting for them. Light Path people will let her go after she spends the night with them, never to be seen again (as of version 0.5.1), but getting a (sadly unviewable) reward from Donna for letting her go and being warped back to W. Corsix. Dark Path people, however, have a whole new side quest to pursue.

Healing the Broken (Optional, Light Path only)Edit

(Note: Like it says in the title, this is Light Path only if you're going down the Dark Path, go ahead and skip this and go to Padaj Breaker)

Once Alena's on her way, warp back the Fortress of Sand and head up to the bedroom chamber. You'll find Sarah and Rhea waiting for you, so go talk to them. You'll get "A better boss", in which you'll learn that Rhea was horribly naive of the world before becoming Edrin's slave because her school was isolated and full of women, a naivety Edrin used against her to enslave her. Edrin was brutal, taking her viginity the first night and every night afterwards she'd be lucky if she wasn't bleeding much the same way. You then show her what a real man is like and Rhea will formally join your harem afterwards, leveling everyone up (If Terra and Angelica hit level 10 at this point, they'll learn Silence and Cure respectively). Rhea's a warrior who works much like Sarah, only EVEN STRONGER because she can use two weapons at once. To take it a step further, she can focus before an attack, boosting the damage she does next turn even further, though that does drop her defense a bit. That fine though because you've got Guard to protect her if need be. The point is she's a freaking wrecking ball given the right equipment! She comes equipped with a Flail and a Mace (Giving her an initial attack of 75!), an Iron Helm and Iron Armor, much better stuff that what you have currently. You can strip of her this stuff, but as she's supposed to be your wrecking ball, I don't advise it. She'll now be found in the armory right next to Sarah when she's not in the Brothel, so go ahead and seek her out for another scene "At her pace". In this scene, you learn that she's never been aroused while Edrin or the men he rented her to have fucked her, giving her a horribly twisted view on how sex is supposed to work. Good thing you're here to fix that. Once you're done, she gains the Focused Attack I was talking about earlier, so make sure you don't leave home without it. Speaking of leaving home, that about does it for this little distraction, so go ahead and head back to W. Corsix.

Pedaj Breaker (Optional, Dark Path only)Edit

Warp back to the Fortress of the Sands and you'll immediately talk to Alena, having her thank you for allowing her to use the secret passage in your base and convincing her to spend the night and have breakfast with you the next morning. Of course, you have no intention of letting her go the next morning.Talk to Angelica and she'll tell you she has ability to make a sleeping potion for you to slip into Alena's food. All she needs is a Red Lilly, which you can find right outside your door. It's pretty hard to miss. Once you've got it, talk to Angelica again and she'll have the potion ready for delivery to Donna. Once it's in, go wake Alena up. She's in the slave quarters, so its not that long of a walk. She chows down, then realizes too late that she's been set up, leading to a quick battle. She'll spend most of it trying to load her bow and will pass out before she even does that. Good thing too because your attacks were NOT doing much to her health.

After she's out, go down to the dungeon and interact with her to unlock "This always worked before" in which you try your usual method of breaking a slave in, only to find that it isnt' working here. After she mentions a Pedaj, you decide to hunt for the answer in one of your books, so head up to the bedroom chamber and search the bookshelf that Phoebe isn't searching and find what you're looking for. A Pedaj is a vow that leaves the taker immune to pleasure and holy/dark magics until the Pedaj is fulfilled. Now to find out what her Pedaj is. Talk to Samantha and you'll find she's more than willing to help you find out.

Go back down to the dungeon and interact with Alena again and you'll get the scene "A friendly chat". You learn that Samantha holds a grudge against Alena for dissing her music, a grudge which, after adding more fuel to the fire by insulting you, Samantha's more than happy to vent onto Alena. While venting, Samantha learns that the man she's hunting, Lex, killed her family, children included, making her the woman who rejected him in the scenario she fed you earlier. If you went the poison route to acquire Sarah, you already know exactly who Lex is. If you didn't, he's the hooded guy next to the Inn in the Fisher Village. He'll assume you went to him for help poisoning Sarah, so the dialogue's always the same even if this isn't the case. Warp there and talk to him and you'll get into a fight. It's not a hard fight and when you take him down, you'll auto-warp back to the Fortress of Sands. Go back to the dungeon and interact with Alena and you'll get the scene "Not exactly what she wanted". You promise her the chance to kill Lex if she manages to get you off. There's one big problem with that though: you're lying. You have Samantha stick Lex with a poison dagger and, frustrated with Alena's "terrible" oral skills, position her so that she's facing Lex as he succumbs to the poison. Since she watched him die, her Pedaj breaks, allowing her to feel all the pleasure you can give her, which is a lot since she hasn't felt any in years. After taking your mind-controlling cum into her twice, she's broken into your slave, adding Alena to your harem and leveling everyone up. Alena is a ranged warrior, gaining rage much the same as Sarah, but having a completely different assortment of skills to use it with. She also has a Focused Attack, boosting her attack at the cost of her defense, so be careful if you decide to use it.

She'll hang around the right side of the Fortress of Sand's perimeter, so go talk to her for another scene "Escape attempt". The description's right on the tin: Knowing Alena will try to escape, you wait for her in the shadows near the door, catching her off guard went she does try it. Thanks to your mind-control, she doesn't put up much of a fight as you "persuade" her not to leave. Afterwards, she gains the Focused Attack I told you about earlier. Don't leave home without it! Speaking of leaving home, you're done here, so you can warp back to W. Corsix now.

Goblin/Orc Alliance, Finale (Optional)(Light Path version)Edit

(Note: The Light Path and Dark Path version of the same thing is so wildly different that I had to create two separate walkthroughs for them. If you're going on the Light Path, read on! If not, skip down to the Dark Path version below)

Now that you're back in W. Corsix, make your way to the top right side of the map and you'll see a lone broken down house. You'll go in there in a second, but first, talk to the soldier sitting next to it. He'll be crying, overwhelmed by all the shit going down in town and afraid of dying an 18 year old virgin. If you're on the Light Path, Donna will feel sorry for the young lad and give herself to him so at least he won't be a virgin, unlocking "An act of kindness". After the scene, Donna will have a new spell, Spirit Bless, a spell that raises an ally's mind, consequently raising how much damage or healing they do with a spell.

Anyway, once that's done, head into the house and walk up to the only guy in there. Talk to him and he'll offer to sell you explosives for 3000G. If you don't have it, either advance the story by doing Tentacle Beast Assault below or do random encounters to make the money. Just a warning, after you complete Tentacle Beast Assault DO NOT GO BACK INTO THE MINES IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS SIDE QUEST. GOING BACK IN THERE WILL DISABLE RANDOM ENCOUNTERS AND MAKE THIS QUEST IMPOSSIBLE TO DO. Also, once you have the explosives, the salesman will start selling some kick-ass armor and weapons at some expensive rates. Worth it though as most of the armor is leagues ahead of what you have on currently.

Anyways, once you have the explosives, warp back to Eleen and head into the Goblin Cave. Blow up the rock that was blocking your way before and you can now go hunt down the Jungle Orcs (Note: I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but you'll still have explosives in your inventory once you're done). You'll have a little cave to go through with some old and new random encounters (Cave Goblins, Jungle Mosquitos), but there's nothing major to worry about. Watch the Jungle Mosquitos though. Their normal attack is worthless and their HP is a joke, but their drain attack hurts a lot and heals them. Add that the fact that they don't have the decency to drop any Gold and they can be an annoying enemy. Head to the right and follow the corridor out into the World Map. Terra will tell you that she can track down the Jungle Orc Village if you spill the blood of enough Jungle Orcs. This can be annoying since you'll get random encounters beside Jungle Orcs, but after you kill 3 groups, Terra will track the village down. Be careful against those J. Orcs though. With their ability to hit twice per round and being hard hitters, they can be some trouble. They don't have much of a defense though, so have Sarah or Rhea/Angelica hammer at them and you should be good. Terra's magic hits for less than Sarah or Rhea/Angelica, so I suggest you retire her for a bit if you usually use her. Once you've found the village, have whichever healer that isn't in your party patch everyone up and go in.

As soon as you enter, you'll comment on the nice camouflage they have then go hide in the bushes as you see a man being carted off to become tonight's man course. You're given a choice: Help the man and take on the brunt of the J. Orc forces (Light) or Let the orcs eat the man and you'll go in at night, facing much less J. Orc forces (Dark). If you go Light, then you'll hop out of the bushes and attack the J. Orcs. Once you've beat them, talk to the man and he'll thank you. Apparently he's the last villager alive from his cell block, so while his building will definitely hold no survivors, there's still hope that there are more out there. You tell the man to hide and continue on your way. Don't bother to check the building he came out from as there's nothing in there, so go jump the four Orcs sitting around a dead fire. Hope you win, otherwise your ladies are gonna be served up with BBQ sauce! If you check the building next to them, you'll discover a huge storehouse, something you'll comment on being too big to check until the Orcs are dead, so you exit the room.

Go north of the storehouse past the first house you see and head for the house with blue fire. There you'll spot a J. Orc Shaman about to offer up a girl for power. Deciding that she'd be better used as part of your harem, you attack, having to fight the J. Orc Shaman and 3 Orc Zombies. The zombies don't do much (or any depending on your armor) damage but have a very high defense, so you can skip over them for now and go straight for the Shaman since he actually has some omph! to his attacks and can cast Poison or, worse, Thunder II on your party, saving the easy part for last. If Angelica, Samantha, or Donna are in your party and you haven't equipped them with the weapons salesmen's new stuff yet, don't have them attack the Zombies. It'll just be a waste of a turn. Have them focus on healing or buffing instead. Terra can spam Saint to do big damage, so do that with her. Everyone else can actually hurt the Zombies, so do as you please with them. Once the battle's done, talk to the girl in the pentagram. She'll be in major pain due to all the magic used on her, so you can either choose to calm her down and seduce her (Light) or ignore her pain and take her right there (Dark). Seducing her gets the scene "Rescued" while taking her gets you "Half the work was already done!". Afterwards, she'll wait for you to clear the Orcs out wherever you fucked her. If you were carried out of the J. Orc Shaman's house after the scene, go back in and check the cabinet next to the bed. You'll pick up a set of Elemental Robes for your trouble. With that done, head (back) outside.

Go east to the house with the red flames and you'll find the J. Orc Chieftain and two of his lackeys. The Chieftain is a strong opponent with strong attack, the ability to attack 3 times in one turn, and is able to use Warcry, an AoE stun attack, against you, but I'd suggest taking out his lackeys first so you can pile on the hurt with no distractions since he has remarkably little health. Just watch your health in the process. It's easy to lose track of how much hurt your people are taking when they're being slammed three times at minimum. When you win, you'll get the Orcish Axe, literally THE strongest weapon in the game at the moment, which makes your later adventures so much easier. Downside is only Rhea or Sarah can equip it, so if neither of them is a part of your regular party then the Orcish Axe loses a lot of it's charm. On the bright side, it's also a One-Handed Weapon so you can equip something else to them. I'd recommend using it on Rhea since it jumps her attack to 113! And that's if you don't get her a stronger weapon then the flail she uses in her other hand! On the other hand, if you equip it on Sarah, she can equip a shield as well, allowing her to deal out max damage while her defense stays high thanks to a shield. The choice, as usual, is yours. Search the room to the right of the Chief's throne and you'll find the Gold room, handing you 5000G. Go to the right and you'll find a caged man and are given the choice to Open the Cell and let him free (Light) or ignore him and let 'im rot (Dark). If you release him, then you can choose either to send him away or hire him after he expresses gratitude for saving his life. If you send him away, you don't see him again (as of version 0.6a.3 anyway). If you hire him, you tell him to meet you at the Fortress of Sands where he'll act as a guard for the place. Either way, he won't move until you clear all Orcs. Which you've done just now. If you choose to ignore him, you'll call him weak and say he's not a woman, therefore he's useless to you and you leave him in his cell.

The only things left are to explore the storehouse and exit the village. Just remember to exit it NORMALLY, NO WARPING, or else you'll have to trek back here and exit the normal way to finish things up. If you decide to check out the storehouse, the man you saved earlier from becoming dinner, Cuano the travelling merchant, will cut in and tell you he can use the goods here to start new trading routes, if only you'll give him a place to meet every few days. You have the Fortress of Sands, so you tell him to use that as a meeting spot. That's it for the storehouse, nothing for you here, so go ahead and exit the town whenever you please. Now you're free to warp wherever you desire. Whatever you do, though, DON'T RE-ENTER THE CHIEFTAIN'S HUT AFTER YOU EXIT THE VILLAGE. IT'LL CAUSE THE GAME TO FREEZE UP. If you go back to your base, you'll see the man you saved (if you decided to save him and hire him) in guard armor standing guard at the front gate and Cuano on the left side of the outside perimeter, ready to sell you a wide assortment of goods, including full potions, elixirs, elemental scrolls, halberds, magic staffs and rolling pins, all things unable to be bought anywhere else in game (at the moment anyway)! You can also talk to him and gain 5 potions, Snake Chain, 2 Elixirs and 2 Stimulants (one time only deal a piece). Inside the base, in the same room as Samantha and Cecilia, is the girl you saved, Fenja. She doesn't have any other scenes at the moment, but she'll keep your base clean while you're away. Well, that's about it for this side quest. Go ahead and head back to W. Corsix.

Goblin/Orc Alliance, Finale (Optional)(Dark Path version)Edit

(Note: The Light Path and Dark Path version of the same thing is so wildly different that I had to create two separate walkthroughs for them. If you're going on the Dark Path, read on! If not, you've probably already read your section and can skip this part.)

Now that you're back in W. Corsix, make your way to the top right side of the map and you'll see a lone broken down house. You'll go in there in a second, but first, talk to the soldier sitting next to it. He'll be crying, overwhelmed by all the shit going down in town and afraid of dying an 18 year old virgin. Donna's very apathetic to the kid, but you give him permission to take her, which he does, viciously, to the point where even you have to say something about it, leading to the scene "What's mine is yours". After the scene, Donna will have a new spell, Recover, a spell that heals the entire party. Light Path people already have Recover, so it feels like Dark Path people got the short end of the stick here.

Anyway, once that's done, head into the house and walk up to the only guy in there. Talk to him and he'll offer to sell you explosives for 3000G. If you don't have it, eithe advance the story by doing Tentacle Beast Assault below or do random encounters to make the money. Just a warning, after you complete Tentacle Beast Assault DO NOT GO BACK INTO THE MINES IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS SIDE QUEST. GOING BACK IN THERE WILL DISABLE RANDOM ENCOUNTERS AND MAKE THIS QUEST IMPOSSIBLE TO DO. Also, once you have the explosives, the salesman will start selling some kick-ass armor and weapons at some expensive rates. Worth it though as most of the armor is leagues ahead of what you have on currently.

Anyways, once you have the explosives, warp back to Eleen and head into the Goblin Cave. Blow up the rock that was blocking your way before and you can now go hunt down the Jungle Orcs (Note: I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but you'll still have explosives in your inventory once you're done). You'll have a little cave to go through with some old and new random encounters (Cave Goblins, Jungle Mosquitos), but there's nothing major to worry about. Watch the Jungle Mosquitos though. Their normal attack is worthless and their HP is a joke, but their drain attack hurts a lot and heals them. Add that the fact that they don't have the decency to drop any Gold and they can be an annoying enemy. Head to the right and follow the corridor out into the World Map. Sarah will tell you that the best strategy to is defeat a patrol of J. Orcs and keep one alive long enough to spill the location. Or Terra will tell you that with enough Jungle Orc blood she can locate their village]  This can be annoying since you'll get random encounters beside J. Orcs, but after you kill 3 groups, Sarah will keep one alive long enough to find out the location of the village. Be careful against those J. Orcs though. With their ability to hit twice per round and being hard hitters, they can be some trouble. They don't have much of a defense though, so have Sarah or Alena/Angelica hammer at them and you should be good. Terra's magic hits for less than Sarah or Alena/Angelica, so I suggest you retire her for a bit if you usually use her. Once you've found the village, have whichever healer that isn't in your party patch everyone up and go in.

As soon as you enter, you'll comment on the nice camouflage they have then go hide in the bushes as you see a man being carted off to become tonight's man course. You're given a choice: Help the man and take on the brunt of the J. Orc forces (Light) or Let the orcs eat the man and you'll go in at night, facing much less J. Orc forces (Dark). If you go Dark, then you're treated to the man's horrific death screams as he's served up. When they're done with their man bowl, you'll come out of the bushes and notice that nearly all the J. Orcs are gone. Go into the building the dinner man came from and you'll find two sleeping Orcs. What with them being asleep, it's not a problem to creep up on them and slit their throats. Now go to the building to the left and you'll find a huge storehouse, something you'll comment on being too big to check until the Orcs are dead, so you exit the room. Head north and you'll find another room full of sleeping Orcs, so ready to be killed. Give 'em their death wish and move on to the house with blue flames north of the building.

There you'll spot a J. Orc Shaman about to offer up a girl for power. Deciding that she'd be better used as part of your harem, you attack, having to fight the J. Orc Shaman and 3 Orc Zombies. The zombies don't do much (or any) damage but have a very high defense, so you can skip over them for now and go straight for the Shaman since he actually has some omph! to his attacks and can cast Poison or, worse, Thunder II on your party, saving the easy part for last. If Angelica, Samantha, or Donna are in your party and you haven't equipped them with the weapons salesmen's new stuff yet, don't have them attack. It'll just be a waste of a turn.[Donna equipped with Rolling Pin works nicely, stuns nearly every time] Have them focus on healing or buffing instead. Terra can spam magic to do damage, so do that with her. Everyone else can actually hurt the Zombies, so do as you please with them. Once the battle's done, talk to the girl in the pentagram. She'll be in major pain due to all the magic used on her, so you can either choose to calm her down and seduce her (Light) or ignore her pain and take her right there (Dark). Seducing her gets the scene "Rescued" while taking her gets you "Half the work was already done!". Afterwards, she'll wait for you to clear the Orcs out wherever you fucked her. If you were carried out of the J. Orc Shaman's house after the scene, go back in and check the cabinet next to the bed. You'll pick up a set of Elemental Robes for your trouble. With that done, head (back) outside.

Go east to the house with the red flames and you'll find the J. Orc Chieftain and two of his lackeys. The Chieftain is a strong opponent with strong attack, the ability to attack 3 times in one turn, and is able to use Warcry, an AoE stun attack, against you, but I'd suggest taking out his lackeys first so you can pile on the hurt with no distractions since he has remarkably little health. Just watch your health in the process. It's easy to lose track of how much hurt your people are taking when they're being slammed, at minimum, three times. [Terra spamming Sleep works ok] When you win, you'll get the Orcish Axe, literally THE strongest weapon in the game at the moment, which makes your later adventures so much easier. Downside is only Sarah can equip it, so if neither of them is a part of your regular party then the Orcish Axe loses a lot of it's charm. On the bright side, the Orcish Axe is a One-Handed Weapon, so if you equip it, it allows her to hold a shield at the same time and she'll take a lot less damage in combat. Search the room to the right of the Chief's throne and you'll find the Gold room, handing you 5000G. Go to the right and you'll find a caged man and are given the choice to Open the Cell and let him free (Light) or ignore him and let 'im rot (Dark). If you release him, then you can choose either to send him away or hire him after he expresses gratitude for saving his life. If you send him away, you don't see him again (as of version 0.6a.3 anyway). If you hire him, you tell him to meet you at the Fortress of Sands. Either way, he won't move until you clear all Orcs. Which you've done just now. If you choose to ignore him, you'll call him weak and say he's not a woman, therefore he's useless to you and you leave him in his cell.

The only things left are to explore the storehouse and exit the village. Just remember to exit it NORMALLY, NO WARPING, or else you'll have to trek back here and exit the normal way to finish things up. If you decide to check out the storehouse and let the man from earlier become dinner, you tell the girls to fan out and find anything useful. You find 1000G, a Claymore, a Halberd, and a dead rat being used as a teddy bear. You decide to leave the teddy bear though. Otherwise, the dinner man reveals himself to be Cuano the travelling merchant, and will cut in and tell you he can use the goods here to start new trading routes, if only you'll give him a place to meet every few days. You have the Fortress of Sands, so you tell him to use that as a meeting spot. That's it for the storehouse, nothing for you here, so go ahead and exit the town whenever you please. Now you're free to warp wherever you desire. Whatever you do, though, DON'T RE-ENTER THE CHIEFTAIN'S HUT AFTER YOU EXIT THE VILLAGE. IT'LL CAUSE THE GAME TO FREEZE UP. If you go back to your base, you'll see the man you saved (if you decided to save him and hire him) in guard armor standing guard at the front gate and Cuano on the left side of the outside perimeter, ready to sell you a wide assortment of goods, including full potions, elixirs, elemental scrolls, halberds, magic staffs and rolling pins, all things unable to be bought anywhere else in game (at the moment anyway)! You can also talk to him and gain 5 potions, Snake Chain, 2 Elixirs and 2 Stimulants (one time only deal a piece).  Inside the base, in the same room as Samantha and Cecilia, is the girl you saved, Fenja. She doesn't have any other scenes at the moment, but she'll keep your base clean while you're away. Well, that's about it for this side quest. Go ahead and head back to W. Corsix.

Tower of Evil, AcquistionEdit

In West Cordix, find the building next to the Inn and you'll find the Mayor having a meeting with your old buddies/nemesi, the Circle Guild. After some brief flattery/ warning the Mayor against you, the Mayor will detail what's been happening around here: The miners dug deeper for metals, as they have for centuries. 3 months ago, they didn't return. What did was a pack of Tentacle Beasts which killed the men they got their hands on and dragged the women into the mines. At first they were outnumbered and outclasses, but they were able to set up barracades during the day, when the Beasts don't leave the mines, so they at least toook care of the outclassed part. A few weeks ago, they found that Ratans have completely cut them off, Quarantining them to keep the Beasts from going to the West and collapsing their part of the mines so that they were trapped from the East. Supplies and morale is low, so they need someone to go in and destroy the threat for good so they can get supplies and open up trade once again. Guess who's doing that? The mayor tells you to speak with the Seer upstairs for further instructions while the Circle Guild get put in charge of the defense of the city so that the Corsixian Guards can take a breather. After that, everyone breaks to get to their jobs. Go ahead and talk to the woman to the right of the Mayor. She'll tell you that her troops are stretched to the brink just holding the Tentacle Beasts at bay, so none of them will be helping you in the caves. Marvelous. She also tells you to meet her in the barracks later to help the troops. Marvelous!

Head upstairs and you'll see two people: Alexander and the Seer you're supposed to be speaking to. Talk to the Seer, who senses that there's greater danger coming from the south. He tells you to go investigate that first before doing anything with the mines.

Around Town (Bunch of Optional things)Edit

If you're feeling whimsical (yes, actual whimsical this time, not setting you up for something) and you are on the Light Path, then you can talk to Alexander after you're done with the Seer. He'll comment on how you always seem to meet in crisis situations with no chance to be yourselves, something that doesn't sound very much like Alexander. Things are usually simple with him: City needs our help, we give it, end of discussion. Turns out, it's more that he doesn't know that his efforts are actually doing good, what with being unable to destroy the main evil, the Ratans, causing the problems he cleans up. He wants to attack them, but Jessica has shown him that any action taken against them will hurt the colonists he's trying to protect 10x harder while, on the other hand, Tomas is telling him that Alex can't allow the evils of Rata to go unpunished or else he's an accomplice to it. He's torn between these two philosophies, Donnie not offering one since he just follows Jessica regardless of what they're doing to protect her from the past. He reels it back in and says that maybe your way of life has value, that while you do own slaves, they seem happy to be with you. He thanks you for allowing him to vent and goes back to his training. If you're on the Dark Path, he'll glare at you and ignore you, going back to his training.

Now, before you leave to be the big hero, I suggest going to the Inn talk to Jessica, as you'll get a bit of info about the Circle Guild themselves this way. You walk up to Jessica, only to find she and Donnie are deep in conversation, discussing their breakneck pace of going from emergency to emergency and a bit of their history together.

In the Light Path, the conversation takes a turn for the dark when Donnie brings up that they'll next be headed into Rata, a place hated by both Alexander and Tomas and that he's not certain they'll be able to control themselves while there. He then turns it into a confession, a confession that Jessica shoots down thanks to your influence on her mind. No, not your cum based influence, your action-based influence. It's gotten to her so much she's willing to explain away your having slaves as you being such a good person that your slaves are happy even though she hates slavery. This causes Donnie to leave, leaving Jessica with a lot to think about. Before you step in anyway. She's real happy to see you, so much so that she wants to jump your bones right there, but can't because she's sharing a room with Donnie and Tomas is a little snitch who'll lecture her if she does anything. But she promises you'll get together soon before she runs off. You can talk to Tomas too, but he's kind of a bad drunk. He doesn't like the direction the Circle Guild has taken, preferring to fight the Ratan government directly instead of helping its people since they killed his wife. He leaves, leaving no room of interpretation about his intent on what to do once he reaches Rata.

In the Dark Path, it's Jessica who brings up Alexander and Tomas' lack of reliability once they reach Rata. Then she confesses to Donnie, who says he can't help but see her as a sister because they've been around each other so long. She's worried that something bad will happen to her soon and wants to try something with Donnie before that happens. He again says that he can't see her as anything but a sister and she runs crying upstairs. You can then talk to Donnie, who'll confront you on how ever since your date with Jessica, she's been nervous. He'll threaten you with bodily harm if you come to hurt his "sister", then goes upstairs after Jessica. If you talk to Tomas, he'll take a liking to you since you seem to take what you want. He also notices that you've done something to Jessica and that she's shut up a lot since then, something he isn't complaining about. You learn that before Jessica joined the Circle Guild, they were fighting to push the Ratan government out of Eliba, Tomas doing it in order to avenge his wife, Teresa. Again, he'll leave proclaiming that he'll have his vengeance once he reaches Rata, making you nervous since that's the kinda talk that can get someone killed around here...

Head on over to the barracks (the brown, crumbling building to the right of the Inn) and talk to the lady there. She introduces herself as Vanessa, Captain of the Guard, since the previous captain, Hector was killed in the Tentacle Beasts' initial rush. The troop morale has plummeted since they don't see victory any time soon and can't hold out too much longer. She pushes home the point that you're the only shot they've got and that they need the reminder that an outside world exists. It's then that Samantha offers to put on a show for the troops to raise morale. Vanessa agrees that it's a good idea, but suggests that Samantha put on something skimpier than usual, tired of the men fantasizing about her. When Samantha voices concern about the trustworthiness of a platoon of armed, horny men, Vanessa says to call for help if she needs it and you'll need to talk to her when Samantha's ready to start the show, so go ahead and give 'em a show! Before the show starts, Vanessa dresses Samantha in the medical trainees' uniform, something revealing and reminding the troops of better times when they lusted for the trainees. While they're picking outfits, one of the guards comes up to you and says they'll all chip in 50G if you'll let them fuck her, knowing Vanessa won't have a problem with it if you give your OK. The girls return at this moment, so you've got a little more time to make your decision. Samantha goes through three songs, giving the soldiers a lapdance as she goes when one of them starts getting handsy. This is where you make your decision: Protect Samantha from the guards (Light) or Let the guards do as they please (Dark).

Protecting Sam ends the show, Vanessa giving her troops each an hour off to go find one of Edrin's slaves to fuck instead of Samantha. Vanessa drags you out back to thank you for letting Samantha perform for the troops and, when asked, mentions how she needs a release the same as her men. She can't go to her men or the mayor for this though, since that'd reduce the respect she'd get from them and make everyone harder to command. Meaning it has to be you. Sweet! Just this one time though, she says. Just continue hitting that Z button to unlock the scene "Everyone has needs". Once that's done, you'll have three options, all of which seem neutral: You can tell her to find you once all this blows over, to resign her post and become your slave, or to give herself to her troops.

Picking "find me" will have you tell her to make time for you again since she'll be unable to stop thinking about you until she does. She'll go on about your prowess and wish that the both of you had time to do it again. You both decide to hold this conversation until the ongoing crisis has been taken care of. Talking to her afterwards will have her say that she hopes you save the city soon.

Picking "resign" will, well, have you tell her to resign. She'll say you make her feel secure, like she could curl up at your feet and have you take care of the world for her. She then clears her head and again, you both decide to hold that thought. Talking to her afterwards has her being much more aggressive, saying that you both are too busy to be chit-chatting.

Picking "Troops" will have you suggest that she stop fighting her desires and give herself over to her troops so they all get that release they need. She says that she feels a lot more relaxed and ready to save the city now. You know your suggestion made it in when she says that, though it'll make commanding them harder, her men would be much better off if she and they "came together and fought as one". Talking to her afterwards results in a scene not in the gallery of Vanessa on all fours being sandwiched while a third guard waits his turn. This will happen every time you talk to her from now on. Any of the three options you choose leads to Sam learning Lullaby, a tune with a chance of putting your enemies to sleep.

Choosing the let the guards have their way with Samantha, Sam will, of course, object, but you shut her up by threatening to let the guards have her all night. This disgusts Vanessa and she leaves at this point. They have their fun and Samantha learns Rally, which raises your party's defense. It'll also result in Vanessa not speaking to you from then on.

Now one more thing before you go off to play the hero. Well, technically you'll play hero here too, but this is different. This is

Chasing the Red Hawk, Finale (Optional)Edit

Walk on down to the dark green roofed house beneath the barracks. This'll turn out to be a prison where, lo and behold, Noemi is being kept. Apparently the guard saw Noemi sneaking into the equipment shed one day and had the shed surrounded before confronting her. He challenged her and she threw knockout gas at his partner before taking off and running right into the ambush. They searched her and found her stolen goods and one of the other guards had heard stories of the Red Hawk before they were trapped behind the Quarantine. Recognizing some of the artificats, they put two and two together and jailed the Red Hawk. When asked what he intends to do with her, he tells you that he plans to turn her into the local nobles for the king's reward, implying that the fate after that won't be pretty. If you don't have Phoebe at this point, go to the village South of the Fortress of Sands and pick her up to continue. You'll fill her in on where her sister's being held and things will progress from there. If you do, she'll have been interjecting during various parts of the tale and will pull you to the side to beg you to save Noemi, saying that she'll join you if she sees your "power" again. You bring up the problem that the guard wouldn't exactly allow you to see her and that the guard was interested in Phoebe, your slave with the least amount knowledge in seduction and men in general.

You suggest she tries to seduce the guard, the guard thinking he'll get a quick nut out of the deal even if he doesn't let Noemi go. She objects, but you remind her this is the only way to save her sister, so she caves. You prep her to make things obvious for the guard and sent her off, her succeeding well enough to draw the guard into the bathroom, unlocking the scene "Buying time" (I pity the guard; such a large ego, such a small everything else). While that's going on, you creep into Noemi's cell, stealing the keys from the guard station as you go. She goads you into raping her, thinking she's safe in her cell. Guess her surprise when it turns out you have the key. Things play out to unlock the scene "Doing time", you telling Noemi of your goal of kidnapping the Ratan Princess and slipping her the key so she can escape and meet you at your base, though there are some slight differences in dialogue based on whether you're Light or Dark. Go out the front door and you'll hear the end of Phoebe's distraction. She'll think she failed since the guard didn't let Noemi go, but you tell her she did her part, telling her she was a distraction, but she had to believe it was all on her in order to make it a believable performance.

(Ker's note : A certain amount of time, progression in this case, has to take place.  She will not reappear until after you've cleared 'Tentacle Caverns 1' in the Corsix passage.  The actual event to trigger her escape is in the city map for Western Corsix so you'll have to be on that map for a split second after meeting the two conditions.)

Warp back to the Fortress and you'll find Noemi once you go to the bedchambers. She'll try to convince Phoebe that you're not really Quentlol and really just an evil slaver, something she'll deny since all your women follow you willingly (Light) or something she'll somewhat agree to, but still says is beside the point (Dark). Noemi still refuses to believe you're their god of male power, so Phoebe convinces her to talk to you under the threat of a world of darkness as their prophecy foretold. We come back in as the summary of your goals are coming to a close and you claim that you'll be making the Ratan Princess the jewel of your collection. Phoebe believes that goal makes you a weapon against Ratans and that while you have them distracted, the Cheli will be able to rebuild, a theory Noemi is very skeptical of. Still trying to convince Noemi you are Quentlol, she takes in your cum and frenches it into her sister. Your cum gets to work and unlock the scene "That's a unique flavor", convincing Noemi once and for all and adding her to your harem, leveling you up. Noemi is a thief, using Energy as her SP. Energy recovers quickly regardless of situation and always starts off full, so don't be afraid of dumping skills on an enemy! Her skills focus most on hurting the enemy in anyway possible, ranging from debuffs to status ailments to HP drains. She's also fast as hell, so she goes first in most combat situations. All in all, she's a good addition to the team, coming in with a Leather Whip, Feathered Hat, and Leather Breastplate. When she's in base, she can be found in front of the stairs leading to the armory, so go talk to her.

In order to prevent her village from being burnt to the ground and have justice done (Light) or to head off a potential enemy (Dark), you need her to go apologize to the Mayor of Eowen, so warp over there. Talking to the Mayor unlocks the scene "Justice of a sort", Noemi made to test how obedient she is to you by having the Mayor fuck her chest. Noemi, of course, is about ready to kill him at this point, but you get her to stand down... initially. Go talk to her again and you'll get the scene "Joining the cause" where she tries to sneak out and cut off the Mayor's cock, but Phoebe saw this coming miles away and set up a trap. With Terra's help, she knocks Noemi out and brings you in to punish her. During the course, you make her a promise if you walk the Light Path: She stays completely obedient and you'll have the Princess of Rata free her people once you've broken her in. If you're on the Dark Path, you'll claim that you're taking over everything, Cheli and Ratan alike. She ignores the first part, locking in on your comment on bringing down the Ratans. Needless to say, this ensures Noemi's complete obedience to you even if the Angel Cum didn't do the job. Afterwards, she learns the skill Slam, a fierce attack that weakens armor.

If you want to get her into the Brothel, go to it and select Noemi as a whore, which she'll refuse to do. Go to base and talk to her and she'll be pissed you even tried it and at that point you have 3 options: Try to convince Noemi to do it, Force her to do it, or do nothing.

If you try to convince her, you say that by whoring herself, she gains power over the men she's with, telling her to take advantage of that and benefit both you and the Cheli people, an idea she never thought of, but needs proof of in order to believe in. She'll tell you the river in her town has been drying out and they need a well in order to survive and that she'll commit to this idea of you have a colonist build it for them, an idea that'll set you back 500G. Warp into Eowen and talk to the man with the red headgear in the Pub. You'll hire him to build the well and he'll get right on that. Apparently he works at the speed of light because he'll have the well done without even leaving the pub! Go to the Cheli village you found Phoebe in and you'll find Chelians celebrating. They'll thank Noemi and Phoebe for the well, but Noemi will tell them you're responsible and plan to save the Cheli people, something Phoebe will attribute to you being Quentlol. The chief will be skeptical of this claim, but offer a feast in your honor for building the well anyway. Afterwords, the chief will grill you and you'll spill your intentions, whether Light or Dark, and he'll proclaim that the prophecy isn't precise enough to say you're NOT Quentlol, but that he senses an aura about you, so he doubts it a little less. He allows Noemi and Phoebe to continue traveling with you, but warns you that neither of them know what it could mean to have the Cheli people restored. He'll end the investigation since he's noticed Noemi pop in a few times now. She'll take you out to the fields and thank you for the well, telling you that her people used to be self-sufficient before the Ratans came in and blocked the river from getting to them, saying that you've given them a bit of their dignity back by restoring a bit of this self-sufficiency. She now asks you to teach her how to be a whore, acknowledging that your original idea may be correct and unlocking the scene "Well for a whore"

If you force her into it, you'll lead her upstairs for a private word, a prospect Noemi's already dreading. You get the brutal scene "Not taking no for an answer". Doing nothing, well, does nothing. No real secret here. Either method you choose (other than nothing obviously), Noemi will now work in the brothel.

Tower of EvilEdit

Now that that's all done, head to the tower a bit south. If you came here at an earlier part of the game, being curious I suppose (I know I was), then you'd have gotten a sign that you were too weak and should return later. I did what the sign said and got out, so here I return. There's treasure all over the place on the first floor, so be sure to scoop up an Iron Armor (left room from the entrance), Mace (right next to the throne), Bastard Sword (right room, first chest), and 500G (right room, second chest) . The random encounters here (Imp, Skeleton, Gayzer, Puppet) aren't too terrible (hell, Rhea with the Orcish Axe can consistently one hit a Skeleton), but be wary of Imps. They have Mana Drain, which steals a hefty amount of MP/SP from one of your party members. Any team that doesn't have Terra or Donna in it doesn't have to worry too much since they'll recover their SP back, but if you have one or both of those two in your party, stock plenty of magic waters. Imps will also hit you with Ice, so watch your health. Watch the Gayzers of the second floor too since they have Blood Suck, stealing a lot of HP from a teammate and restoring their own, ignoring higher defense and lowered attack while they're at it. In addition, their regular attack has a chance of putting you to sleep. They drop good Gold though, about 250 per Gayzer, so it might be worth farming them since I've never encountered them outside of a pack of 3.

Once you've cleaned house, head back to the left room and pull the lever to allow you to move to the next floor. You'll heal before you move on, so fight to your heart's content, earning as much Gold as you can. On the second floor, there's 500G (first room past the stairs), High Potions (next room), the tower key (bottom left room), Saint Robe (upper left room), Fortunate Necklace (lower right room), and Scale Shield (upper right room) to find, so grab those. Don't unlock the door just yet though. In the upper right room, there's a mirror with a sparkle on it (only if Sarah isn't in the brothel). Interact with it and you'll find a hidden passageway. Sarah (even if she isn't on your team) will volunteer to go first to check for traps. Once down there, go talk to her and she'll recognize the place from a dream and beg you to fuck her right there, unlocking the scene "I usually dream of puppies" as she lives out her kinky fantasy, different dialogues for different paths once again on display. NOW you can go unlock the door. You'll be healed again, so go ahead and farm Gayzers if you wish.

The next floor has a puzzle where you must activate the color buttons in the right order to proceed. That order is: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Once you've gotten your applause (thank you, thank you!), you can use the pentagram in the center of the room to move on to the final floor. After collecting the Mystic Cloth (red button chest), Trident (green button chest), Wrapped Bow (blue button chest), and Iron Helm (yellow button chest) of course. Watch out for the puppet on this floor for they have the AoE spell Flame and the spell Stone, Stone REALLY taking the shit outta whoever is hit. That means hurtings all around instead of on one person. They usually travel in groups of 2 and drop 280G per puppet, so they're lower in farm value than a Gayzer hoard.

Once again, you're healed between floors and you come out at the top of the Tower of Selem, where you see the woman responsible for all the monsters you've found in the Tower. It's one of those priestesses that were dragging Terra off so long ago! It seems you've interrupted a ritual she had going, something she's none too pleased with. After a bit of banter between the two of you, mostly of the threatening kind, you get into a battle with her. Though she hasn't introduced yourself yet, your battle senses know she's named Isabella and your battle senes have never failed you before!

Isabella's speciality seems to lie in the AoE attack spell Earth. It's a STRONG AoE attack spell. Halfway killed Donna in one blow, so if you're playing Dark and have Samantha's Rally, I strongly suggest you use it. Don't bother with Distracting Tune since she won't be physically attacking you. If you're Light and you get lucky, this fight should be cake, the combination of Samantha's Motivational Song and Rhea getting a Critical Hit right off the bat ending the battle in one turn. She has low health either way, so this is less of a fight and more of a race since your healer will probably be the first one out unless, if you're using Donna, you spam Recovery every turn. I mean EVERY turn, even the first one. That's the only way the healer will survive. Afterwards, you interrogate her, using your cock as a threat. She has, however, has seen (and probably taken) demons with cocks the size of your leg, so it's not a very good threat. Raping her will unlock the scene "Sorry to interrupt", where she's surprised you seem to have Angel Cum. You go back to interrogating her and it turns out your battle senses were correct and her name is Isabella. She doesn't fall prey to your mind-control, though and tells you that she's summoned a demon that she'll allow to eat you alive, starting your battle with a Chimera.

You don't heal between matches, so hopefully Isabella didn't bang your shit up too badly. The Chimera seems to be AoE based as well, having an arsenal of breath based attack, the most annoying of which is the Paralysis Breath. His normal attack isn't anything to sneeze at either, being capable of doing double attacks and all, but his breath attacks are MUCH more of an issue. I'd recomment having Donna spam Recovery just so that no one goes down, especially if you're coming into the match already low on health. In that case, do everything you can to stun the Chimera as you get yourself situated. After you've defeated the Chimera, you find that Isabella escaped during the commotion, which surprises no one. She's left no clues as to where she went, so you're pretty much outta luck until she finds you or you stumble upon her. Walk back to the pentagram and you'll find it allows you to move between here and the 3rd floor, so if you need to quick heal before you go back to farming, you can climb up here. It also allows you to warp out of the Tower, but if you needed a quick exit, you have your Hearthstone for that. Return to W. Corsix for your new set of orders.

The MinesEdit

Talk to the Seer and he'll thank you for getting rid of the threat of Isabella and refer you to the Mayor for your next objective. You ask why the priestess wanted this town gone, but the Seer's just as stumped as you. Talk to the Mayor and he'll let the guards let you into the mines so you can start to tackle the main problem here. If you couldn't continue the Red Hawk storyline, go back to base now and pick up in the guide where you left off. Once that's taken care of, and you feel that you're properly equipped because, no joke, there's a lotta enemies coming up and all of them can make for potentially difficult fights, talk to one of the guards and go into the mines. You'll immediately notice that the area is dark except for a small circle around your character, making it a little harder to complete your objectives in here. Your objective, as you'll learn as you talk to Vanessa, is to seal off all but one passage of the mines since she only has enough troops to defend one barricade per section. You'll mention that it'd be a good thing if you had an experienced scout to make sure you don't get lost, a role Jessica will volunteer to fulfill (Light), locking her into your party. If you're Dark, then Alexander will fiercely refuse and Vanessa will cut in before you get a word in edgewise, forcing you go on without her. Jessica is a ranger who can rain volleys of arrows down on your enemies using Energy as SP and comes equipped with the very powerful Crossbow but, even with these bonuses, this will probably screw with your team dynamics. Hopefully you'll adjust if you get stuck with her. Pick your new party and get to work destroying those caverns! In this first section, there are only two passages, one in the top right corner of the map and one in the middle right part of the map, so either way, you'll need to head east to seal a passage. You can basically follow the tracks east until you hit the middle right passage and then go north if you want to seal the top right one. Beware though, this place is hopping with Tentacle Beasts, as you probably suspected, and you'll likely encounter them in packs of two or three. Occasionally, though, they'll drop Strange Fungus, something Angelica can make into a potion to strengthen you up. She says she needs 5 to do so, and once you collect them, you'll suggest she make another one. She'll mention how the stabilizing agent was made in a monastery in Rata that burned down, making it impossible right now to make another but you can collect 10 anyway just in case you find another (not available as of version 0.6a.3, but the possibility is there). I suggest you do it (the 5 or 10 one, your choice) since you'll unlock a new H-scene when you're done.

Once you've blown the passage of your choice, head back to Vanessa and she'll have her troops move up and the current passage will be lit up, ending all random encounters in this area. The next area is already cleared, but Vanessa says her troop picked up movement in a cavern east of this one and sends you to check it out. If you're VERY attached to your team, then I suggest you swap them out for a couple of slaves you're not as fond of at this point, then head east as directed. As soon as you enter, you'll run into an unwinnable battle with 4 Tentacle Beasts. Don't waste your MP/SP or items trying to prolong it because once you get their health to a certain point, it won't drop anymore and they'll bumrush one of your slaves. Don't waste a turn using Guard if you have it either because your Guard will drop after the first time you protect someone. Once one of your slaves is knocked out, you'll get the scene "Tentacle Assault" under the girl who was knocked out afterwards where, as the tin says, the Beasts jump on the girl to rape her, leaving them open to your attacks and you kill them at that point.

As soon as the scene ends, you're warped to a room in the Inn for medical care for your raped slave. She'll be OK, but no one has any idea on why they suddenly rushed her with no care for their lives. If Phoebe isn't at the Brothel, she'll chime in saying that you probably have a book in your base with the info you need. If she is, then you'll comment on how you need to get her out of there for a bit and you'll automatically do it. While you're doing that, Jessica will stay behind to watch over your fallen slave if she's in your party, so you'll be free to pick your favorite team for a little bit if she crashed it, though the attacked girl will (obviously) be unable. If you really want, you can go into the mines right now to score some cash with your best team. If you're not feeling it, warp back to base and head for the library in your bedchambers. While you're here, you might notice a little glitch: The fallen slave will still be here. It's been seen for Angelica at least, but I'd need to test to see if this is the case for the others. While on the subject of Angelica, if you get your first Strange Fungus or your 5th one while she's out, she'll still interact with you, telling you what you need to know about it. Just thought you'd like to know. Talk to Phoebe and you'll find that, while not demons, Tentacle Beasts are evil creatures from the depths of the Earth, only coming up to raid human settlements. A long time ago, there was a Beast/Man war where man pushed the Beasts even further down into the Earth and then sealed them in. Corsix miners, not being versed in this history, broke this seal, allowing the Beasts to rise once again. You'll also find out why they drag women off, though you can probably guess: They impregnate the women and use them to give birth to more Beasts , though you can counter this effect merely by leaving the woman in the sun for long enough. This would explain why they drag the women back into the mines after raping them, but enough on that. Head back to your fallen slave and talk to the Seer, who'll leave your fallen to soak up some rays while discussing what he found: Turns out, the slave has holy power filling her body, especially in her womb (Wanna guess why?). When the Beasts raped her, they tasted this and it drove them out of control. He'll mutter that he needs to study this more in order to make a concrete plan around it, but in the meanwhile, you'll need to go back into the mines to clear the path further. Jessica will rejoin you if you're Light Path and you can get back to work, though your fallen is still unavailable to help. Also, you're still hurt based on how much damage you soaked up before your slave fell, so go ahead and rest at the inn. It's free after all. I'd suggest putting Phoebe back in the Brothel at this point if you want her "Brothel 2" scene.

When you get back into the cavern, you'll find that the formerly safe area after the first passage is no longer safe. This is a glitch, so you might have to fight. To avoid that, go east into the area where your slave was raped, which you'll find bright and safe after that whole episode. Further east is the path that'll lead you to Corsix when this is all said and done, but for now the path is blocked off, so go back into the last passage. This'll disable the glitch (for now) and the cavern will be nice and bright. Head north and you'll find Vanessa blocking off another passage. Talk to her and she'll get outta your way so you can get back to work. In the cavern, there are 4 passages, 3 of which you need to seal off. One's in the upper left corner of the map, one's at the top of the map, one's slighty to the right of that passage, and the last is in the upper right corner of the map. Talk to Vanessa, who's standing between the 2nd and 3rd passages, and the room will light up, making this another safe room... for now. This area glitches out too, so you'll have to fight random encounters here again once you leave the caverns.

Head back to heal (setting off the glitch and having to you fight through the third area again) then head to the next area or head straight through without healing, your choice. Head toward the right side of the passage (if you went through passages 1 or 2) or head left until you hit an open area and stay on the right side of that passage (if going through passages 3 or 4) and you'll get a message saying (Light Path) you're party's tired and you set up camp here for now and take turns on watch or (Dark) You hear the sounds of battle and see the Circle Guild duking it out with Beasts, Jessica on the floor.

In the Light Path, Jessica will come to get you once your watch is over, overwhelmed by having you so near and doing nothing to you.. until now. She'll wish she met you earlier in life, being the hero she's always dreamed of but now being unable to leave the Circle Guild due to her fear of what Alexander and Tomas would do without her around. You promise that you'll get together eventually and go into the H-scene "A moment alone". At the end of it, you'll tell her to leave the Guild to be your slave, an idea she's still resistant to due to not liking slavery.

In the Dark Path, you'll rush into battle with 3 Beasts to help the Guild out. When you win, Alexander and Donnie run further into the cavern to continue the battle, leaving Tomas to protect Jessica. A bad choice. You ask Tomas to leave while you have a "chat" with Jessica involving some rope and Tomas, hating the changes in the Circle Guild Jessica wrought, allows you to do what you want, even offering to have your back when Alexander asks. You'll send your slaves to keep watch for Alex while you have at her, unlocking the scene "What are friends for?".

You'll pick up right after that, none of your party being healed despite spending the night there, and move forward. There's 2 passages in this area if you're on the Light Path, 1 of which you'll need to close. There's one in the upper left point of this route (to the left of the soldiers) and one in the upper right point (to the right of the soldiers). If you're on the Dark Path, Alex and Donnie will have cleared the cavern while you were busy with Jessica... or so he'll say and the passage will be bright while you're talking to him. Once the scene's over, the place will return to being dark and you'll have to join the Light Pathers in closing a passage.

Talk to Vanessa once you've destroyed either one and she'll tell you to go back to the Seer to get a strategy to end this, which you'll automatically do. The Seer and Phoebe will rehash some stuff, Phoebe interjecting her acidic opinion on Ratans during, and then he'll let you know (surprise) all the women in your harem have that holy energy that drives Tentacle Beasts wild. He'll tell you that Tentacle Beasts are tribal creatures centered around a king. Kill him and the rest of the tribe will scatter, though it'll be a tough fight since he'll be surrounded by his toughest soldiers. He'll suggest that you have the King's minions rape the women of your harem, calling the King from his defended area and ready to be trapped. If you're Light, Phoebe will object, saying you'd never do that to your women and that you're strong enough to challenge the King directly. The Seer will counter with the fact that your harem can be cleansed in sunlight after the town is saved and that Corsix comes before your slaves, an idea that Phoebe will object STRONGLY to. There, you'll have a choice: Defeat the king in his lair and spare your harem (Light) or sacrifice a woman of your harem to lure the king into a trap (Dark). Choose the Light option, you'll calm Phoebe down, but then refuse to put your girls in that kind of danger, choosing to kill the King in direct combat. Choose the Dark option and you'll reprimand Phoebe for her actions and agree that the slaves must be used for the greater good, a choice Phoebe won't agree with, but will do anyway. You'll have the option to auto-return to the caverns at this point. I'd take it and use potions and the like to heal yourself once there since you'll be warped directly to the final part of the caverns. If you don't, you'll have to fight your way through the glitched areas back to that point. Talk to Vanessa and you'll tell her of your plan. No turning back now, head forward and either challenge the King or select the slave you'll offer up to distract the King's forces.

If you fight him directly, there'll be 4 Tentacle Beasts along side him, spelling an extremely difficult fight. If you have AoE skills/spells in your party, and with Jessica stuck in there, you will, spam them as much as possible while keeping the single target fire on the Beasts. They have a little less health than usual, so they'll go down much quicker than the King. The King, however, is hard hitting and has a lotta health, so watch your ass, especially while the rest of the Beasts are there making it easy to lose track of your party's health under all the hurting. On the bright side, the King doesn't have any special tricks up it's tentacles, being a very straightforward fight once it's down to just you and him.

If you offer a slave up to him, the guards will help you in subduing her and you unlock the scene "Tentacle Offering" for that girl. You can only offer up fighting girls (Donna, Samantha, Sarah, Terra, Angelica, Noemi and Rhea/Alena) and Noemi isn't an option for some reason. If you hit stop and think, Jessica will offer herself up instead. After a while, the slave will attract the King and his entourage, but this time, you'll have the guards laying down arrow fire. It doesn't do too terribly much and doesn't even activate after the first time, so there's not much advantage to going this route. Win and you'll be the hero of the town!

You'll be warped back to the Mayor's house and, after getting a favor from him that you can cash in at a future date in time, you'll have a party thrown in your honor. You can talk to Edrin dancing with Sarah, but the main event of the evening (and really the only other thing to do) is Jessica who'll be (Light Path) wallflowering, waiting for you while looking her absolute best or (Dark Path) sitting at a table with Donnie.

In the Light Path, talk to her and you'll dance the night away, sneaking off towards to your base to show her around and unlock the scene "Everyone likes it". In it, you'll explain to her why you own slaves despite being a good person and the history of you and your country. You'll explain that you need slaves rather than volunteers because volunteers will keep the King on his throne while bringing in a group of slaves will allow you to overthrow him. After all that, you get down to business and Jessica joins your harem in all but name, saying that she'll formally join you once you're in Rata.

If you're Dark, talk to her or Donnie and Jessica will be drunk and practically throwing herself at Donnie. Donnie once again rejects her, but she tries to slip him a key so he'll visit her room later. You have Donna distract Donnie and snatch up the key, heading into Jessica's room in his place. She's blindfolded herself, so she doesn't know you're not Donnie, something you take full advantage of in the scene "Donnie? Who needs him" as you break her. You say you'll meet her on the Ratan side to take her from her Guild, Alex being hotheaded enough to charge off if you say the right thing, Tomas being able to be bribed, and coming up with something for Donnie.

Magic FlamesEdit

Now, unless you haven't done one of the side quests, there's nothing more to do on this side of things. Before you enter the caves to go to Corsix, however, BE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLETED EVERYTHING BECAUSE ALL RANDOM ENCOUNTERS FOR THIS AREA WILL STOP AFTER YOU ENTER. That means it'll become impossible to do Goblin/Orc Alliance, Finale or get the gold to get "A well for a whore" if you don't have it already. Be sure you're ready to go before you leave. If you are, go into the mines (once again, this will TURN OFF RANDOM ENCOUNTERS FOR THIS AREA) and go into the area where one of your slaves was raped by Tentacle Beasts before. Go all the way to the east and you'll come across a fire. Terra will mention there's a portal rift keeping the fire going and that she'll need to shut it down before you can proceed. She'll give it a shot, but her barrier spell shuts down before she can reach the rift and seal it and she'll say that she needs stronger magic to protect her. Phoebe, if she's worked in the Brothel before, will mention that she knows an archaeologist that may know something. If this is the case then visit the Brothel again with Phoebe in place and she'll mention the archaeologist has come by, as he has every day he's not working and you'll learn of the tomb of a frost mage and get Phoebe's Brothel 2. The archaeologist will allow you in as long as you bring Phoebe along with you.

Head south and past the Cheli Village and follow the straightforward path and you'll hit the dig site, the pyramid on the map. Head into the leftmost tent and you'll meet Phoebe's archeologist, who's real happy to see her if she's worked in the Brothel. He'll compliment her a lot and then you'll get down to business, asking about that artifact that protects against fire. He says he can't give it up because the governor will end his career, but Noemi sweetens the pot a little and he'll hand you his seal to get you into the tomb in exchange for time with both of them and the condition that you defeat the Guardian inside. Depending on whether Noemi is working in the brothel yet, you'll either get "Jones and the sisters" (she is) or "Wait why am I here" (she isn't). For this reason, Noemi will be unavailable for the upcoming battle. If Phoebe hasn't worked in the Brothel before, then the archaelogist doesn't know her from Eve and you'll have to pay your way into the dig site. You lose gold, but Noemi will be available to fight if she's an important part of your team. Either way, it's time for a battle against the Guardian

And what a battle it is. The Defender has good physical attack and HP, but the kicker is its spell Chill, which hits for a lot and freezes your blood, harming you a little every time you move. To do one worse, if someone is chilled, the Defender will spend a turn charging a vortex of cold and, the turn after, kill anyone who has their blood frozen in one hit. Currently, the only way I know to get rid of the chill is to wait it out and HOPE she doesn't use the cold vortex. It will also use Focus to hone in on one of your allies. Have that ally defend themself if you want them to have ANY chance of surviving the next attack.

Once the battle is over, you'll unmask the Defender to find out it was a beautiful woman who would've been an excellent addition to your harem. You move ahead, thinking it's over when the Defender rises again to do battle. Your battle senses tell you the woman's name is Kathleen and you have no reason to doubt your battle senses since they exposed Isabella last time. If anything, this battle is worse than the last since Kathleen will attack 2 or 3 times in one turn and throws the Chill/Freeze combination a lot more frequently. Fortunately, this battle can come to a close a lot quicker than the previous one. Remember that useless skill Disarm? Use that here to knock the sword possessing Kathleen away and the battle's over. After, you fuck her to enslave her and make her incapable of attacking you if the mage somehow possesses her again, unlocking the scene "A blast from the past". During it, you learn she's from the state of Totin, a place that hasn't existed for over 500 years according to Angelica. Apparently she left home, found this tomb, picked up the sword and has been possessed into defending this tomb for 500 years, kept alive through the mage's magic. Now that she's free from it, however, she's horribly weak and passes out, almost dead. While Donna and Angelica transport her back to base, Terra reaches the tomb and retrieves a ring from the dead mage that'll protect her from the flames long enough to seal the rift.

Now, depending on your method of gaining entry, the archaeologist's responses will be different. If you paid him off to get in there, he'll blow off your warning on the sword and rush in with his guards. If you try to go back in the tomb afterwards, the mage's spirit will thank you for all the new Defenders, but warn you to stay out if you don't want to fight. If you allowed him to spend time with Phoebe and Noemi, then he'll be much more levelheaded, thanking you for your warning and warning the guards as well. If you try to go back after this time, you'll just get a guard asking you to leave.

Go back to base, either by walking or warping, it doesn't matter any more, go into the slave quarters and you'll find Kathleen, Angelica, and Donna. Kathleen's still in a coma due to about 500 year's worth of malnutrition, having to be fed paste in order to get food into her system. You'll have to be patient with her if you don't wanna screw her up. Angelica will say that you'll probably be able to explore Corsix before she wakes up and you'll have to leave someone here to watch over her. If you haven't already at this point, talk to Angelica and she'll be making that strengthening potion should you have collected enough Strange Fungus. It has a strange side effect though: You're unnaturally horny. You'll react differently based on your Path, being pretty cool about it and getting the scene "Great side effect" if you're Light or getting pissed off that she didn't warn you and getting the scene "There was supposed to be a waiver first" if you're Dark. Either way, your strength will be higher after the whole ordeal.

Trial SagaEdit

Out of the Pan...Edit


Now that you have the ring, go back into the Corsix mines and interact with the fire, you can now travel from Western Corsix to Corsix. As of version 0.6b7, you can't come back to the West side once you've crossed over. Collect all your girls from the brothel, finish all sidequests, collect all herbs on world map, and then proceed. Fenja & Kathleen will stay behind (for now)

Rhea and Noemi are the only characters that can have any fighting in the trial saga (if you choose to do their questS), equip them as necessary.

As soon as you exit the cave, you're arrested for breaking the quarantine and put on trial. The trial is actually a vote with a very large jury comprised of the town's influential people. For a week jurors are approached by agents of both sides who (in theory) use evidence and logic to convince them to vote innocent or guilty. But since all your followers are your slaves, only one of them is allowed out on town a time to perform this task.

The trial is on Day 8, each slave is allowed out for one whole day, meaning only 7 of your slaves will get a quest. For light path players Sarah will always go on day 1, if you haven't chosen her to go earlier, then Terra will always go on Day 7 for both paths. For the other days you get to choose who you want to send out. Beating the trial is fairly easy for light path but very hard for dark path players.

At the end of each day a different intermission scene plays out for Ralph. Almost all of which are sex scenes, two have a choice between dark and light path. During intermission 2 and 4 you will get to choose light/dark path and get different scenes depending on it.

Which slaves you should send out depends on your path, and what scenes you wish to see.

The general of the local garrison will vote innocent if you have one of several slaves visit him. Since his vote overlaps he will be listed as "General's vote" in the list below.

In addition to all the named person voting, there will be ~10 unnamed minor voters who do not speak and just cast a vote at end of trial. who they vote for depends on which major voters supported you.

Character Light Path Dark Path

+1 vote, 2 sex scenes, General's Vote.

Sexy outfit acquired for later fun

+1 vote
Samantha +1 vote, 1 sex scene +1 vote, 1 sex scene

+1 vote, 1 sex scene

Her sect knows you are good in future quest

Alena N/A +1 vote, 2 sex scenes

+1 vote, 1 sex scene.

Learn that Lady Melony is cursed

1 sex scene

+1 vote, 1 sex scene. Dialog suggests +several minor voters

She reconnects and reaffirms her standing with the cult who raised her, which will contact you later. Also they got tremendous influence of a nearby nation.


+1 vote, 1 sex scene.

Discover the true motives of Cecilla

Angelica scene "Doing what it takes" +1 vote, scene "Doing what it takes"

Teresa votes innocent

General's vote

2 sex scenes

1 sex scene if you didn't take her will, nothing otherwise

H scene "Role Reversal"

Domme outfit acquired for later fun with Ralph


Tax collector's vote

4 scenes, but only 2 will be seen per playthrough depending on whether she worked in brothel before. And how she fares during the quest.

Sarah's QuestEdit

The girls will be discussing what to do to save you, Samantha telling them that the best way is to talk to jurors before the trial, especially since the decision on innocence or guilt is made before the trial even begins. The girls will only be allowed out one at a time to convince people that you're innocent, first in line being Sarah if you're on the Light Path. If not, skip on down to Samantha's Quest.

(Note: YOU HAVE 8 CHANCES TO GET ENOUGH VOTES TO BE DECLARED INNOCENT. This won't be a problem for Light Path people, but Dark Pathers have to be EXTREMELY efficient as a couple of wrong moves will get you voted guilty)

Upon exiting the slave quarters (When, in the Dark Path, Sarah will mention she knows someone who might vote for her, but he's not in the Commercial area) go south until you hit a new area. From here on out, this'll be referred to as the Residential Area (R.A.) and the area you start in will be the Commercial Area (C.A.). After entering the R.A., go South, cutting across the grass and everything, until you hit a small pond then follow the path east. First things first, go into the HUGE house you see while you're on the path. This is the Governor's mansion. Make your way north into the house until you hit the first set of rooms past the room with all the chairs (this is the trial room, FYI). Head into the right room and talk to the man within. He'll mention that he's learned to trust his eyes and that he's made his decision on the trial after seeing you (inocent for light path, guilty for dark path. Several of your other slaves can go to him instead of sarah). Nothing more you can do here, so exit the mansion and keep heading right.

You'll hit a house near the end of the path where you'll hear a couple arguing, so go ahead and be nosy and head in. Upon entering you will be confronted by a couple arguing. Or rather, the end of the argument where the wife refuses to let her husband sleep with her until she finds evidence her brother is dead or alive from the mine incident.

Quest Time! You soon find the man is trying to find his son-in-law, Chad, who he gave a job in the mines to get his wife to stop hassling him. Sarah'll mention that you were the one who cleared it ask him to describe the man. He'll say Chad always wore his 'Lucky Headband' and Sarah will not have seen anyone in there like that, prompting the mine owner to say Chad probably fled before bad shit started going down and he's probably safe somewhere, but the army leader won't let him check the prison because of some petty dispute. Finding him and bringing back a sign that he is there will allow the noble to pull strings to help his brother and he will vote innocent for Ralph in exchange. Go the nearby barracks, just southwest of the grey house, and enter.

If you're on the Dark Path, talk to the woman training the men. Sarah will convince her to vote Innocent, saying the trainer can pin the Mine Incident on Vanessa's incompetance and that Ralph had to step in and stop things because of that. The trainer likes the way you think, seeing that with Vanessa being viewed as incompetant, the trainer will get the promotion she feels she was cheated out of last time. Don't bother if you're on the Light Path as Sarah won't be ruthless enough to throw Vanessa under the bus like that and the trainer will auto vote guility.

Explore the barracks until you come across some guards arguing. One of their own hasn't reported in, something they suspect is because he's at Earthly Delights. The talk reveals that the army has received hush money for the Mine Incident and that Cecil (the 10 hour guard) has earned the ditcher's gold. The head guard will lead Cecil to the barracks to get his share then tell him to get Jensen (the ditcher) to get more punctual, leaving the dungeon wide open for you. Or so you thought. Sarah gets knocked out shortly after entering the dungeon and finds herself bound and gagged when she wakes up. They'll take turns with her, an idea she really gets into, allowing her free reign in the dungeon and unlocking the H scene "Earning a day pass". Now speak to the prisoner not too far from your current position. This'll be Chad, who claims that he was on break when the outbreak happened, so he managed to escape the Tentacle Beasts. Isabella locked him up for leaving though, no trial, no nothing. What an ungrateful lout. This asshole will make Sarah blow him before handing over his 'lucky headband', even though she came down here to save his ass. One scene later and you have his lucky headband and the scene "An unwilling rescuee". Now you can get away from this asshole and head back to the mine owner, handing over the headband and securing his vote.

Samantha's QuestEdit

On exiting the building your slaves are kept, head South and before you go into the Residential Area of the city (the path continuing South), head east. Pass a building with boots on it (Remember it) and you'll hit Earthly Desires, a place that'll prompt Sam to comment on her distaste towards the establishment, but that she'll go in for you. So of course, head into Earthly Desires. Samantha will have a little chat with the owner and bargain with him: His vote for Sam's performance on stage for the night. If she earns 500 gold with her performance anyway. So step past him onto the stage and perform for the patrons. In the Light Path, she'll sing well enough to have a young man buy her for the night and earn the vote of the owner, playing the scene "A good trade".

In the Dark Path, however, Sam insults everyone too much to have ONE buyer so they instead each have a turn with her, the first two men paying 100 gold and everyone else paying 50. She makes over a thousand gold, earning both the vote of the owner and the scene "The show they want". Sam's quest will end after that.

Rhea's Quest (Light Path Only)Edit

Rhea will comment at the start of the quest that her order ran a Dojo in this city. Remember that building with the boots I told you to remember earlier? Head there to start Rhea's Quest. As you pass it, Rhea will start reminiscing about a woman named Ulya and how she can't wait to see her again. Don't enter just yet though.

Head to Earthly Desires and Rhea will comment that this is the type of place Edrin would hang out and that she can put up with a few more hours of his abuse for your sake. Go to the left and walk through the curtains and you'll find Edrin with another woman in the back of the place. Go to the room Edrin's in and you'll get a little voyeur action between him and the whore, who's apparently named Ariel (remember that). It turns Rhea on so much that she masturbates herself into cumming, unlocking the scene "It's different when you watch". But there's no way she'll talk to Edrin after that, so go back to the Dojo and talk to the lady there.

Turns out the lady is Ulya and they're happy to see each other, though Ulya's a bit miffed that she couldn't help Rhea when Edrin owned her. Rhea tells her that you own her now and that you're innocent, but it turns out Ulya being blackmailed into swearing to vote guilty at the trial by some theives who stole an artifact called the Semacualt, one of the holiest artifiacts of the Tenta's order. By reasoning that if the artifact is returned before the trial, the oath she swore is meaningless, Rhea gets Ulya to come with her to retrieve the Semacualt. Head up the path leading past the pens to the north and you'll run into the warehouse Ulya knows the artifact is being held. The one on the right is empty, so head into the left one and be prepared for a fight when you interact with the bandit inside (If you wanna save before you go in, go ahead).

The fight will consist of 2 Rogues and a Thief Leader with Ulya attacking automatically while you command Rhea. It's not a hard fight by any stretch of the imagination with Ulya's hard hitting strikes in there, but keep an eye on the Leader's actions. When the Leader is "readying his net", you'll need use the new attack Ki Strike to stun him for that round or be instantly KO'd. Losing unlocks the H scene "The price of failure" with several bandits and Rhea and Ulya, but fails the quest. Winning this fight gets you the Semacualt back, an old and combat useless item that was used by their founder and represents the order, and warps you back to the dojo where Rhea and Ulya enjoy a few drinks to celebrate.

After getting Rhea to loosen up, Ulya mentions that Rhea's a lot more relaxed than she used to be, especially given her tendency to isolate herself during their training. Rhea says she did it because she wasn't interested in the gossip of the other girls, a misconception Ulya clears up. She lets Rhea know that they trained together and spent many nights together growing a stronger bond, a bond Rhea missed out on. Seeking to share that bond with her, Ulya jumps Rhea's bones, unlocking the (yuri! Yay!) scene "Old friend and inhibitions" and netting you another vote.

Alena's Quest (Dark Path only)Edit

Right out the door, Alena will mention that she knows someone who runs a shop that may vote innocent. IF he's forgiven her, though. Head directly east and Alena will let you know that the item shop is Ian's shop. Before you go in, stop by Earthly Desires and talk to Ariel (surronded by three men) from the left side of the seat she is next to on the center stage to unlock "watching the rain". Head back to the item shop and go in and talk to the man, Ian, who, turns out, hasn't forgiven her for two-timing him. He'll get his assistant, Beta, to take the day off despite a man coming in to make a big purchase and he'll confront her about her cheating. Turns out, her husband, Justin, was an adventurer and the idea of traveling the world, rather than being stuck in a shop for the rest of her life, was enough to lure her from Ian. Then she lets him know how and why Justin and her kids were murdered, which plays off Ian's sympathy enough to get him to forgive her and offer her room with him. The sympathy is dashed, however, as she begins to talk about how you enslaved her. He gets pissed off and demands to be satisfied for all the times Alena blue-balled him if she wants his vote. This'll unlock the scene "An old flame" and secure his vote for you.

Donna's QuestEdit

(Note: If you're Dark, I don't suggest doing Donna's Quest since you won't get ANY votes.That makes this a huge waste of time, time Dark Path people DESPERATELY need if they wanna be voted innocent.)

If on the light path, Donna will mention that a colonist from her Fishing Village has set up a hotel here and that she should visit. Go east until you hit a fork, one path going to a forest to the east and one going south. Go south and the Inn will be there. Go in and talk to the owner, who'll buy her a drink and let her get her problems off her chest. She'll mention how Inn keepers where she's from seem to know everything about everyone, something this Keeper will prove correct by mentioning he knows of an outsider who was arrested and figuring out Donna's part of his crew. Donna will say that they've done nothing but good and it confuses her that he's on trial and that she wishes everything was simple like it was before you became her master. When Donna mentions that she was a healer, the Keeper will ask that you heal his son since he can't afford to go to the temple and get their healers in exchange for something that may help you. He'll let you in on how his son is wasting away and how it's now impossible to get him out of bed and once again beg her to help.

She'll accept, so go to the door and go upstairs to check his condition. The room is... unpleasant to say the least and she'll find that his son is every bit as bad off as the Inn Keeper said, too weak to even sit up to greet her. The Keeper said his son was a child, but the boy's over 18 years old (barely), but that he'll always be their kid. Donna doesn't get the sentiment as she's never had kids before and the Keeper's wife will wonder how Donna could never have been married. Donna says it was more her husband was sterile than never being married then kicks the boy's parents out of the room so that she can heal him. Turns out the kid is possessed by a demon, called to him every night for years due to his loneliness and virgin status. Donna decides to fix both at once, using the holy energies in her womb from constantly fucking you to force the demon out and take care of the kid's loneliness, unlocking the scene "Full body recovery".

After exorcising the demon, his parents will ask how he got possessed, a question Donna'll sidestep by saying it's the kid's job to tell them that. They'll offer to pay her (unintentionally calling her a whore, but let's not go there), but Donna will reject that, saying she needs a noble vote a lot more. They'll point you to Lady Melony, the owner of the Inn who may agree to vote Innocent in exchange for helping her with her curse. They can't tell what the curse is, but they'll encourage Donna to seek her out.

Head into the R.A. and seek out that pond mentioned in Sarah's Quest. The orange haired lady next to it is Lady Melony, who'll thank Donna for helping the family since she's known them for quite a while. When Donna asks about a curse, Lady Melony will deny needing help, a denial that proves to be false. But she won't talk about it with Donna because if she were sold, then it'd be bad for Lady Melony. Afer swearing her lips are sealed, Melony agrees to give you an Innocent vote so long as you visit after the trial's over.

If on the dark path, Donna is a lot more, well, dark, admitting she has no idea what to do and no idea where to go. Go to Earthly Delights and talk to the barman. Donna will get trashed, getting more and more depressed and thinking herself more and more worthless until she finally just passes out and a miner that she insulted earlier will take her drunk ass and rape her for scene "But they are for the weak". When she wakes up, she becomes even more depressed because she failed to obtain any votes.

Cindy's QuestEdit

Head to the R.A. and go south until the path ends, then head east. Cindy will be stopped in front of the Namuhist temple, saying that she hasn't gotten much done due to being distracted before the building catches her eye. If you try to enter, Cindy will be impressed by the size and style of the place before someone comes up and grabs her, saying that she can't escape her duties before pulling her into an alley. Apparently the man knew Cindy's father and encouraged him to train her, something he apparently didn't do before she abandoned him and her family. She explains that she hasn't abandoned her village, but was sidetracked by Jorg collaring her and making her worthless by taking her virginity then you enslaving her. He'll be disappointed by her progress, but will pull a few strings with some nobles to get you some Innocent votes, but only if she shows him that she still remembers how to and is willing to "service his kind", triggering the H scene "Oh ya I was on a quest". This raises a lot more questions than answers about where Cindy comes from, but at least you got a vote or two.

Cecilla's QuestEdit

Cecilla will open her quest by mentioning she misses a dancing girl at Earthly Delights called Ariel and that she needs to make sure Ariel still knows who's boss. So head over there and speak to the red head by herself at the top left table. Ariel will be earning her keep when Cecilla talks to her, so she'll have to wait a second for her to get off (hehe). The man will make a wrong move and Ariel will send him away, allowing Cecilla to catch her by surprise. When Ariel asks about someone named Erin, Cecilla gets a little rough and tells her that they need to take the conversation elsewhere. Turns out, Cecilla is Ariel's mistress and is REALLY into BDSM shit. And her attitude towards her slaves is a bit like a combination between the two Path's Ralphs.You'll unlock the scene "False pretenses" and earn another vote. You'll learn that the Erin Ariel talked about earlier was a dancer at Earthly Delights that has been freed already and that Cecilla met you only because she was trapped by the Quarantine from before and was unable to free slaves in Eowen because it was too small a town. She tricked you into believing she was a slave of yours and is plotting to free all your slaves when the time is right. If you're on the Light Path, then Ariel will mention that the trip must've been horrible, a sentiment Cecilla will refute saying that you were surprisingly nice, did many good deeds and the women were happy to be there. She's convinced you're using Angelica to drug the rest of them into servitude though. If you're on the Dark Path, Cecilla will be sure she has to free your slaves from you since you're such a twisted, evil man. So it turns out that vote is cast for you only because it makes things convenient for Cecilla, putting all your slaves in one location for her to free later. With the promise she'll be back to get Ariel's help in freeing your slaves and that oh so "right" statement that the ends justifies the means, Cecilla's Quest ends.

Angelica's QuestEdit

(Note: Don't do this quest if you're on the Light Path. Why will become clear soon enough.)

Angelica will mention how she might be able to bargain with Edrin for a vote in your favor and how he might be at an Inn. We know better though. Head over to Earthly Delights and, as you pass it, Angelica will mention this is definitely a place he'd hang out. Enter and talk to Edrin and Angelica will offer herself up in order to ensure an Innocent vote from him. He'll comment that she's effectively free while the trial's going on and that she'll need to come to his room in order to show him how willing she is to get a vote from him. Head to the right side of the brothel and go through the curtains to talk to him, unlocking the scene "Doing what it takes" for both Paths.

Terra's QuestEdit

(Note: Ater Intermission 6, you'll be FORCED to do Terra's Quest as she'll refuse to spend her all her time locked in the pens while her mind is free for the first time in ages (Dark) or she feels she HAS to help you since you freed her from her demons (Light). This is bad for Dark Pathers because doing this Quest will net you NO VOTES. So hopefully you got enough votes before this point.)

Terra won't have anywhere in particular she wants to go, so it's entirely up to you to direct her. If Terra has her own will, go to the Governor's mansion in the R.A. Terra can talk to many people in the office, but our target is the one in the orange jacket looking at a crystal ball in a room with bookshelves at the northern most point of the mansion. Terra will ask for a moment of his time and a favor. He'll immediately reject her, thinking she has nothing worth interest, not even sex being enough to change his mind. She gets pissed and tries to cast a lust spell at him, a spell he reverses and increases tenfold. It's so powerful that her hands aren't enough to satisfy her. He reveals he's the Royal Mage, making a magic fight with him a BAD idea, and makes her beg for release, unlocking the scene "I thought that spell was unique." Dark Pathers can do this scene too, I suppose, but Terra HAS to have her free will in order to get it. I wouldn't recommend it though as it seems her attempts backfire and INCREASE the likelihood of him voting Guilty. Go back to the C.A. at this point.

Starting from the pens, follow the path all the way to the right and Terra will wonder how Ratans got such a forest in the middle of a chaotic city and why it makes her feel calm. Head into the forest and Terra will be blown away by both the beauty of the forest and fact that she can't hear spirits at all while she's in this place, for the first time in her life hearing absolute quiet. Go northeast and Terra'll find a pink haired girl to talk to. Her name is Teresa and she knows just by looking at Terra that she is a mage thanks to the makings on her. She'll mention that the forest used to be a hotspot for mages before the new law kicked in. Teresa will mention that it's rare to see it a mage not in the Namuhist's service or in hiding, something an enslaved Terra will say is because she's not free and that she's never been free. A free Terra will shudder at the mention of Namuhists. Terra'll give Teresa her life story. Depending on Terra's state of freedom, Teresa will either praise you for allowing Terra her free will or condemn you for enslaving her so totally. Seeking to give Terra a moment of peace and pleasure, the scene "A knowing touch" plays out. If Terra's mind is free, you'll get Teresa's vote. If not... well, you'll see.

Phoebe's QuestEdit

Phoebe will be disgusted with the Ratan's law process when she gets out of the pens and will mention she can probably find a loophole for Ralph's situation in a Library. Head into the R.A. and head South until (you guessed it) you hit the pond. Immediately to the left, if Phoebe hasn't already commented on it at this point, is the Library (It's the grey building with gargolyes, stained glass windows, and a GODDAMN BUTTERFLY STUCK IN FRON-- oh it moved).

Enter the library and speak to the Librarian, who'll immediately sneer at Phoebe, saying a Cheli in this town is rare and questioning her ability to read. Phoebe mentions that she's well-read, especially in the subject of Cheli history which the Librarian thinks is a waste of time. After moving on, very pissed off, she will search for a book to read. Just go to any bookshelf, and you'll find a tome describing the first encounter with tentacle beasts. It entails how they first stumbled on the Beasts while trying to get into the more profitable mining veins. It constantly mentions how hot the caverns where for the miners and how they started hearing strange sounds. The next segment is about how they barely escaped the Beasts with their lives after a large section of wall collapsed, freeing the Beasts. It mentions a law stating that all Ratan citizens were obligated to help push the Tentacle Beasts back, a law that would legitimize Ralph's defiance of the blockade since he would be breaking this law if he didn't, but she needs the Librarian's help to find it.

He says he knows of where the record of laws is kept, but only nobles are allowed to see it. Phoebe demands to see the records and he is taken back by her strong will, saying that maybe he's misjudged the Cheli. He'll tell her that he plans to show her the book, but that she must do something for him first. In his office. His office is the blue door right behind his desk, so go on in. His office turns out to be a BDSM suite with the Librarian already stripping. Turns out, the Librarian is a heavy masochist and has Phoebe beat the information out of him, unlocking the scene "Role reversal". Afterwards, the Librarian goes through the books and finds the law, finding out it was never rescinded so it should work for this trial. SHOULD is the operative word here. Ralph isn't a Ratan citizen, so the law doesn't apply to him, but the Librarian will give you his vote anyway based on the law simply being there and Phoebe's "help" today. As a bonus, Phoebe also gets to keep her suit in exchange for leaving behind her panties. What, is that not a bonus to anyone else?

Noemi's QuestEdit

Noemi will be annoyed at the Ratan's ability to get themselves in trouble, but knows she has to help you. She figures she can find something in the R.A. to do that with, so head there. Where the path ends, go to the left and Noemi finds a building with the window knocked out and people talking, so she slips in. Head into the hallway and you'll find a couple of thugs asking for their money. The man will mention that his client is late in payment, so he's late, an excuse the thugs do NOT wanna hear. They threaten to have some mysterious lady testify for something if he doesn't pay. The man offers to pay double the monthly amount of their boss is willing to wait. They accept this and skedaddle.

Go talk to the man and he'll, rightly, wander what the hell Noemi's doing in his house. If Noemi's never worked at the brothel, then she'll threaten the man with the information she just heard, a threat that scares him until he realizes a Cheli would get laughed out of court. If she has, then he'll recognize her from the brothel, immediately shutting down any retort she might've had. Having the upper hand, he gets Noemi to steal some slave documents back for him in exchange for a vote for you. Of course, he's not done yet. She's broken into his home after all. So he extracts payment for that deed, unlocking the event "Not a position of power". After that, he'll let Noemi know that the bandits can be found in the forest a bit southwest from there and she'll be warped out of his house.

Go left and follow the path south and it'll dump you right in front of the forest. There's two ways to do this: A) You can go Metal Gear Solid on them and grab the document without disturbing them. In this route, you have to avoid the small leaves littering the path to the bag the documents are in.

Or B) you can go step on the first leaf you see after the initial one you're forced to step on, waking them up. From here, there's two more options: You can either go Rambo and get into a fight with the men, unlocking the scene "This is my forest" or you can go Slut and seduce them, wearing them out so you can steal the document, unlocking the scene "Wearing them out". If you're fighting, the battle is kinda difficult as they don't do much damage and you can heal with little they do with Potions and all, but their defense is on point and you have watch out for their grab attack, which will slowly strip Noemi if it prevents her from moving. If she's stripped 4 times (I think), you'll auto-lose. If you choose to get into a fight (or accidentally get into a fight by stepping on a leaf) and lose, you'll unlock "Wearing them out" anyway, but you won't be able to get the documents afterward, so this'll be a failed mission. Assuming you haven't failed, once you obtain the documents, Noemi'll be warped back into the man's house. She hands over the documents, securing an innocent vote for you, though you're left wondering just what did this slave know that had the man in such a corner...

The TrialEdit

Everything here is scripted based on what you've done with your slaves up to this point:

If you accepted Danielle's gift earlier, she'll speak out for you and you'll get an Innocent vote out of her. If not, she'll condemn you and vote you Guilty.

The Mayor of Corsix will vote Innocent no matter what. You did save his city after all

The General of the Army will mention that he wanted to go in, swords blazing, but followed the law and did not, something you yourself should of done. He'll vote you Innocent if you had Sarah visit him in the Governor's mansion while on the Light Path, trusting Sarah's judgment on this one. He'll vote Guilty, especially if you're Dark since he can see small injuries on your slaves and sees bounty hunters (Alena) and Cheli (Noemi and Phoebe) in your crew.

At this point, the court will call a recess, with does nothing except drag the tension out a little more and allow you a chance to save. If you created a new save file after leaving the Mines for good like I recommended, then you may, but if you haven't then... well, you might be screwed. Either way, continue on.

Vanessa will speak up at this point. If you're on the Light Path, she'll say Innocent. If you're on the Dark Path, then, for the sake of your slaves, she'll declare you Guilty, your actions haunting her to this very day.

The trainer for the army, Marianna, will vote you Innocent if you're Dark Path and got Sarah to convince her. If not, then she'll vote Guilty.

Royal Magister Olidran will be up next. He'll have studied the Beasts and determined the town was never in any serious danger due to the Beasts inability to go into the sunlight. He'll vote Guilty.

Teresa will vote Innocent if Terra had a free will when she talked to her. If not, then you're Guilty to her.

At this point, another recess will be called and you'll find yourself back in the mansion. Hit the hay and you'll find the Angel or Devil sucking your dick, once again able to do anything she doesn't want you to. If you're on the Light Path, you'll have the Angel. She'll mention that you're growing ever stronger and mention that the real danger hasn't shown itself yet, that the Namuhist are in league with the Devil and the Angel doesn't quite know what they're plotting. She assures you there are good people to help you even in Rata and she's relying on you to find out the Namuhist plot and save Rata and your own kingdom. You'll move to ask her what is she and she'll be shocked you can do that, saying you're growing even faster than SHE realized before disappearing.

If you're on the Dark Path, you'll have the Devil. She'll mention that you're growing ever stronger and she'll say that what you think are your enemies are your allies and not to worry about the verdict. She'll urge you to join them and use them to fulfill your destiny. You'll move to ask her why and she'll be shocked that you can do that, saying you're growing even faster than SHE realized before disappearing.

Ulya will vote Innocent only if you're on the Light Path and had Rhea help her get her artifact back. Otherwise, she'll be blackmailed into voting Guilty.

Dant, an elder from the Cennal state, will vote Innocent if you had Cindy see him. Otherwise, you're Guilty.

John, head of revenue and tax collection, will vote Innocent if you had Noemi steal his documents back. Otherwise, you're Guilty.

Raymond, head Librarian, will vote Innocent if you had Phoebe visit him. Otherwise, you're Guilty.

Edrin will vote Innocent if you're on the Dark Path and had Angelica see him. If you're on the Light Path and had Angelica see him, he'll betray her and vote Guilty. If you don't speak to him, you'll be Guilty.

Ian will vote Innocent if you're on the Dark Path and had Alena see him. Actually, he'll vote you Innocent if you're on the Light Path too, so Light Pathers don't even have to worry about him.

Melody, owner of the Gateway Inn, will vote Innocent if you're on the Light Path and Donna expelled the demons from within the Inn Keeper's son. If not, you're Guilty.

Francis, owner of Earthly Delights, will vote Innocent if you had Angelica visit him. Otherwise, you're Guilty.

Ariel will vote Innocent if you had Cecilla tell her to vote Innocent. Otherwise, you're Guilty.

Jacob, the owner of the mines, will vote Innocent if Sarah got proof that Chad was alive in Corsix's cells. Otherwise, you're Guilty.

This is the last named voter and everyone else will vote in based on what everyone else said. I'm not sure how the numbers add up, but it can either save you or damn you. Hopefully you're found Innocent! If you are, the Governor declares that and also declares that damages done to the mine and city are comparable to the good you've done, so he'll return your stuff to you and waive all fees and debts you've incurred. Now there's the matter of your slaves... save your progress and continue.

Trial AftermathEdit

John will bring up that you have not legally obtained a single slave in your harem and thus can pay no taxes on them. He then suggests that they be brought to the Captial to have their value assested and find out how much they should tax you on each one. This would work, but it seems quite a few people want a piece of your harem. Angelica will mention that, as the daughter of Eowen's mayor, it'd cause some friction if she was dragged away. She'll ask to stay by your side, a request the governor will honor. Ariel will claim that Cecilla is a slave of hers (though we all know that's not true) and thus your ownership of her is negated.

Then there's the question of Terra. She'll be hiding in Teresa's forest, but Danielle will demand possession of her due to the fact that Terra's a wild mage. In the Light Path, Teresa will object based on the Namuhist's previous treatment of her, but the law is the law and Terra is given to Danielle. In the Dark Path, Teresa will claim that Terra is part of her faith and therefore not a wild mage and challenges Danielle to fight it out in court. This pisses Danielle right the fuck off and she threatens Teresa, a bad move since the Governor intervenes and gives Teresa first rights at Terra. With this settled, the court is dismissed and most of your slaves are dragged away.

In the Light Path, Teresa will meet you outside the courtroom after all is said and done and, while not happy about Terra being your slave, will see you as the lesser of two evils and ask your assistance in saving her. She'll arrange to have a tram to take you to her grove to better plan your rescue.

In the Dark Path, it'll be Danielle outside the courtroom, egging you on, using your rage at having your property stolen to fuel your desire to take Terra back and enslave Teresa. With that, an alliance is made between you and the Namuhists and Danielle will arrange to have a tram take you to their convent once you're done here.

Either way, they won't travel with you, claiming they have preparations to make, plans to lay, etc. They leave you and you automatically head into the Inn to pick up Jessica, though how much static you attract for doing so depends on your Path. Jessica will blow you right in front of everyone, how willing she is based on your Path. Also based on your Path is how Donnie and Alex react.

If you're Light, then Donnie'll follow you because Jessica follows you and Alex will get out of your hair, though he is mildly disturbed by Jessica's actions. This will unlock the scene "Showing off".

If you're Dark, Donnie will be disguised by Jessica's behavior and will leave and Alex will swear to destroy you for you are pure evil to his eyes. Tomas, however, will remind you that you promised him a piece of Jessica should you make her your slave. He will follow you, both in order to make sure you make good on your promise and because his divinations show you striking a deep blow against Rata. This will unlock the scene "Taking what's yours".

On the RoadEdit

After that scene, you find yourself near some railroad tracks with Jessica and Angelica and Donnie/Tomas, about to begin your quest to take back Terra. It'll once again tell you that Jessica is an archer, powered by Focus and give you the lowdown on your other guest. Donnie is a Bruiser who works much like Sarah and Rhea/Alena, except he can use Enrage, which allows him to gain power much faster and do more damage. Tomas is a Mage like Terra. You immediately level up and learn 2 new skills. The first is Guard 2 (Light), an improvement that increases the chances of defending your allies and decreases the damage you take while doing it or Drain 2 (Dark) which increases the strength you funnel off of your slaves and nullifies the damage increase to them it usually inflicits. The second is Cancelling Strike, a powerful blow that'll nullify an enemies buffs (and has an animation that players of Despair Labyrinth should recognize). Donna will also learn Wind from your level up and Samantha will learn Lullaby on the Dark path. Yes, just because they're not with you, doesn't mean your slaves miss out on the leveling up!

After the level up, you notice the tram coming by and Angelica will fill you in on the fact that it's Namuhist made, the secret of which is closely guarded though they CLAIM it's powered by the power of the human spirit when it's unchained by nature spirits, but we all know that's bull. The thing will stop (loudly) and you'll get a note from Teresa (Light) or Danielle (Dark) telling you to ride the tram to them in style. Well, who are you to pass up style points? You'll next show up on the tram in a cart with Angelica and Donnie/Tomas. Talking to Angelica will once again ask the question of how the tram is powered, something she doesn't know but bets Terra could figure out if she was here. You swear to get her back from her captors and then Angelica will head off to bed.

(Note: At this point, the paths are so damn divergent that it's easier to make two different walkthrough passages for them than to simply mention when the paths split and come back together again. With that said...)

Terra Rescue Saga, Light Path VersionEdit

On the TramEdit

Talking to Donnie will yield a conversation where he's pissed and asks how they do this. You misunderstand and tell him what Angelica told you, adding in that it might be demonic in origin, but he's really talking about how Ratans and Namuhists are keeping such technology to themselves. He says a tram like this would greatly help the people of Celee, helping with things like the yearly drought and hunger and poverty. He knows the tram's been around for a long time based of stories from his mother, further pissing him off since the technology hasn't made it to the colonies. You explain that this a strategy of tyrants: Keeping the common man weak so they can't fight back, a strategy you intend to fix back in your homeland and here as well if you can swing it. He'll say he sees why Jessica fell for you though it seems like he doesn't like admitting it. He says it's been a long day and heads off to bed himself.

Afterwards, you'll be alone in the cart thinking on how to get Terra back when Jessica will show up in a simple robe. She'll apologize for taking so long, wanting to get the Ratan stink off her. She'll be surprised that she's willing to call herself your slave given that she hates slavery and finds herself in your lap asking what you'll do. You answer that you need to get Terra back since you're worried that Namuhists are the greatest evil in this country and that they're in league with demons, an idea that'll shock Jessica since they don't show signs of possession. You're sure this is the case though then determine that tomorrow you plan. Today, however, is all Jessica's. You'll get the scene "Finally there" and the skill Focus, which will increase the amount of Focus she gains every turn so long as she's not hit.

You wake up in the morning with Jessica in bed, considering a quickie but deciding to get breakfast instead. After waking her up, you both decide to get dressed, Jessica saying she needs some sexier clothes to please you better. You'll comment that she looks sexy no matter her clothes, but if that's the way she feels, then you'll pick her something up after Terra's safe. The room you're ported into has Angelica and Donnie in it and, once again, you should talk to them.

Talking to Angelica will bring up a conversation about her actions in the trial. If she helped you, then she'll say she tries to help you and made a deal with Edrin to that end, saddened that he lied to her after the things he did to her. You'll comfort her, saying the important thing is she tried and that you'll get even with him after Terra's safe and you have some breathing room, with her help since she's willing. If she didn't help, then she'll be sorry about that, explaining that the girls could only go out one at a time and that time ran out before she could do anything. Either way, she'll acknowledge that she knows you have to break Jessica in, but ask that you leave some time for her too.

Talking to Donnie will be a stilted affair, his jaw tightening even as you approach. Asking why that is, he reveals that he and Jessica used to be inseperable, but he had different feelings towards her then she toward he and hearing you two going at it the night before really drove the point home. You figured it was something like that, but ask that he remain focused on what's to come and to get ready for planning today as more people than the three of you are at risk.

Things will pick up after everyone's eaten and you'll talk. First about your past, leaving out the part about the Angel giving you your power, and say once again that you have no intention of having the king stay on his throne after all he's done. Jessica will comment on your ambition nearly in tears, noting it a noble goal and that she's glad to help with it. Donnie will have the same sentiment, though he's staring at Jessica's chest touching your arm as he says it. Angelica will mention that selling the girls indiscriminately makes no sense and that you'll do better by selling some girls to specific people, such as giving Sarah to someone in charge of an army since she'd be great at training soldiers. You'll be shocked that you never thought of this, thinking you just needed to bring women back in chains, but since your ladies are obedient you will amend your gameplan to take this new angle into consideration. She'll then ask why you're headed to the Capitol, which you'll explain is to get an at least Galleon sized boat to get back home with. Donnie will explain that getting home's easier said than done because of the treacherous storms that hit the coast, saying his dad had them bring the boats back in every fall because every winter the storms would destroy any harbor they made. Angelica will be confident that you can find a boat at least since she's seen the size of them. Jessica will comment on how getting the Princess will gain you a powerful ally and a great bargaining chip. You'll say that all that comes after you get Terra back and have taken down the Namuhists since they seem to be a great threat to her and the Ratan kingdom itself.

You'll explain how you found Terra and drove the demons from her and how Isabella admitted that Namuhists were in league with demons. You'll conclude with the admission you have no idea why they want Terra demon infested so badly, but nothing good ever comes of a human bargaining with demons and Terra shouldn't play a part in it. Angelica will mention she knows of a covent near where you're headed and thinks Terra may have been brought there, a sentiment Jessica will agree with, but question how you'll assault a castle with just the 3 of you. Then you'll mention your new ally, Teresa, a priestess of the old faith and the one who set up this tram for you.

After that, you'll notice that you've talked the day away and send the others away, Jessica staying on your arm. You'll then be ported into your room with Jessica, so, seeing as you've got nothing else to do, talk to her. She'll be ready for you and you'll say that she should of told her and you'd have done her out there since everyone here's your servant or slave and she likes an audience. You'll skip through the actual sex to find Jessica still awake later in the night. When asked about it, she replies that she's worried about Donnie's stress levels, something you've noticed too throughout the day. You ask what she thinks the problem is and she says it's her. Donnie was never interested in her quest, only her, but never manned up enough to act on it and being this close to someone getting what he wanted is driving him mad. After asking what she wants to do about, you smell her arousal and figure out she wants to be ordered to please Donnie, so you do, unlocking the scene "Relationships can change".

Things pick up when Angelica notices that you're drawing close to your destination, noting that she's confident that you'll get Terra back. You'll once again impress the importance of getting Terra back quickly, but then say that rushing in is a bad idea and that Teresa has someone waiting for you at the tram station. Jessica will ask if you can trust Teresa, saying she only knows one or two Betans left and that the churches she'd been to had strange ways, a fear that Donnie will alleviate by saying his grandpa was a Betan priest and he was one of the most noble men he knew and inferring that Teresa will be just as noble. You chime in that the priest in Eliba was noble too, but even if they aren't they're your only hope at rescuing Terra. Then you'll get impatient about still being on the tram and Angelica will propose to welcome Donnie into the group, unlocking the scene "Welcome to the team". It'll end with Angelica leading the new Spell, Heal II, a spell that'll serve you well in the battles to come.


You get off the tram to find Vanessa waiting for you. You'll ask what she's doing here and she'll say that Teresa asked her to come out, worried about people being upset about you being declared Innocent during the trial and your actions afterward. You'll thank her for the honor guard but note that it seems unnecessary as the station is completely empty. You note that this should be a major trade hub with the tram passing through, but Vanessa says the people don't like riding the tram, that they say hearing it too often causes your dreams to become cursed, so Denai is merely a storage place. Then she'll hurry you along, saying time is of the essence and that there's a carriage waiting to bring you and your people to Teresa.

That doesn't happen though as a flash of light drops a small army on your location, ready to fight. The woman in charge will step forward and say she wasn't expecting the honor guard but the result will be the same regardless. Vanessa will say that she represents the Ratan army and orders the woman to move aside, something the woman will laugh off since she thinks Teresa called the guard here instead of the army's commander. She doesn't intend to let anyone walk out of here anyway though. At this, you notice that the woman seems familiar to you and ask her identity, saying that this doesn't have to end bloodily. She'll ignore your question and say that, unless you want to cut your head off for her, this can only end in blood before she has her men attack. Vanessa will throw you a satchel of items to prepare yourself with. I know there are some Magic Robes, Chain Mail, a couple of Flails, some Feathered Hats, and a Halberd in there, but if anything else is in there, I couldn't tell ya. Equip anyone who has lower grade armor with what you got and save then exit the menu.

Vanessa will tell you to run as there are too many people here to win against. She'll hold them off as you get away, an idea you reject and reach for your sword to jump in the fray before Vanessa grabs you and forces you out, saying your power is too valuable to lose. She steals a kiss from you before you run to the side passage to get away, the door you pass through auto-locking behind you. Keep heading to the right and you'll run right into someone who expected you to run this way, mentioning something about a bounty on your head before getting into combat. First thing you'll notice if you've played through the previous versions is that the health bar that used to be up at the top of the screen is gone, so be careful if you decide to screw healing a weakened ally and going all out since the gamble MAY just fail you. The battle can get pretty bad since the Assassin can attack three times in one turn, but it shouldn't be too difficult ESPECIALLY since you start out with a full Power bar. No real strategy here, just wail on the dude and win. I'd make sure to have Ralph use Guard 2 though, just to be safe.

When he dies, you notice that he's dropped a token which Angelica will laugh at. You ask what it is and she explains it's a token for the Royal Pleasure House in Western Rata, something you trade for some time with one of the ladies in there. You can either send time with them yourself or have the ladies train one of your slaves, an idea that intrigues you, but you'll have to save for later since you, you know, have assassins after you. You exit the station into an empty town. All the buildings are locked and there's nothing to see here, so round around a building to get around a roadblock and head on out. The woman who attacked you will scream out for her troops to find you, but you're just about gone. You freeze up, unwillingly to leave Vanessa to her fate because of you before Jessica grabs you and warns you that there are many more than what you just saw around the town and that this is way Vanessa wanted things to go. Seeing that you can't do anything about it now, you skip town.

Into the GroveEdit

You remember that Teresa's grove is to the north, so follow the path north until you're cut off by the woman from earlier and her men. Your battle senses will tell you the woman's name is Betsy, and who are you to question your battle senses, especially since they're 2 for 2? She taunts you, saying that you weren't gonna get away that easily and all Vanessa's stand did was put another person in the Namuhist's cell before attacking you. In this battle, there will be Betsy, two Thugs, and two Berserkers. I'd suggest you take out the Berserkers first as they have the ability to Enrage themselves and hurt you that much more for it. Watch out for the Thug's Power Attack too. While it doesn't do as much damage as an Enraged Berserker, it does hurt quite a bit. Betsy herself is a pretty hard hitting swordswoman who had a bad tendency to dodge my blows, though I'm not sure if I was having bad luck across 2 playthroughs or not. If an ally gets really low in health, have Jessica heal them with a Potion and Angelica follow it up with a Heal I since Angelica herself is WAY too slow to heal someone before your enemies attack and kill them. After the Berserkers are taken care of, you can hit up pretty much anyone you want. I'd go for Betsy personally because she's the only one faster than Jessica, but it doesn't really matter who you hit at this point.

After you win, her men slain and Betsy herself unconscious, you're hit with the sense of familiarity again. Jessica asks if you know her and are you going to make her part of your harem, which you answer affirmative since she has information on Terra's whereabouts. You don't answer the first question though. Angelica is actually pretty turned on by the concept of you converting Betsy right in front of her and who are you not to give your slaves the occasional show? After having Donnie stand guard, you chain Betsy to the ground as she wakes up, playing the scene "Prisoner of war", where you don't get to do anything besides strip her down before she gets away, unlocking the collar you've chained her with and running into the trees with such speed that you lose her. You stop chasing her because you don't wanna run into any pursuit groups and get back to hunting down Teresa's grove. Watch out for random encounters though because they are frequent and they can be a pain in the ass, but they drop decent gold now, so there's potential in farming them. Not right now though since you don't have a stable base camp yet to heal up at. Head north until you run into a town next to a huge forest and enter the forest.

As soon as you walk in, you have the sense that the forest would like nothing more than to maul you, causing you to go on guard. That's before Lady Melony comes to greet you though. She's happy to see you, though has to ask what took you so long and where Vanessa is. You explain what happened in Denai, something that shocks Lady Melony as Vanessa should've been the first one there since she took the fastest horses to Denai after you boarded the tram in order to meet you. She asks where Vanessa is now and you figure that since she isn't here, she's been captured. Lady Melony now feels you need to move even faster and tells you to follow her exactly as Teresa has woken up the forest so it's not safe. You see golden eyes and hear large creatures as you follow her, so you're not exactly inclined to refuse. She'll lead you to the grove, a place without the menance of the forest, and hurry you to meet Teresa since she's waiting for you. Enter the house right in front of you and you'll find a few people in the building you can talk to if you want to, but it's mostly a waste of time. For a fun fact though, talk to Jessica and she'll tell you she saw tracks in the forest that imply that the bears in here are the size of houses with foot long claws. Not something you want to be fucking with. Talk to the dude in the corner and he'll sell you stuff. He's got all new stuff, including the powerful Mithril set of armor and weapons, so save up for those if you can. If you don't have Saint Robes and Circlets for Angelica, you might wanna save up for those too. No potions and such though, so you're out of luck if you need those. When you're done, talk to Teresa.

Inside the ForestEdit

She'll be glad to see you as she was worried something may have happened, though that illusion doesn't last long as Lady Melony tells her that the Namuhists predicted your destination and ambushed you, leaving Vanessa captured. She immediately realizes this is a conversation best held in private and invites you and yours to her chambers. You explain the ambush in Denai and Teresa stops you to ask you to describe the woman leading the ambush in detail. You comply and Teresa recognizes her as Betsy, bringing your battle senses up to 3 out of 3. Betsy is an evil, twisted woman whose only obstacle to becoming a Namuhist high priestess is her inability to do magic, a description that has Teresa worried about Vanessa in her clutches. This worries you because she has Terra as well and you're afraid the Namuhists will force her to be possessed by demons again, a fear that shocks Lady Melony and Teresa. After they ask how you came to this conclussion, you explain how you found Terra and what her memories showed you of her time under the Namuhists, ending with your face-off with Isabella on top of the Tower of Selem. Teresa will be totally shocked since this goes against everything the Namuhists preach. You don't know enough to have an opinion on that, so you ask to know everything she knows about them.

Namuhists have been around for far longer than Teresa, so her knowledge is secondhand, but she's heard that they used to be a barely known cult that said any contact with spirits hurt humanity. No one cared and the Ratans let them say what they wanted since it didn't affect their power, but then the Namuhists claimed to discover a new way of doing magic a few decades ago. Using this breakthrough, they spread their message of focusing on your own spirit and shunning spirits, keeping the magic that only their high priestesses can do a top secret so hidden not even free mages can figure out how they do it. Their magic borders on miracles with examples like the tram and healing someone to the point of replacing lost limbs, a power that the Ratans jumped on as soon as Namuhists offered to use it for them in exchange for position. Now Namuhist churches are everywhere and even their Covent is an old military base that was given to them. They used this new position and the promise of easy power to drive the Betan faith out to the point where only the grove and a few places in Celee have practitioners.

You figure that demons must be involved somehow based on what they did to Terra and plan to rush in tonight to get Terra out, though Teresa manages to get you to back down since your traveling companions are exhausted from their travels and fights. They give you a spare home in the grove and have Donnie take watch while the rest of you get some sleep. You're warped into a house with Lady Melony hoping that you'll enjoy it's simplicity like she and her husband did. She then tells you that they desperately need allies, Teresa growing more and more tired the longer this losing battle is fought. Then she notices the look in Angelica and Jessica's eyes, noting that she herself used to give her husband such a look and figuring you're not going to get much rest tonight. You're about to ask about her husband, but she cuts you off, saying that's a conversation for another time, saying that she needs to get back to Donnie for her patrol. We walks out, so walk over to Jessica and Angelica, both of whom are ready to help you relax, unlocking the scene "A good night's rest", though it may leave you with questions of the likelihood of incest going on in Angelica's house.

You wake up the next day to eggs and coffee (aww, no bacon) which you scarf down then head into the temple. If you talk to Lady Melony, she'll say that every year things have gotten worse: Less kindness to go around, less joy, less hope, just an overall darker atmosphere. Then she says that Teresa thinks you might be a light to lead them out of the darkness, though she doesn't make it clear whether she agrees or not. Then talk to Teresa, who'll say she couldn't find out anything about Terra's location since her divinations failed, but that you can't afford to wait any longer. You ask for a general location which, of course, is the Namuhist Covent, secure enough to let them think they're safe, private enough to do whatever they want (like, for instance, torture Terra). That and the atmosphere so oppressive that none of Teresa's birds will go near it to learn more about it. When you ask about the birds, she explains that she's meditated in this grove, becoming one with nature for so long she can communicate with animals on a basic level. Vanessa could have filled you in on what the birds couldn't find out but she's obviously indisposed right now, so, out of options, she's going to have to send you to figure things out. You jump at the chance, ready to save Terra right then and there, a sentiment that Lady Melony likes as she feels respecting your slaves is the best way to do things. She advises you not to rush in though, advice Teresa agrees with since the Namuhists are bound to have traps for you. She says you need information first so assigns you the task of scouting things out while she finds an alternate route into the Covent, warning you to be careful since you still have people hunting you, Betsy in particular. You're sure you can take Betsy on and extract information from her, but Teresa will object, thinking you intend to torture her. While you would resort to torture if it'd get you Terra back, you say you have no intend to break the law and will get the information out of out of her nonviolently. Teresa will be curious as to how you'll pull that off, but since time is of the essence she'll let that question slide for now, trusting her visions of the angels being on your side to mean that you're being truthful. With that, you're let out into the countryside.

I'd suggest turning right back around and talking to Teresa to recover your HP/SP then talking to her again to get out of the Grove before continuing on. Now, you can either farm bandits for gold to afford the new equipment or you can jump right into your next objective. Which is to wander around until you run into Betsy again. Actually, she'll be the first person you bump into, so you'll have to face her again anyway. The encounter's exactly the same as last time right down to her combat dialogue, so do the exact same thing as last time. Once again, her men are dead and once again, Betsy is sprawled out on the floor, Angelica quick to jump on her to restrain her and Jessica following her lead. Betsy's none too happy about the arrangement, but who cares about what she wants? Jessica cuffs the woman's hands behind her and they give her over to you, so you demand to know where Terra's being kept. She, predictably, thinks you're an idiot for trying to get any information out of her and challenges you to do your worse. Your worse involves your dick, so the scene "Did you even read the convention?" plays out. You ask again where Terra's being kept and, in her Angel Cum addled state, she tells you that she has no idea as she's not high enough in the group to be told. She saw Terra being brought in though, so she suspects they're holding her in the dungeon. When you ask for secret passages into the dungeon, she gets upset and once again tells you she isn't important enough to know stuff like that, she just runs the patrols. She's starting to regain control when you hear men about to surround you on all sides and, as you turn to face this threat, Betsy runs off. You want to go after her, but Angelica warns you against that since you're about to be surrounded and that you can find her again to make her your slave. Knowing she's right, you retreat, letting Betsy go. At this point, you can charge south or head back to Teresa's Grove to heal up a little, maybe earn a little gold to get some new equipment. Your choice.


If and when you head south, follow the path until it splits then take the right path. This'll lead you to a small metal bridge you can cross into a large building with tents in front of it. This, of course, is the Covent. Only you see they've got a damn army ready for you. You realize there's no way you and Teresa's forces can fight an army and Donnie recognizes their commander, Marianna, seeing her during the trial talking to Danielle. He figures that she's the reason the army's here and Angelica will say Teresa might wanna know about the army and the fact that a frontal assault is out, so head back over to the Grove and tell her.

As soon as you talk to her, she sees you have bad news for her and has you go into the sitting room to tell her. She says she was hoping you'd have been able to sneak in and save Terra and wants to know what happened, so you tell her you got Betsy to tell you that Terra's definitely in there, but you found out there's an army brigade standing guard out front. At your mention that you captured Betsy, Teresa demands to see her, ready to do anything to extract information out of her, but you inform her of Betsy's escape after you were surrounded and that there was nothing you could do about it. Then she finally addresses the problem of a full regiment of troops, wondering how Danielle pulled that off before declaring that Terra must be saved. Donnie interjects saying that MAYBE you could take out a platoon, but the number you saw there is way out of your league.

Then there's a knock at the door, the news it brings causing Teresa to smile before she lets them in. Them happens to be Fenja and Kathleen, two people you're surprised but happy to see. When you ask them how they got there, Fenja says that they travelled to Corsix since they both felt you were in danger and stayed at an Inn. Kathleen lets her age show when she says she's surprised that humans were able to make the passage in the mountains, but then gets back into the world of today by saying every Inn they passed had tales of your exploits. The Inn in question happened to be owned by a couple of Lady Melony's most loyal slaves, probably the couple with the son Donna expelled demons from, and when your girls explained who they were looking for, the family knew it was you and sent the girls over. You thank Lady Melony and ask to repay her once this is all over, but she shrugs you off with a smirk. Kathleen kneels before you, thanking you for freeing her from the Ice Mage, swearing herself to you for saving her life. You gladly take her, but mention that the formalities aren't really necessary and you'll talk more later. Teresa seems to just now clue in on Kathleen's mention of not knowing the passage was there despite it being there for centuries, but lets it slide as you have work to do. You say you need all your resources, but even with all your slaves you're not an army, Lady Melony doesn't have enough to hire an army either, though few would attack the Ratan army to begin with, and Teresa doesn't have enough followers or animal friends willing to attack the Namuhists putting you right back to square one.

For hours this issue is thrown around before you get frustrated and tell your slaves to gear up, that maybe you can slip in during the night and free Terra before someone notices. Teresa stops you by saying that's suicide with the main gate so heavily fortified and various unknown traps still lying around. You're still raring to go, refusing to have Terra broken by Namuhists again because of your promise to keep her safe before the Angel enters the room. Everyone bows to her, Teresa being honored by an Avatar showing itself to her directly, but you're too shocked she actually exists to do so yourself. You reach out and touch her to confirm this and she explains that she spelled you to stillness while you were sleeping for your protection, but has shown herself directly because time is running out. She says you need to know she's real because you need to know the Devil's real and knows much about the Namuhists, maybe evening knowing their plans for Terra and how to get in undetected. You bring up that you don't have any way of summoning her and you have no way of getting the information out of her if she did appear, doubting your power will work on a Demon. The Angel says your power might surprise you, but the summoning part is simple since both of them are connected to you and will show up if you call. After that though, it's your show. You know you'll have a problem running this show because the Devil can disappear the instant something appears to be going wrong, a problem Kathleen will have th answer to. Before she was possessed, she studied with the Tenta sect, earning their trust and learning of the Temple Mons, one of their greatest sites. At the Temple Mons, there was an artifact they calmed could bind spirits made flesh, an item that would probably work on your Devil friend. Teresa tells you that Ulya has mentioned the place before, but hasn't told her where though you may be able to find out at a Tenta enclave east of Denai. With a plan in place, you determine it's too late in the day to leave so you'll set out first thing tomorrow, Lady Melony offering to guide you there in order to help you dodge most of your pursuers.

You're warped back into your house with Kathleen and Fenja in the left room and Jessica, Angelica, and Donnie in the right. The right room is locked, so your only option is to head over to the other ladies. Talk to Kathleen and you'll thank her for the information she gave you earlier and ask that she tell you where she's from. She can't say as her memories from before you freed her are fragmented and the harder she tries to remember, the worse it gets. She gets reminded occasionally, such as remembering exploring this area, though the names are all different now, disorienting her during her journey to you as past memories tried to line up with the present. She remembers finding the Ice Mage's tomb and being controlled by him, but says it's like he took pieces of her mind and didn't give them back when she was freed, leaving her memories in pieces. While she was recovering, she remembered you freeing her from the Mage and cumming harder than she ever has and Fenja told her who you are based on what she knows. With your strength, courage, and quest in mind, she decided to pledge herself to you while she travelled, having proved yourself a noble man in her eyes. You accept her into your fold, promising to do what you can to get her memory back after you've saved Terra. Afterward, she wants to prove how loyal she can be, leading to the scene "An oasis at the end of a journey" with Fenja getting in the mix as well.

A Forest CabinEdit

You wake up the next day with the rest of your group already waiting for you, so you leave the house. Talk to Lady Melony and she'll tell you that the Enclave is far Southeast of here, almost at the border between West and Central Rata. She'll also tell you that the only known path to the Temple Mons at the top of the mountain is through the Enclave and you'll ask if they'll just let you up there, saying you're not an army and therefore incapable of beating them down to take what you want. Lady Melony knows the master of the Enclave, Ulya, personally and knows she's a good woman who's also worried about he expansion of the Namuhists. She's sure she can convince Ulya to let you through, and you'll remember Ulya from the trial. If she found you Innocent, you'll say that that's a good sign, though Lady Melony will say that there were many things going on during your trial you didn't know about. She reaffirms her confidence that Ulya will let you through, willing to take on the entire Tenta sect if she doesn't.

When you pop out of the forest, Lady Melony will tell you to head Southeast while she throws Betsy's mercenaries off you. So head south until you're stopped by Lady Melony saying that night is falling and it's too dangerous to travel since she can't hide torch light. She knows of a hidden cabin nearby and will lead you there, confident that only people who know where the cabin is will be able to find it. She has your slaves set the horses up in the stable while she talks to you. When you ask what's up, she says the place brings back memories since she spent her honeymoon with her husband here a few years ago before Ratans got him. Not in the "dead" got him, but "Swallowed by politics" got him. He was a lot like you when they were young and then their houses merged when they married. He stopped caring about right and wrong and only about what made them stronger, going so far that some of his actions still appall her and they remain married only because it's necessary to both of them. They don't share much more than a name anymore. When your slaves arrive back, she asks if the horses are ready for the next day and you suggest that you should still have a watch since anyone who knows of the place would think to check for you here.

Lady Melony agrees and has the two of you take first watch. She leads you far out into the forest under the guise of making sure no one can hear the cabin from the outside, finding a clearing to break in for a while and has you sit next to her. You're unsure about taking a break here, but Lady Melony assures you that she has enough traps in this forest to hear someone coming a mile away and that she really just wanted to talk to you away from your slaves. She compliments you on your style of handling slaves, seeing that they follow you out of respect rather than fear, a style she tried to teach her husband long ago. You say that this is the harder path, that it's easy to forget slaves are still men and women and that you're paying for thinking you were above all others to this day. She asks to hear that story when everything's over, if it ever ends she adds, falling despondent as she thinks of the many enemies against you and her few allies. You respond you don't have a choice by to continue on, knowing you have to stop the Namuhist's plans even if you don't know what they are, determined to save Terra no matter the odds since you don't to see her reduced to the state you found her in. Lady Melony looks into your eyes and snags a kiss off you, devolving into the scene "Second honeymoon" which ends in the Lady so addled that she wants nothing more than to cast off her titles if it means sticking with you, though you stop her from doing that since you still need her. You promise to do this again and are stuck back on the World Map.

The Warrior Women of Tenta Edit

Head south until you hit some railroad tracks and follow them east until you see a crumbling castle. Head over there and you'll find the Enclave, but it has no flags or banners or anything except archers on the parapet. Lady Melony explains that the Tenta have no allegiances nor a flag, following an ancient set of rules inspired in their honor. Teresa gave Lady Melony instructions on what to say once you've gotten this far, so she'll ask that she lead when you close in. You agree and ask what rules they follow so that you know what to watch out for, a question Lady Melony doesn't have the answer to since the Tenta tell no one of their rules, saying they're ignored by the Ratan goverment because of their battle prowess and neutrality. It'd be more trouble than it's worth anyway as it'd take an army to defeat just this Enclave and they have several set up all over Rata. As you close in, an archer has you halt and state your business and Lady Melony replies you are fellow searchers of peace and harmony whose quest has brought you here. The archers tells you to prepare for the dame of the Enclave to inspect you to see if your quest is worthy or not and a few moments later, you're in. All the ladies in here are dressed the same as Rhea except in white with the exception of Ulya, who's in armor. Ulya knows of Lady Melony and knows that her beliefs are synch with theirs, so she'll let you the Lady in without hassle. She's relieved to have no problems, but reveals she's here on your behalf. Ulya has no problems with you either as Rhea has sworn herself to you and speaks highly of you, noting that it's been a while since they had such noble visitors. Since they knew you'd be headed their way, Ulya has her girls prepare a feast for you and you can talk until the food's done.

She leads you into a meeting room so go talk to her to advance things. She reveals that, while you fill the requirements for being here, she doesn't believe for a second this is an educational trip and demands to know why you're actually here, stating she would've rejected your request outright if she didn't know of you from the trial and have Rhea speaking well of you. You ask if Rhea's around since it appeared they spoke after the trial, but that's not the case and once again demands you state your purpose. Since Lady Melony doesn't know what to do here, you state it frankly: The Namuhists are allied with demons and are planning to use one of your slaves for evil purposes. Ulya won't be impressed since the Tenta sect has recorded many people being influenced by angels or devils which causes the Lady to realize the Tenta knew of the Namuhists before this blew up, wondering why they didn't tell anyone as it'd make it easier to unify the nobles against them. Ulya denies the Tenta knowing the Namuhists were allied with demons, but learning it doesn't change their rule of neutrality since the world will suffer for it. You say you're not asking her to take sides, just that the Namuhists forced Terra into being infested with demons last time they had her and you need the Tenta's help to prevent it from happening again. Ulya is surprised by you, saying that even though you're surrounded by forces above your understanding, you only want to help others, something unusual for someone with the slave count you've got going. Jessica will interject here, saying there's no shame in swearing yourself to one destined to become the hero of the age, a sentiment Ulya will find interesting since Rhea said the same thing. She asks why you seek the Temple Mons and you explain that an artifact in it will allow you to find a way to save Terra. She'll declare that you can have a crack at the Temple Mons seeing as the Tenta don't own the place, just guard it, and it only lets in people found worthy. You ask for the cliffnotes worthiness challenge since you don't have much time, but Ulya says it's not her that finds people worthy, it's the Temple itself. She'll show you the path and if you survive it, you're worthy. The food bell (well, gong) rings, summoning you to the feast. Ulya tells you to eat well for you may be dead tomorrow.

You can talk to all the girls in the hall if you want to. It doesn't do anything, but it's a nice little diversion. Talk to your followers and they'll each tell you stuff that paint the Tenta as some BAMFs: Jessica seeing one in action once, solving a murder case with compelling evidence and killing the culprit brutally by stabbing him through the waist, paralyzing him and leaving him to bleed to death in the town square, no one moving to help him since the Justice of the Tenta is brutal but true. Donnie will tell you that the Tenta are justice without restraint, pure and bloody and warning you to watch your step if you don't want to experience it. Angelica's dad used to make the Tenta her boogiemen, saying to obey her father and follow the law or else the Tenta would come for her. Now that she's older, she'll see why people fear the Tenta, figuring that if the room turned against you this instant none of you would make it out alive. She also senses the feeling of camaderie they share with either other though and wonders how they got it.

Once you're done with that (or not bothering with it in the first place) talk to Ulya and she'll want to discuss things in private, leading you to her chambers. You ask if she's reconsidered helping you, but she hasn't, still following the neutraility of the Tenta because of prophecy teaching what happens to the world if they are lost, so they spend their days preparing for a final battle unhindered by politics and such. But what she brought you here for was about Rhea. You're confident in Rhea's ability to persevere without you, having an inner strength that not even Edrin could crush, a confidence Ulya lets you know is false since Rhea was on the end of her reserves when you met. It seems Rhea's talked you up mighty big to Ulya and she wants to see just how much of it is true, also using this as an opportunity to thank you for saving Rhea from Edrin, starting off the scene "Not a nun". You learn that the Tenta are not a chaste sect, only Rhea thinking that way,  and they are allowed relationships while on break as long as it doesn't violate their rules. You also learn that the secret of their sect can be told once and only once and telling it will destroy the order, so Ulya's not telling. She also seems to be remarkably resistant to your cum, denying a request from you right after you cum in her. Intriguing...

And that's it for this installment. You'll be teleported to a room with Ulya in it and prompted to save and then you'll get the credit page.


Terra Rescue Saga, Dark Path VersionEdit

On the TramEdit

Tomas will be impressed by the tram and (once again) ask how it's done. You explain that it's probably powered by demons, but Tomas rebukes that, saying that humans have no power besides healing without spirits and you can't bind a spirit to an object such as the tram. They'd simply leave once the ritual that'd have bounded them had ended, leading him to comment on whatever secret the Namuhists are hiding has got to be juicy. You swear you're going to take the secret from them (using your dick), a sentiment Tomas will be happy with before hitting the hay.

Afterwards, you'll be alone in the cart thinking on how to get Terra back when Jessica will show up in a simple robe. She concedes defeat, being unable to fight you any longer, but asks why you're so cruel despite the good you've done. You don't answer the question, instead having her bare herself to you before explaining your intent to sell her to the highest biddest in your country, an intent she's rather unwillingly to go through. You continue, saying she'll be nothing but a common whore while she's with you, an idea that repulses her even as it turns her on, leading to the scene "Your new life" and earning the skill Barbed Burst, a skill that'll cause grievous wounds to all enemies it hits. The only problem with it is it has a bad tendency to only hit one enemy with it's three shots, so decide based on the situation if it's worth the Focus or not.

You wake up in the morning with Jessica in bed, considering a quickie but deciding to get breakfast instead. After waking her up by painfully twisting her nipple, something she'll complain about, you tell Jessica to dress the both of you saying she needs some sexier clothes to show her body off better as she does. The room you're ported into has Angelica and Tomas in it and, once again, you should talk to them.

Talking to Angelica will bring up a conversation about her actions in the trial. If she helped you, then she'll complain about Edrin leaving his mark on her saying that it was worth it since she got him to vote Innocent. The mark part is true though, as you'll see a wound on her thigh that looks like it'll become a scar. You will be pissed because Edrin knew what he was doing when he left his mark on Angelica, an insult you intent to pay back with Angelica's help since she's willing. If she didn't help, then she'll be sorry about that, explaining that the girls could only go out one at a time and that time ran out before she could do anything. Either way, she'll acknowledge that you have to break Jessica in, but ask that you leave some time for her too.

Talking to Tomas will have him complimenting you on your performance with Jessica the night before, an event he could hear from HIS room. He'll then remind you of your deal, a deal you haven't forgotten and promise he'll get, more than once if he serves you well. Tomas will be glad that he left Alexander and Donnie behind, seeing he'll be able to avenge his wife and get Jessica back for stopping his and Alex's way of life before if he sticks with you. You'll be interested in this way of life and ask to hear about it some time, but remind Tomas that any mark he leaves on Jessica will be paid back tenfold before leaving.

Things will pick up after everyone's eaten and you'll talk. First about your past, leaving out the part about the Angel giving you your power, and say once again that you have no intention of having the king stay on his throne after all he's done. Jessica will comment on your ambition, noting it a noble goal either way, but wondering why you have to be so brutal with it's implementation. You'll retort that the ladies are just a means to an end, an idea Tomas likes since it paints you as seeing people as either underlings or enemies. Angelica will mention that selling the girls indiscriminately makes no sense and that you'll do better by selling some girls to specific people, such as giving Sarah to someone in charge of an army since she'd be great at training soldiers. You'll laugh at this idea, saying each girl is nothing but a womb to birth the nobles' children, a sentiment Angelica will object to. She'll then ask why you're headed to the Capitol, which you'll explain is to get an at least Galleon sized boat to get back home with. Tomas will explain that getting home's easier said than done because of the treacherous storms that hit the coast every winter, saying that he had many fisherman come to him asking for a spell that'd tame the weather, something FAR out of a human's control, mage or not. Angelica will be confident that you can find a boat at least since she's seen the size of them. She'll also comment on how getting the Princess will gain you a powerful ally and a great bargaining chip. You'll say that all that comes after you get Terra back.

You'll explain you've teamed up with Danielle to accomplish this since she seems to have a grudge against Teresa as well. Tomas likes the idea of teaming up with Namuhists and brings up that you're expecting to be betrayed at some point, an idea you counter by saying you plan to strike against the Namuhists as soon as you've captured Terra and Teresa. Jessica will be appalled by the idea of working with the Namuhists even for this brief amount of time since they were obviously behind the Corsix Quarantine and Tomas will brush her off, saying that he's seen you're capable of bringing the Ratans down using the Namuhists' power. You'll agree with Tomas, saying you have to take what you want instead of letting others define you like Jessica had been doing before. Jessica will deny your viewpoint, running to the sleeper car afterward.

Then you notice that you've talked the day away and have everyone scram.

You'll tune in next with Tomas standing in the middle of the cart. Talk to him and he'll once again say he believes he's on the right path, serving under a man who knows how to use power and seeing himself able to have his revenge with you. You'll ask to know about this revenge and he'll tell you: He and Teresa used to be lovers back when he was a mage in training. They used to live in a small cottage out in nowhere to commute with the spirits. He went to meditate for a days and came back to his house on fire and Teresa dying, beaten and raped. With her dying breath, she told him that Ratans were responsible and he started his quest for vengeance right then and there. He found the people directly responsible, a guard patrol who were taking what they wanted, and killed them, burning them to a crisp. The guard captain took revenge for this by burning a nearby village to the ground, an action that told Tomas that he couldn't do this alone. He found Alexander, who was pissed about what the Ratans had done to Celee and together they swore they'd spill Ratan blood before Jessica and Donnie showed up. Alexander bought into their philosophy of doing good, going with their reasoning that any harm he did to Rata would be inflicited back on the people, and bringing his vengeance to a halt. Then you came along and allowed it to continue, even breaking Jessica in the process. He'll once again bring up your deal and you decide that it's time to allow him his vengeance on Jessica, though bringing up once again that any scar he leaves on her will be paid tenfold back since it'll hurt her market value. He'll mention that he expects Jessica to fight him when she wakes up while he's at it, so you bring out the chains and shackles and tell him to make sure she simply can't. What follows is the scene "Calling in the debt", which completely breaks Jessica's will.

Things pick up when Angelica notices that you're drawing close to your destination, noting that she's confident that you'll get Terra back and add Teresa to your harem after she sees you fidgeting. At the mention of Teresa, you ask what she is, hearing she's a Betan, but knowing not what that is and knowing nothing beyond that. Tomas will explain that a Betan faith is the faith prevalent before the Namuhists came in, it's practioners following nature and believing that they should follow the spirits. A faith the world doesn't need anymore according to him. You'll mention that you have Namuhists as allies now, it being clear that they represent power, power you'll use as soon as you get off this slow ass tram! This'll lead into the scene "Intangible Benefits" Angelica will welcome Tomas to the team as Jessica services you. It'll end with Angelica leading the new Spell, Heal II, a spell that'll serve you well in the battles to come.


You get off the train and find Marianna, the Ratan army's subcommander, waiting for you. Apparently she wanted to meet you before she left, but this couldn't be the case. You'll ask her for her name since Ralph doesn't remember it and she'll give it and her station to you, saying that she's here on the Namuhist's request since Danielle thinks you deserve a honor guard. You'll say that you're capable of guarding yourself but you need a guide if nothing else, so you're happy to have her. She sees your strength and is impressed, thinking this might be the start of a alliance between the two of you. You finally look around and see the place is empty, so you wonder where everyone is. Marianna will explain that the people fear the tram's power and only come to this place when a shipment needs to be delivered. She'll hurry you along now, saying that Teresa has gone to ground and she doesn't want to give her any more time to build up defenses, saying you can talk along the way in the carriage that's been prepared for you.

That doesn't happen though as a flash of light reveals a small army ready to fight. The woman in charge will step forward, saying Teresa predicted your location. At the mention of Marianna being the Namuhist's pet dog, Marianna herself will object, saying she's under orders from the Ratan commander himself and that the woman in charge had better move if she doesn't want to face the consequences. The woman will rebuke that claim, saying she talked to the commander before she left, claiming that the Namuhist's power doesn't extend that far yet and Marianna will be dead before it does. You chime in that she'd be an excellent addition to your harem and demand her name, which causes the woman to respond that she agrees with Teresa in her assessment that you're a greater evil to the land than either the Namuhists or the Ratans and that she'll kill you before you step into some grove. At this, she'll have her men attack and Marianna will toss you a satchel of weapons to prepare yourself with. I know there's a bunch of Chain Mail, Magic Robes, a couple of Flails, some Feathered Hats, and a Halberd in the satchel, but I couldn't tell you want else is in there. Equip Jessica and Tomas and update Angelica's apparel if she's not already up to date, save, and exit the menu.

Immediately, Marianna will declare there's too many enemies to insure your safety and tell you to run away through the back. You threaten the woman, telling her she'll kneel before you, and auto run off to the side through a door that'll lock as soon as you pass it. Keep going to the right and you'll run right into someone who expected you to run this way and will mention there being a bounty out on you before engaging you in battle. First thing you'll notice if you've played through the previous versions is that the health bar that used to be up at the top of the screen is gone, so be careful if you decide to screw healing a weakened ally over and going all out since the gamble MAY just fail you. The battle can get pretty bad since the Assassin can attack three times in one time, but it shouldn't be too difficult ESPECIALLY since you start out with a full Power bar. Tomas, strangely enough, plays more like Light Path Terra than anything, so he doesn't have the AoE fire spell, but he does have Barrier and Flash, a spell that has a chance of blinding your enemies, so you can use him as support when he's not blasting away at your enemies. And his spells are a little on the weak side, so you might wanna use him as support anyway. No real strategy here. For easier times though, I suggest having Tomas cast Flash early so the Assassin does much less damage and then wail on him until he dies. Something else you may wanna do is have Ralph use Drain 2 and spam Cancelling Strike cause this thing is POWERFUL.

When he dies, you notice that he's dropped a token which Angelica will laugh at. You ask what it is and she explains it's a token for the Royal Pleasure House in Western Rata, something you trade for some time with one of the ladies in there. You can either send time with them yourself or have the ladies train one of your slaves, an idea that intrigues you, but you'll have to save for later since you, you know, have assassins after you. You exit the station into an empty town. All the buildings are locked and there's nothing to see here, so round around a building to get around a roadblock and head on out. The woman will scream out to find you, but you're just about gone. You contemplate adding her to your harem right this instant, but Angelica will stop you, saying there's too many men to overcome to get to her and that you can get her after you find Danielle and the covent.

To the CoventEdit

You remember that the Covent is supposedly to the South, but that's mildly incorrect. Yes, it's to the South, but more to the Southeast. So take the fork in the Southern road to the right and follow that for as long as you're allowed before the woman and a mob of men jump you. Your battle senses tell you the woman's name is Melony and you have no reason to question your battle senses as they've been 2 for 2 thus far. Melony will declare she has no intention of letting you near Terra and the grove as Terra has suffered under the wrath of the world for long enough. Apparently she has no qualms about killing you or your harem either, so she attacks.

In this battle, there will be Melony, two Thugs, and two Berserkers. I'd suggest you take out the Berserkers first as they have the ability to Enrage themselves and hurt you that much more for it. Watch out for the Thug's Power Attack too. While it doesn't do as much damage as an Enraged Berserker, it does hurt quite a bit. Melony herself is a pretty hard hitting bowwoman. If an ally gets really low in health, have Jessica heal them with a Potion and Angelica follow it up with a Heal I since Angelica herself is WAY too slow to heal someone before your enemies attack and kill them. After the Berserkers are taken care of, you can hit up pretty much anyone you want. I'd go for Melony personally because she's the only one faster than Jessica, but it doesn't really matter who you hit at this point.

After you win, you slay her men and find Melony herself unconscious, ready for the taking. Angelica is actually pretty turned on by the concept of you converting Melony right in front of her and who are you not to give your slaves the occasional show? You decide to give it a go since you can extract Teresa's whereabouts from her while you're at it. After having Tomas stand guard and tying Melony to a tree, you play through the scene "Prisoner of war", where, unfortunately, Melony breaks the handcuffs holding her and escapes before you can do more than strip her down. She escapes into the woods, something that makes Jessica happy, much to your fury. Keep following the path until you reach a nearby metal bridge and cross it and interact with the building to get into the Namuhist covent. Watch out for random encounters though, cause there are plenty of them now. On the bright side, every encounter now drops a good amount of gold, so if you need to farm a bit, it's a good opportunity, but hold off on that for now.

Interact with the building and a woman will come out to greet you, a woman you feel you know from somewhere. She'll wonder why Marianna isn't with you and you'll fill her in on what happened in Denai. She accepts your explanation, figuring Teresa must've known where you were going and timed things so that she'd beat out our escort even though Marianna took the fastest horse available to meet you. She'll also figure that Marianna must be dead since she hasn't shown back up, a pity since she'd make a good ally and figures in the army are good tools. Brushing that off, she leads you to Danielle. There's a lot of people in the building you can talk to but every single one outside of your party will be chanting, so it's a waste of time. Talk to the dude with the eyepatch in the corner and he'll sell you stuff. He's got all new stuff, including the powerful Mithril set of armor and weapons, so save up for those if you can. If you don't have Saint Robes and Circlets for Tomas and Angelica, you might wanna save up for those too. No potions and such though, so you're out of luck if you need those. When you're done, talk to Danielle.

Inside the CoventEdit

She'll be pissed about your tardiness and you'll be pissed that she's pissed, telling her her planning sucks and you were attacked minutes after getting off the tram. She'll get even further pissed, saying that Marianna was supposed to clear that area and demanding to know where she is before taking a quick look around and saying that maybe this conversation would be better private. She calms down and demands to know what happened, the demanding tone pissing you off again and making you tell her not to give you orders while you're here. With that out of the way, you explain what happened (Poor Marianna, Ralph forgot her name again) and Danielle infers that the bowwoman is Melony, confirming your battle senses and bringing them to 3 out of 3. Melony belongs to one of the last noble families still believing in the Betan faith and Danielle plans to get rid of her and Teresa both soon. You agree with this sentiment, still angry they took Terra from you and declaring you'll bring them to their knees before you. Danielle will offer a smile that doesn't reach her eyes and confim that you have the same goal so you can work together, calling herself wise for giving Nicole to you. You won't say yea or neigh to her being wise, but you will confirm that you'll work together as long as Teresa and Melony become yours afterward. She breaks into a real smile this time and offers an unruly student to you for punishment and implies that you'll enjoy it. Before breaking, she asks what happened to Marianna, which you'll explain, not really caring about her fate.

Danielle cares about as much as you and leads you to the dungeon, which has a heat so great that Danielle has to cast a cooling spell on you, and takes you to a cell holding... well, what do you know. It's Isabella in there, naked, gagged, blindfolded, and cuffed. You ask whether she's another gift to add to your harem, but Danielle laughs at the idea, saying she'd never give away someone so valuable and that Isabella's down here only to think about what she's done. When you ask, Danielle explains that the blindfold is so Isabella can see inside herself in order to reflect on her actions and the shackles and gag are because she was whining too much and to think of this as the final part of her penance and a welcome to you. You ask if she's worried about your power turning Isabella into your slave anyway, and Danielle answers that whatever trick you used on Nicole to make her obedience have no chance of working on Isabella as she's a priestess of the Namuhists. Sound a bit overconfident since we already know Isabella craves your cock, but whatever. Danielle says she's too busy to stay and has the door recognize you and says to help Isabella repent for her actions before leaving.

Isabella immediately stands to meet you as you enter the cell, commenting that your roles have reversed since last time. She's surprised it's you in there and you explain that Danielle thinks you're helping with her penance and that she's lucky you were declared Innocent during the trial or you'd be in a much worse mood. She still needs to be punished for being the cause of Terra being taken from you though. You ask if Danielle listening in on you, which she denies, before playing through the scene "Changing sides", breaking Isabella in completely and making her your inside woman so it'll be easier when you take Danielle down. She passes out and you're lead to your bedroom. You sleep for the night (Keep in mind that this DOESN'T HEAL YOU) and come to with Angelica in your room.

Talk to her and she'll say that she's got breakfast and asks to speak openly with you. You give her permission, but warn her that she's responsible for what she says, so she continues. She apologizes for earlier, saying she was confused about her place before she came to love being your slave, living more in the past few weeks than her previous 20 years. She says she's spoken out when she wasn't supposed to and didn't show you enough respect, but begs you to let her help you take as many slaves back to you country as possible. She loves the sex you two have, but more than that to her, you've shown her the things her dad had her believe were lies and you've shown her the truth. You like the prospect of a willing slave, but have to ask what truth she means. Her truth is that whoever can take power deserves it, citing how you've taken whatever you want and people respect you more for it. With that said, you believe that she's a willing slave and allow her the chance to go forward as such, though you're not afraid to use the whip if necessary. She consents to this and goes to get Jessica and Tomas since Danielle wanted to see you when you were done with breakfast.

This warps you back in the cathedral where Danielle's in the usual place with Isabella and the woman who greeted you behind her. Danielle will greet you when you interact with her, commenting that Isabella has been a lot more obedient since you visited her, something you'll brush off as an ability to make women listen. Then you ask if she knows where Terra's being held. She doesn't since all her scouts have a bad tendency to disappear as soon as they enter Teresa's forest. So she's sending you. Into the forest where everyone else has gone missing. And not only do you accept, you claim you're walking out of there with Terra, Teresa, and anyone who gets in your way in chains. Isabella talks you down though, saying that charging into a grove fueled by Teresa's magic for years on in MIGHT get you killed, a sentiment Danielle agrees with. She suggests finding her scouts so that their bodies can be studied to disarm whatever trap Teresa's cooked up. She points you far north towards a dark forest the locals think is cursed. She then warns you that Melony is still looking for you and implores you to add her to their ranks if you can. You answer that you have no intention of letting Melony go twice, a sentiment that Danielle approves of, so she sents you out with the woman from before, who she finally introduces as Betsy.

I'd suggest immediately turning around and talking to Danielle so you can get some sleep and recover your HP and Power first. You'll have to talk to Danielle again to get out though. You can either farm at this point or dive right into your next objective. Which is to wander around until you encounter Melony again. Which should be very soon if you follow the path slightly north. She'll give the same exact speech as last time and you'll encounter the same exact line-up as last time so my advice is the same as last time. Once that's over, her men once again dead and Melony once again on the ground, you have Angelica and Jessica grab her to prevent her from escaping. She gives the usual good guy speech about how you won't get any information out of her even if you torture her and that if you kill her she'll be avenged. You respond that you're not torturing her unless she earns it and that a dead slave does you no good before the scene "I never signed that convention" plays out. Afterward, you demand to know where Terra is and, in her Angel Cum addled state, she tells you Terra's being kept in Teresa's grove, safe from Namuhists. Then you ask for the grove's location, Melony telling you it's far north, but isn't safe because Teresa has awoken the forest. Before you can get more out of her, more of Teresa's men show up, surrounding you. While you're squaring off to fight off this new threat, Melony gets away causing you to admonish your slaves for taking their eyes off her despite your orders. The scene ends here. You can either charge north or head back to the covent to heal up a little, maybe even a little gold to get some new equipment. Your choice.


If and when you go north, follow the path until you hit a village then go into the forest to the right of it. It'll tell you how you've battled your way just a few hundred yards, fighting the forest itself when Jessica suggests it's time to leave. She's right, but that doesn't mean you have to be happy about it. You decide to report to Danielle and see if she can come up with a strategy for getting through here. Walk back to the Covent and talk to Danielle who'll be disappointed you don't have Teresa in chains and tells you to come with her to talk, leaving before you can fire your no doubt witty retort. Entering with Isabella and Betsy in tow, Danielle immediately grills you on what you learned in the most insulting way possible. You again tell her to watch her tone and that you don't follow her orders, bringing up that it's the Namuhist's fault that you're in this mess in the first place. This pissed her off, but, miraculously, she contains herself and you tell her you know Terra's in Teresa's grove, both having seen the grove yourself and having had Melony confirm it. Hearing you had Melony she demands to see her since that'd give her a reason to strip Melony of her house and title and weaken Teresa, but you tell her that Melony escaped while you were busy being surrounded. You say you followed Melony to the grove and tell Danielle to burn it down since the whole thing has come alive, only she likes being given orders as much as you do, threatening to have you whipped in the courtyard for ordering her and letting Melony escape. You ready yourself for combat as you tell Danielle how you were surrounded by several groups of mercenaries. Whether she's learning self-control or she REALLY doesn't wanna see what you can do with your sword, she calms down and says they'll have to find another way because the grove is too powerful to burn.

Then there's a knock on the door and Danielle comments on how SOMEONE got something done today and that you should watch where you leave your property. This prompts Fenja and Kathleen to come into the room (Kathleen by ghosting through the walls). You ask Kathleen if she knows who you are and she answers that Fenja has told her you freed her from the ice mage and enslaved her and that she submits to it. After commenting on the value of a willing slave, you ask how they arrived and Kathleen tells you how, letting her age slip by saying how last she knew of Corsix, it was a mountain range that many died trying to cross and how she's impressed that a cavern could be carved through it. Danielle will be shocked that Kathleen didn't know about the passage and comment on how you enslave the oddest people, but she's useless unless she knows how to get into the grove. Her priestesses would literally burn as soon as they entered the forest and her troops can't fight the entire forest.

You plan for hours, but get nowhere, something that pisses Danielle right the fuck off and causes her to blindly order her followers to charge the forest. You interject though, saying you've already established that nothing short of an army is gonna get you in there and you're not suicidal enough to prove that right. Then the Devil pops in to further convince Danielle to cool it, though she compliments her on bringing you here willingly. Danielle's shocked that an Avatar would choose to show itself here and bows prostate before the Devil, praising her all the while. You fire off a comment on how that look suits Danielle and that you didn't know the Devil, or the Angel for that matter, were real since they only appeared to you in dreams. You reach out and touch her just to make sure she's real and she tells you that she only met you when asleep because a sleeping mind is easier to hold, but she couldn't resist showing up when such an opportunity lies before you. You question what opportunity there is since you have no army and can't burn the forest down, both things she can't do because the forest is so well protected. It's actually SO well protected that your enemies and Terra shouldn't be able to be in there either, so she infers there must be a secret path. She doesn't know where the path is, but knows that the Angel will. You sarcastically reply that the Angel would be unwilling to tell you this secret and you have no way of summoning her to try it. That's when Danielle speaks up about a binding ritual she could try in the dungeons below. The Devil rejects this though, saying, though you can summon the Angel, she won't answer your summons in the Covent or anywhere she can spell the binding ritual.

This puts you right back to square one until Kathleen speaks up. She mentions that before she was captured, she studied with the Tenta sect, a backward order much older than the Ratans, and that they might have a treasure that could help you out. This treasure, hidden in the Temple Mons, is said to be able to bind spirits made flesh such as the Angel and Devil. Danielle chimes in that the Temple Mons is above the nearby enclave and that the Angel would never see it coming since it's so ancient. You praise Kathleen for her information, promising to reward her later and to make her strong if she sticks with you. You then ask if Danielle could get them into the Tenta's enclave as you remember a woman at the trial introduced as a member, but that she and Danielle didn't seem to be on good terms. She'll have to prepare overnight, but she seems confident that she can get you in. With that, everyone's dismissed and you're ported to your room.

Talk to Kathleen and she'll kneel before you, asking if there's anything she can do for you. You simply want to relax to think about how to get into the grove, complaining that it's damn near impossible to plan anything with Danielle because she explodes every few minutes. After a few minutes to relax, you ask about Kathleen's background, about how she ended up The Guardian. Her memory's a wreck though and she only remembers being in the tomb for centuries and that it was her job to study ancient things. When you comment on what she remembers thus far, she says it comes in bits and pieces. She only remembers things based on what she sees, thus her knowledge on how Corsix used to be and the Temple Mons. She can't even tell you where she was born or the people of her time, her memory's that bad. She figures that even though you saved her from the Ice Mage, some of her still belongs to him and that trying to remember her past, it's like looking over a chasm. You say that her bits and pieces are more useful than some of your slaves have been (Looking at you, Cecilla!!) and how she's accepted becoming your slave pretty easily. She explains that this time period seems magical to her, what with having Angels and Devils walking around, and that even in her time it was better to be enslaved to nobility than be a serf. When she asks for confirmation on your nobility, you explain that you're a noble from another land working to save that land, if only to take it over from the current, foolish king. Kathleen is happy with the fact that'd she'd be slave to a king, even better than being a slave of a noble, and declares she'll do everything in her power to make you want to keep her. You're glad to hear it, telling her you'll find a station for her since Samantha's already in charge of organizing your slaves. Then you broach the subject of her reward for her help today. She merely wants to sleep with you, her first memory being you inside her and wanting to experience it again. You demand her to say it straight, having no time for games and Kathleen complies, leading into the scene "Getting there is not half the fun"

The Warrior Women of TentaEdit

The next morning, Betsy wakes you up to leave for the Tenta enclave, her uniform turning you on as she goes. You're next outside the Covent, still without HP/SP/MP recovery, so you might wanna hop back in to sleep if you're in dire straits. If not, head north until you hit the railroad tracks. Follow them East until you hit a crumbly building to the east nestled in the mountains and head in there. You approach and notice the Tenta sect have no flags or banners on their castle, something you're quick to ask Betsy about. She explains that they have no allegiances and thus fly no flags and the only reason Rata hasn't destroyed them for this is because they're useful and tough. You comment that they'd make fine slaves, but you don't have the time nor the resources to do that right now and ask if they'll let you in. Danielle give Betsy instructions on what to say and seems confident they'll work, but Betsy is a lot less confident because Namuhists and Tenta have butted heads in the past. You figure that being with Namuhists or even mentioning them would hurt your chances here and that maybe you should go alone but Betsy claims she's worked with them before. Their rules have loopholes she can take advantage of, so Danielle plan is sound. One of the archers on the parapet halts you and demands to know your purpose and Betsy says that she's been sent by Rata to teach you all of Rata, Tenta included. The archer calls back inside and turns back to you to warn you that the woman in charge will be with you shortly to determine if your quest is worthy or not. After a few moments wait, the gates open and you head inside.

Talk to the woman in black you'll notice that all the women here dress like Rhea, Edrin's slave, except in white except for the woman in front of you named Ulya who dresses exactly like Rhea. She recognizes both you and Betsy and, because of what Isabella stole from them, allows no Namuhist or their dogs or welcome in the enclave. Betsy is a little miffed at being called a dog and claims to be doing her duty to her liege like any other swordswoman and that her request is within her Ratan rights. Ulya laughs at Betsy's hand on her sword and, after subtitly threatening to beat her down, upholds her previous decision and denies you access. Seeing that this is bombing, you step forward and, as a stranger to the land, ask how the Namuhists wronged her, causing her to reveal that Isabella stole one of their artifacts and forced her into voting Guilty for you back at the trial. Noting that you don't seem the type to kneel to Danielle, she figures she might have judged you too quickly and asks your purpose. You laugh at the prospect of kneeling to Danielle and claim to know nothing of this land but have heard that the Tenta sect and the Temple Mons have played a part in it's history, saying that you're here simply to learn this history, even using the Namuhists by claiming you only went to them for help because you didn't know better. She'll let you in after that, but refuses to let Betsy in, telling her to stay outside like the dog she is, which pisses Betsy off to the point of almost drawing her sword before you stop her. After telling her you'll get her after everything's over, she leaves.

After that blows over, Ulya tells her girls to prepare a feast for you while she talks to you in private and Jessica has to tear your eyes off her ass as she goes. One squashed flash of anger later, you follow Ulya in. Seeing the spartan accomadations, Ulya explains that they haven't used the hall in a long time since Ratans haven't visited much since the Namuhists came into power and the next Tenta sect graduation is a few years off. She's not worried about Ratans though, but notices that a storm is coming and that they're doing everything they can to prepare for it. You're next dumped in a dark meeting room, so go talk to Ulya to get an explanation for this storm she's feeling and a little more info on the sect seeing as no one really knows about them. Looking you over, she claims that you may be the center of the storm she's sensing. She's skeptical of your motives since she's talked to Alena and got a basis of your personality from her, but she can't kick you out for no reason. You ask if Alena's around, which Ulya denies, though she does mention that they talked after the trial and that by completing Alena's Pedaj you may have saved her life. She mentions that you have to undergo a test, so she's even more limited than usual about speaking to you and suggests you use the dignitary hall to rest for the next day. You say you thought you were free to go into the temple, but Ulya explains that it's not her choice whether you make it or not, the Temple Mons itself must find you worthy. She refuses to say anymore and leads you to your feast, ominously saying all challengers of the Temple get one last meal beforehand. The feast benefits her too since too harsh a training will result in her pupils turning out like Rhea and tell you to enjoy yourself, but warns you that the women here could kill you even while drunk. You ponder taking Ulya and making her your slave, but figure now isn't the time. She'll slip up sooner or later.

You can talk to all the girls in the hall if you want to. It doesn't do anything, but it's a nice little diversion. Once you're done with that (or not) talk to Ulya to go to bed to prepare for the test of the Temple Mons tomorrow. You'll hear an arguement in progress, so go talk to Angelica or Jessica to find out what's going on. Turns out they're fighting over who gets your attention next. Angelica says it's her turn since you had Jessica so many times on the tram and she'll retort that it's because you've gotten bored of Angelica and that her hair dye doesn't help with that. Angelica claims the dye makes her look regal rather than some farmer's daughter, but before she can finish her insult, Jessica jumps her. You stand around for a bit, trying to solve this "problem" and in the meantime, Jessica gets Angelica into a headlock. She lets go as soon as she sees you though and Angelica presents her claim that it's her turn directly to you, saying you haven't fucked her since before the trial. You admonish her, saying that she's your slave, not your girlfriend and actually seem a little surprised she's complaining about not getting enough attention. With Samantha out, these two fighting isn't acceptable though. Jessica tries to seduce you, pissing off Angelica until you shout you've had enough of this. You declare that they need to get along and you have to perfect way to decide who you're going to bed with: First one to make the other orgasm gets your cock for the night. This plays out in the scene "The competition"

And that's it for this installment. You'll be teleported to a room with Ulya in it and prompted to save and then you'll get the credit page.



Q: Who are you?

A: I am the creator of the Walkthrough and one of the main editors in the Harem and Despair Labyrinth wikis.

Q: Why did you make the walkthrough?

A: Personal favor to Ker. I started playing Harem like most of you but I don't know if he knew about my work in the DLaby wiki or what not, after some conversation in the forum he asked me (well, suggested) that I did a walkthrough and helped in the wiki. Since I enjoyed the game as much/more than Despair Labyrinth which is a project that I'm curretly deeply involved on but can't do anything to help at the moment, I decided to accept a second project which is Harem. Ker already does a lot of things by himself like releasing this awesome game for free (please download the game through filefactory or rapidgator which is free to you but gives him money) and release new patches at a really fast pace with insane amounts of new content, just the last patch took month and a half to develop and added two hours of gameplay! So yeah long story short, Ker asked me to and I accepted.

Q: What path do you enjoy the most?

A: Light. I am a pretty "sensitive" guy, I have my fetishes but nothing as deep as Ralph does in the Dark path even tho some of the scenes are just epicly put together, the Dark path Terra scene for example is amazing but Terra is probably the only/main reason I stray from the Dark path, her story so far is really cruel, the Angelica scene with Edrin in the Inn of Western Crosix (Dark path version) is amazing too, Edrin makes the whole slave thing look just every day stuff and makes Ralph look less like a complete douchebag (there's still the way he treats Terra throw off to me). Also I like the spells on the Light side way more ealier, Motivational Song and Recover are amazing, on the Dark side you do get Drain on Ralph and you have the AoE spells from Terra, but that's about all you get decent until Angelica joins your party with the overpowered AoE confuse and trust me, this move is overpowered in any RPG Maker hentai game I've played. Finally, Rhea > Alena IMHO.

Q: What's your favorite slave?

A: Noemi, I love her strength (mental and physical), personality and her physique, not a big fan of her fighting style but that's minor business considering her other "assets", also a big fan of Vanessa and Sarah and they would be my second and third favorites respectively.

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